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  1. Thanks BankFodder. I have sent a version of your letter to their email address.
  2. No problem. Yes the money is gone. It has just gone on food and bills. We are in a fair bit of debt as a result of last 6 months. We also invested in my wife's business and borrowed to facilitate this. As it stands we have borrowed from my parents to survive and have a mortgage payment holiday for now.
  3. Sorry. 1. Left employer 10th Feb - resigned. 2. Started new job 2nd March 3. Letter informing of overpayment dated 24th March The payslip is my last pay and is for February. Money received 26th Feb. I was not aware I had been overpaid.
  4. Thanks for your replay BankFodder. I left my previous employer (a major well known company) after being off with stress/anxiety due to bullying. I was off for 6 months total. I raised a formal grievance and the outcome was a whitewash where they lied and slandered me and cast me as the villain. I took it to appeal where they doubled down. I resigned on 10th February without notice. I sought ACAS conciliation but my employer ignored it. In the end I have no evidence for my treatment as it was one senior manager's word against mine. I don't want the stress of a full tribunal so I cut
  5. Hi there. My last employer has sent me a demand for overpaid wages for the sum of £320. I cannot afford to pay this at this time as my wife's business has had to stop during this pandemic and I cannot be furloughed in my new job because I started on 2nd March. We have severe money issues as a result. Can my employer take me to court to recover the money? They have included a copy of my last pay slip to explain the over payment. I can't work it out. The accompanying letter mentions that after recalculating my Tax and NI contributions they come to my overpayment figure
  6. Hi there. I have wasted so much time and stress trying to get a good condition/new set of garden funiture from Argos. It's been 3 months since we ordered this Furniture set:http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/6523835.htm We didn't get a confirmation email after ordering this furniture. After calling Argos they said that there was an issue with the ordering system which meant email confirmations weren't going out that day but confirmed the order was successfully placed. We ordered this furniture in mid March. The product page stated delivery within 14 days. We were give
  7. Thanks for the reply. Appreciated I have phoned my insurer and they said that the text is standard procedure for some insurance companies if the other person has already admitted fault. They have taken details of the accident just for notification and advised me to ring Admiral and let them get the car fixed as it will be much quicker and easier. I've now rung Admiral who have confirmed their client has admitted fault and they have put me in touch with the repairers so all good
  8. Hi there. I was involved in an accident that wasn't my fault last night. They reversed their car into their drive and didn't see me as I was driving past and swung out into my car. There was a witness who saw it all. I haven't informed my insurer yet but have already received a text message from the other party's insurer: 'Admiral ref.******* - We are sorry to hear you have been involved in an accident with our insured. We would like to help with any damage caused to save you claiming with your insurers, paying an excess and we will also supply a free replacement vehicle to
  9. Is it not an issue if it's not her property though? She is using someone else's space (with permission - she pays them monthly for it). Or is it just a case of POPLA don't know that and it won't matter? Are the appeal points I've put so far also valid to strengthen the case? I've just been going by the bewildering amount of info out there and trying to adapt/use existing winning appeals as a basis for my own.
  10. After looking at loads of successful appeal examples on the net, I have tailored some of them to my situation. How does this draft appeal look? POPLA Code: xxxxxxxxxxxxx Vehicle Reg: xxxxxxx PPC: Premier Park Ltd PCN Ref: xxxxxxxxx Alleged Contravention Date & Time: Date of PCN: xxxxxxxxxxx Dear Sir/Madam. On 18th March 2014 a Penalty Charge Notice was attached to my vehicle by Premier Park Ltd requiring payment for a charge of £100 for an alleged parking contravention. I was the driver of the vehicle in question and I would like to appeal this notice on the follow
  11. Thanks silverfox and ericsbrother - I really appreciate your help with this EB - The online form has an area to write as much as you like - can I not use that? Or is a paper trail more preferred? You state that my wife is the 'occupier' of the land - not sure what you mean, my wife rents the space from the property owner that owns the permit she holds (of course they don't know that). Sorry to be really thick here but could you explain what this means in more layman's terms - this is all very new to me and I suspect that I am not the sharpest tool in the box Final
  12. Hi all Just received communication from Premier Park. As expected after 'examining all the evidence blah blah blah......your appeal has been denied' I have never done anything like this before. On the online POPLA appeal page it asks: 'Why are you appealing?' The answer that seems applicable is 'I was not improperly parked' - is that right? I would also really appreciate some help with how to word the appeal. Something which I failed to mention previously is that in order to gain entry to the car park, you need an electronic fob which activates the electronic
  13. Sorry, forgot to update the thread. Thanks for your input Homer. I have done as you suggested and I sent the letter recorded delivery last week. I'll await the expected appeal rejection letter. Coincidentally, Lex sent out an e-mail to all company car drivers in her company about this very subject! What's the chances of that? It states that they will pay any penalties they receive in the first instance and then recover the money from the driver. I really hope that Premier Park take note of my instruction to address all future correspondence to the driver and NOT to Lex. I'll kee
  14. Thanks for that EB. I have drafted a letter (copied below). I have put the bit about the circumstances of the permit because it says they have photographic evidence of the permit on display on the dashboard. I therefore expect them to reply saying this. Or should I leave that bit out? Here's the letter:
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