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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, 2 Years ago i received a parking charge for not parking within the lines. i had a valid parking ticket to stay on this carpark. I appealed against this parking charge which was denied. On the appeal i noted that i did park within the lines and that i did have a valid parking ticket.. the evidence given showed my car parked close to the line on the RHS front of the vehicle on 3 pictures.. On the 4th picture it showed my vehicle over the line.. i stated that the parking attendant has angled the camera to make it look like the vehicle was over the line. (in a hatched box in the corner of the carpark). i then set on ignoring this company.. they have constantly bombarded me with emails demanding money which i ignored.. it then got passed onto BW Legal Services LTD who did exactly the same. They then resorted to ringing my landline which i have never given them.. infact my landline is ex directory so how have they got this?? Today i have received claim form from Northampton bulk centre.. I will wish to defend this but not quite sure how i should word my defence.. is anyone able to advise ? P.s, i was the actual driver of the car but the claim form is not in my name it is in my wifes who is the registered keeper.. i have never state she was the driver.. Regards.
  2. Good afternoon, Am hoping someone can offer me some advice with regard to NE Parking Ltd and whether or not I should pay not 1 but 2 PCN's issued within 24 hours whilst parked in the same parking spot over August Bank Holiday weekend in August. Arrived in Blackpool having booked a hotel to stay the evening with my partner and 2 children on the evening of Sunday 27th August. I was unaware that there was limited parking at the hotel and upon checking in at 18:10 I was informed that I would need to use one of the car parks situated nearby at a cost of £12 for 24 hours. I then made the decision to park my car (at approx 18:15) on one of the few available spaces at one of the NE Parking Ltd's car parks, as it was closer than were I had initially left my car prior to checking in. I checked the payment meter and discovered that there was no facility to pay by card and it would only accept coins, to which neither me or my partner had at the time. The mistake I then made was deciding to leave my car without a ticket for a short period of time whilst I carried our bags into the hotel room and then went off in search of a cash machine or shop to get the required change for the parking meter. I managed to purchase a ticket at 18:36 only to find that within 21 minutes of leaving my car I had been issued a PCN for failing to display a valid ticket. Great! I then took the PCN off my windscreen and left it in my car with the ticket I had just purchased on my dashboard, as there was very little I could do now with it being a Sunday evening and upon trying to contact the company managed to speak with a mobile supervisor based in Hartlepool! I left my car parked overnight and returned to it around 3pm the following day to set off for the journey home. Arrived to find another PCN had been issued for failing to display a valid ticket but unfortunately the ticket had blown off from my dashboard to the side of my front passenger seat which was probably due to strong winds which Blackpool had the previous evening and day. When I got home I e-mailed a detailed letter of appeal to the company outlining my circumstances with photographic evidence of the ticket I had purchased plus receipts of my check in time at the hotel and from my purchase to get cashback from the shop. I respectfully requested that the 2nd PCN issue be cancelled due to the fact I had already been issued one and that I could prove I had purchased a valid ticket. I also requested that the 1st PCN be reduced to an administrative charge due to being parked for 21 minutes without a valid ticket. I have today received 2 letters from NE Parking advising that both PCN's were in fact issued correctly and that I was parked in breach of the terms and conditions of parking. Firstly, should I pay them for both PCN's? Secondly, can a second PCN be issued if one has already been done? Thirdly, if I appeal to the IAS as suggested by them using the same letter and evidence offered, would it help to get the PCN's cancelled or reduced? I accept begrudgingly that the first PCN I may struggle to quash, as I have stayed longer than the grace period (heard it is 10 mins) but it just seems as though I have been a victim of an over zealous parking attendant who has watched me on CCTV then very quickly issued the PCN before I returned with my ticket. The second PCN I feel really strongly about not paying because I can prove I have purchased a valid ticket but being parked near a sea front with strong winds and not being able to stick the ticket to my windscreen has made it look as though I haven't paid and displayed. Thanks very much in advance for any opinions or advice that may be offered regarding this issue. Carl
  3. Help Required I have received a Pcn fine from a private car park in Blackpool NE Parking Ltd. I have received a letter from above company on the 17.12.17, Saying that was parked incorrectly and not within the parameters of the bay, they have supplied a photo of my vehicle with one wheel on the white line of the car parking space (not actually outside of the bay) they also have a picture a parking ticket on the windscreen of the car. Which wasn't on there when i returned to my vehicle. The fine relates back to 22.10.2017. I have responded to the company by email To whom it may concern. I have today received a notification of a fine issued by your company stating that my vehicle was 'not parked correctly within the markings of the bay and it also stated that I had been issues a penalty notice at the time. my vehicle is on the white line (which is not outside the parameters of the bay.) this was only one wheel as shown by your photographs. you photographs also show a yellow package on the window screen however there was no notice on my car on my families return to the vehicle (if this was the case I would have contacted you prior to the letter I have received today.) I feel this is an unjust letter / fine that I have received. I will also endeavour to seek further advice if this matter progresses. Response from NE Parking Ltd Thank you for your email we received on 17/12/2017 Unfortunately you are out of the timescale to appeal you were given 28 days To appeal from the day after the pcn was issued to the vehicle which Was (22.10.2017) The amount which is now payable is £100.00 I have replied saying how do you respond to something which you where unaware you've received. Can anyone help me and tell me where I stand with this. Thanks
  4. Morning guys, Here is my situation. My missus is being chased by a company called debt recovery services regarding a pcn for parking at no 8 caunce st blackpool. We recevied a letter from them on 15.3.18 regarding the ticket date of 9/4/2017 nearly 1 year later, this was the first time we had heard anything about the matter, we have had no letters from any body else, they are working for NE Parking LTD .. They are asking for £160 for parking in a situation that attracted a pcn? We have never parked on this spot and first called drp to ask what was going on but they was not interested and said we have missed any appeal points and want us to pay full amount. we called NE asking for proof and they want us to put it in letter form before they send anything out to us. After a bit of digging and speaking to one of their ground troops he got me a picture of our car parked not at no 8 caunce st, but outside caunce st car park in blackpool. Now i remember parking here as i had a bit of an altercation with a bloke taking photos of car whilst i was at the machine to get a ticket, when i challenged him he said he didn't see me and thought i had got off without paying, We had a bit of a row and i said i would park elsewhere, i was in the spot for no less than 4 mins.. We then heard nothing more about the matter until this year. i had no ticket put on windscreen and at most he could of only got a picture of back of car, and the front but from a distance, nothing close up. I use this spot usually once a month to get haircut at barbers next door and never had an issue like this before, im on letter 3 now from drp and my missus head is falling off as she has read horror stories about ccj's etc.. We have moved house since all this started and drp reckon they got our new details from dvla and that letters were sent to previous addres, but all our old mail has been on redirect from post office and we definetly 100% have had nothing come about this from NE PARKING. Surely after one year nothing can be done legally ? Can any good folk on here advise ?
  5. Hi new to forum to cut a long story short we purchased a used car PX our own car for it plus cash. Four days after collection of car it broke down they collected car and gave us a replacement vehicle. Kept the car for two weeks returned it guess what within four days had broken down again same problem ecu fault which a back street garage had no chance of sorting out. After the car had broke down the first time we had sent the basic rejection letter but AUTOSAVE Blackpool refused refund saying we had to give them a chance to fix car. We duelly gave them a second chance but did not agree with it as i new they wouldn't be able to fix it as it was a main dealer job low and behold it broke down for second time. We had to have the car recovered to their garage as they promised to recover it but then wouldn't answer our call turned there phone line onto answer machine. Where we our at now, court action taken small claims no response from them to the court action have instructed court to use bailiff to recover dept. I am just wondering why they our acting like this ignoring us yes but ignoring the court do they think they will get away with this i'm in the motor trade my self be it the motorcycle trade in my eight years of selling motorcycles iv had one vehicle returned i gave refund to guy there and then why do some used car dealer think they our above the law. Any advice please as my girl friend is worried over the outcome these guys don't seem to mind collecting enemies.
  6. I have purchased a used Vauxhall Corsa from Arnold Clark but all I have had is problems and lies ever since I walked onto their forecourt. First off, my incompetent car salesman has entered 3 car finance agreements onto my credit report. These got accepted then cancelled, one after the other. (Not searches these got accepted!) The only reason he had to cancel them was down to his lack of reading skills. First one he put wrong information on the application, the second agreement had to be cancelled as i did not have a guarantor and the third I was not the main policy holder of the insurance (however this was not listed in my copy of the terms and conditions, so obviously they just made this up). he applied for a personal loan in my name without going through any pre-contract information with me. I had also driven the car away when I signed the second finance agreement with them there was an issue of whos car it was as there was no finance attached to it! I have another issue with this car salesman when I saw this car it looked too good to be true, i asked him who owned the car before me. He gave me the line "just a managers car that they have traded in for a newer one", however, on receiving my V5 it states that a hire car company owned it. Now i'm sure he has breached the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations as stating something which is untrue? and hiding the fact it is an ex-rental. What should I do about this? The manager dealt with us after that and tried to sell us another car! Even though the finance of the car we just bought was not resolved. He offered us money to take this new car but we declined. He also tried to entrap me by recording a phone call we had without my knowledge or permission. I have complained to head office with a very long list of complaints for them to say that we have sorted out your third finance agreement so have set your complaint to resolved. The manager from the garage we bought the car from rang me and said I can have a full tank of petrol for my inconvenience and he then added £100 on top of that after I started telling him everything they have done wrong. This didn't come from head office so i'm not sure what to do. I have put in a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman and I'm going to write to my local Trading Standards. Do you think that I'm being fussy or should I not have to put up with this having an effect on my ability to obtain credit, the fact that they have breached the regulations according to Trading Standards, breached their code of conduct set out by the FCA and have lied to me throughout this process making me feel stressed and upset. (sorry for such a long post!)
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