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  1. Quick update, found the T&C... Can't link as I don't have 10 posts. Borough is Newham. 27: The council will usually warn you if on street parking is going to be disrupted or suspended, although this is not always possible. In such circumstances, warning notices will normally be put up 48 hours in advance at the relevant parking bays. Emergency suspensions may be introduced at any time of day. Please ensure your vehicle is not parked in a place where parking has been suspended, as you may be issued with a penalty charge notice and your vehicle may be removed. They never mention checking the bays or the car daily - they just mention 48 hours notice. Thoughts?
  2. Hi Ethel, thanks for replying. So what if you're on holiday for 2 weeks, away for work or laid up in hospital? Is it quite literally a written and enforceable rule that we're automatically agreeing to, that we check the car every day?
  3. Hi all, can anyone recommend who I should structure a PCN appeal given this situation? One half of the road (where I usually park) had its resident parking suspended temporarily for works, so on Friday I parked on the other end of the road. Having returned to my car for the first time today they have re-opened the usual half and suspended the half I was parked in. Because I hadn't been to my car in 4.5 days I had no idea they had moved the parking suspension. My partner and I are absolutely certain there were no suspension signs where they are now currently - we made a point of looking to check both halves weren't suspended. All they have done is taken down the suspension signs on Friday from the first half, sellotaped a new piece of paper on them and stuck them to posts on the other half of the road (I have a photo to prove it). We live in East London, so we have to park 250m away from the apartment to get a residents bay. We don't check on the car and the availability of the bays daily - that would be nuts. 1. How can I structure an appeal to say that I was parked there before the parking suspension signs were even put up? 2. How much notice does the council have to give its residents before suspending parking? Thanks in advance for any advice and support!
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