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  1. apparently thats irrelivant, but not havingthe land owners permission they cant enforce , web eye used to have it and ne used to enforce for web eye apparently .. ask them for land owners permission !
  2. Hi, just to let you know, i asked them for the land owners contract for this car park as its owned by the same folk who own tiger estate agents.. They couldnt provide me this because they dont own the rights to enforce ticket this carpark .. Mine was thrown out ..
  3. Morning folks another update, ive been looking online and found that Parking Eye LTD are actually the enforcement for Church st/ Caunce st car park in Blackpool, so thats 3 different companys now involved with this one site, Webbeye ltd, NE Parking Ltd & Parking Eye, Ive spoke to parking eye this morning and they confirm they are nothing to do with NE PARKING ?? How can NE get away with this ? Probably explains why they have a different address they are trying to accuse me of parking on.
  4. And yea your right I've re read the letters from DRP lol
  5. I moved 17th May, all mail was redirected to my gramps place, we moved to our current home in July.
  6. my only worry with all this is the fact that drp stated they got my new details from dvla so i presuming that if ne have sent me anything it was to my old address, can they still use my old address to issue court related stuff? as i don't want any ccjs going to my old address.
  7. Good Morning folks, Just had this reply to my FOI request from Blackpool Council. FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT 2000 – INFORMATION REQUEST I am writing to confirm that we have now completed our search for the information you requested on April 28. The information you requested is set out below: 1)Has planning permission and/or consent been applied for to erect ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera's and also Signage that are on this car park? Yes 2)If permission/consent was obtained, can you tell me the application number? See 17/0843 and 17/0858 3)I
  8. Hey thanks a lot guys i really appreciate your help, il keep you posted on what happens
  9. ive also sent the email to dvla asking for info on whos accessed the data, sent the email to council about planning permisson etc after ive read another post for same firm same place, so as soon as i have all that info il share that here too
  10. Ok heres some more pics of no8 along with place i did park and distance shot between the 2 places 2018-04-29 175239.pdf
  11. No mines march 2017 lol expect letter from debt recovery plus next there should be 3 in quick succession on the way https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?486730-NE-Parking-Ltd-Caunce-st-Blackpool
  12. Hello, yes il get better pictures, il have to go on a sunday when towns quiet as its hard to get a pic with the amount of traffic on this rd i was stood as far back on pavement as possible.
  13. Thank-you sir, il keep the thread updated as it progresses, im quite enjoying all this now, there's a wealth of knowledge once you start looking
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