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  1. Hi , for one i will never forgive or forget what these have put me through , 2 years of harassment .I started off innocent and yes may be naive and placed trust and always believed in being honest and upfront. And what happened implied threats consistent hounding which made my life a misery. Now i have taken it personally i will ensure i get retribution one way or another they can no longer be allowed to walk this earth terrorizing innocent people.
  2. Good afternoon - and many thanks to all who have contributed and given me some guidance on this case it is most appreciated as i was and still am very much out of my depth on this subject. BUT i do have very much a strong will and willingness to seek justice. Hopefully in return it may help others - i contacted DVLA to ask who requested my information and what right do they have to sell my information. i received the reply attached. tony
  3. Hi received another reply from the council over the signage. I have reviewed the planning history and have found UTT/0718/07/FUL for the Restaurant with associated parking and landscaping and UTT/15/2022/FUL for the “Reconfiguration of the drive thru lane and kerb lines to provide a side-by-side order point including associated works to the site. Erection of 2 no. extensions to the store. Alterations to the car park to incorporate 2 no. new motorcycle bays. Installation of 2 no. Customer Order Displays (COD) at McDonalds. You may wish to read the associated document
  4. Hi re same here got ticketed at stansted- wrote to the council over planning permissions received this reply Your email has been forwarded onto the Council's Planning Enforcement Team to respond to. You are able to look the planning history for the site including the car park on the Council's website If the cameras are pole mounted then it is likely they would require planning permission. Depending on the view of the signs from a public area they may also require consent. The sings that you have shown in your photos and ANPR/CCTV cameras are considered acceptable development in a c
  5. Yes too true these MET Parking Services are scoundrels ! They got me for using the service station which is next door to the BP station where they have split the area into TWO different zones which you cant easily see. If you park in Starbucks bit and go to Mcdonalds they fine you, if you go to mcdonalds park and visit starbucks same thing. you get the picture. For me am waiting for DVLA to write back for who applied for details and also the council over signs/APR cameras and did they get permission. when i do will post up for everyone else. tony
  6. Hi i wrote to the council asked them about permission for the signage and cameras - just had the email below : "Thank you for your email this has been passed to our enforcement team to investigate whether there has been any breaches of Planning Control" tony
  7. Have written to the council about permissions - will have to wait until i receive a responce. thanks for the tip. tony
  8. Hi no as the notice came in the post my office gave it to me as they knew i had the car that day . they have a policy of forwarding on details anyway as in the past have paid and tried to reclaim the charges but often been left out of pocket. I genuinely thought the parking company had made an error and being honest wrote in. The more i see though these appear to be nothing short of [problematic] using entrapment and signage designed to confuse on purpose and rip motorists off. tony
  9. hi and thank you for your assistance. my company received a notice to registered keeper which was dated 20th December 2017 (the alleged parking offence was 8th November 17) i did not know anything about any 14 days. I believe we received the notice on the 22nd December (it was date stamped by my company but smudged) . I wrote in believing to them it was a mistake on the same day 22nd DEC. On the 24th Dec they wrote back rejected. (amazed how quick the post at xmas) I have not written to the council yet asking about permission but will do. Unfortunately looks like
  10. thank you. i have been looking through the evidence they have supplied and being honest i believe they are being very devious. it looks like the site - well on paper that is has been split into two McDonald and Starbucks and you would think it was all one car park , but some (and only some) show either. in other words i would suspect like i did if you park and there is a huge number of all different signs which i believe has been deliberately done to confuse if you go in either they do you for parking. The signs as sent as evidence are too small to read especially terms and co
  11. Have some more files but difficulty on uploading . includes guardian newspaper report of exactly the same as me more info extra info hi Sorry a bit new to all of this - a bit like a fish out of water and not used to this. my company received the notice to registered keeper - they must have got the details from DVLA so have asked those nice people in Swansea who asked for details etc. On receipt of it was given to me to either reply or pay and if not would give my details anyway. I wrote back to MET being honest and told them what happened - and just did not wa
  12. Hi and thanking you for helping. 1/the date of the infringement as they say was 8th nov 2017 at 14.41pm 2/the date of the Notice to Registered Keeper was was 20th December 2017 3/the date received was i believe around 24th (it was date stamped on arrival but got smudged- DEF Dec. 4/number 4 no , it just states -at the time of the notice we do not know the name of the driver, hence written to my company . (it was a company car and was helping them out - and went to a part of the country unfamiliar). 5 yes sent photo of car 6/yes - as it was a company vehicle i
  13. Good morning , wondered if any could assist. In November 2017 i called into what i believed was a service station - SOUTH GATE PARK, A120 Stansted Airport , CM24 1AA as tired and falling asleep. i parked the vehicle in a bay went into one of the outlets McDonalds visited bathroom etc and left. Thought nothing of it . In December received a NTK about parking and fine. Wrote in as the driver as thought there must be a mistake . Met parking said i was only allowed to use starbucks Not Mcdonalds as was off their site. Then sent off to polpa who said no - guilty. Been fighting for
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