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  1. Hi ericsbrother, Thank you for your suggestion, it is quite straight forward and simple....I was worried about various legal terms that I don't really understand... Miroslav
  2. Hi dx100uk, Thank you for your reply. Could you tell me where I could find an example/template of an reply to the PAP letter, please? I'm new to this forum... Miroslav
  3. Hi ericsbrother, Thank you very much for your reply. What you said is what I thought but I don't have any legal experience or knowledge. I will continue fighting the parking charge. Miroslav
  4. Hi, I entered the Damside Street Car Park in Lancaster on 09/09 2018 at 11:57:47 with a 5 years old daughter in distress. While my partner took care of her I had to go around to find a place where to change money because I didn't have enough loose change to pay for a parking ticket at the ticket machine. Therefore I bought a parking ticket valid for 1 hour at 12:10 (just over two minutes after the 10 minute grace period finished). I left the car park at 12:13:02. In total, I stayed there for less than 16 minutes but purchased a ticket allowing me to stay for 1 hour (plus the 1
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