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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I could someone please help. I have someone that I used to help with their benefits ESA, etc. Unfortunately I had to leave area for over a year and could no longer aid them. I recently returned and as the person in question is extremely isolated due to their issues, they need my help again. Thing is because I was their only ‘port of call’ they have made their situation far more complex. They forgot/ failed didn't have the capacity to inform HB of their new address. Luckily the scope of the room id address approximately soon after I left to a similar property i.e. single room. And the rent and the housing benefit is exactly the same. But last week it would seem that it has been stopped. We are not 100% sure yet as we cannot phone until tomorrow but evidently the rent should have gone in on Friday but hasn’t. They suffer from severe agoraphobia and similar and are completely disorganized etc. Before I left the area I did all the paperwork for them. If it has been stopped what is the procedure and what can we do to get it updated etc. Would HB have written to him (at his old address) to update details and because he didn't reply stopped it? Should we phone up and explain the situation? It’s not like the person in question has stolen any money, as the rent (same amount exactly) has been paid to the new landlord each week) His medical records prove his temperament etc. which the dwp have. I’m assuming HB as least would be sympathetic to this? The amount that is being paid is the exact same amount that would have been if re-assumed to the new address? he had no-one to act on his behalf, until now. Its a nightmare that could have been avoided had he some kind of support network. Can someone explain the best approach etc.? I’m quite happy to write a statement that I was the single person that always acted as their advocate and that without me etc. they were helpless/ useless etc. I believe that a next door neighbor acted on behalf with the move but failed to help him inform/ fill in new HB paperwork etc. And evidently because the new landlord doesn’t accept dss (he felt it impossible to sort out the situation himself and instead just kept paying the rent to the landlord) Can someone offer advice sympathetically (these forums can be harsh sometimes) thank you very much.
  2. Hi Please don't judge me, I honestly cannot take anymore! In 2012 I applied for DLA on the advise of my GP, I had (and still have) urinary incontinence and inability to know when I need the toilet due to a back injury sustained at work. I also am in extreme pain whenever I move (but I guess this may be different to the level of pain another person may have with the same condition), can't get dressed, in or out of bed, need supervising when I first take my painkillers (about 20-30 minutes after), struggle to get out of chairs (need someone there to make sure it doesn't tip most of the time, sometimes needing to be assisted out of it), and also have to frequently stop when walking, about 200 meters before I can't walk anymore for between 3-5 minutes rest. In addition I can't bend to wash my legs or feet so have support here, cannot sit for long periods, or stand so frequently alter my positions. I also cannot get on or off toilets, so this with not knowing when I need to go means I temper my drinking. The DWP wrote to my GP for his opinion on my condition, and his report was sent back. I didn't know about this until the whole DWP investigation started last year. They used this to form the basis of the award for high rate mobility and middle rate care. I had been working in a nightclub but couldn't do this, so took a job as a supervisor in a restaurant, mainly meeting and greeting customers and directing people to their tables. They were fully aware at interview of my problems. I had time off due to my back (about 3 months) which is when I applied for DLA. I went back to work after having an operation on my back, and had a return to work interview. All was going well, customers helping me (I have copies of online discussions with a customer who knew about my back and mentioned how much I was struggling. I was then dismissed after a customer complaint about how slow my service was! I then took a job as an assistant manager in a pub, which was due to be closed for refurbishment might I add, and was there 2 months, during which they were closed for 6 weeks. The other 2 weeks I was expected to once again meet and greet guests for breakfast, put their order through and so forth. 8 rooms and NEVER had more than 8 guests, and I was never working on my own. During the refit I was responsible for the paperwork side of the business, phoning potential clients and filing all paperwork. I left there and went to work for a building society as this was more sedentary and my back was still really unreliable. I drove my nephew in most days and he walked slowly with me to the building, and on days when he wasn't with me there were always people around on the pedestrianized areas- I need to have someone around in case my right leg gives was which when it does always results in a stumble and fall, from which I cannot get up. This does not have to be someone I know, as DLA pays if I need someone not necessarily have someone right? I left there in January last year just before this investigation started. The DWP are alleging that I lied on my initial application form as nobody watches over me for the whole day (I have stated that I need help early morning and late at night, if I go to the toilet, and to help with chairs and to help me get up if I fall, not that I need continual supervision) and have statements from people I work with saying they either didn't know about my disability, even though I have emails saying differently, or facebook conversations to again show they did. They have a statement from a neighbour saying she apparently saw me out walking to the shops (I have a car and if it was just before the investigation it was winter so why would anyone walk?) and a statement from the investigating officer saying that I walked on my own to the interview room at the Job Centre. I questioned this as I was with my solicitor but they responded and said he didn't support me, his letter written on my behalf states he did hold my arm to steady me. The DWP have not sent CPS any of my medical evidence they are in receipt of (original GP information they requested, Harley Street consultant, Pain management specialist, Capita medical orthopaedic surgeon, 2 ATOS medicals for my IIDB (apparently not affected despite the two forms being filled out with the same details!) and a letter from my current GP stating how my disability affects me. They have also said to the CPS that the award was made solely on the details on my claim form, and signed to say they have not held anything back from CPS. Except they have. They have negated to inform them I lodged an appeal against their decision over 6 months ago, have supplied evidence the investigating officer has admitted tampering with, and also altered a statement that in the bundles sent to the appeal judge was 2 pages but said it was one, it now says it is two. DWP were aware of this issue as I complained as it made me question if the statement had been added to. They also sate that I said in my IUC that my condition had improved (I have the tapes and I didn't) but then go on to say I state that it has worsened. Confusing! I'm pleading not guilty, as my condition is worse (they now think I have ankylosing spondylitis) and without my interference (as the DWP have alleged) my GP fully corroborated what effect my disability has on me. The DWP have said they are not denying I have a disability but surely by saying that it doesn't affect me at all, they are! Their key evidence appears to be facebook posts I made (and supplied to them) where I said that my Mum's dog had managed a full walk home with no pulling and I wondered if he'd do the same the next day, and a second saying I loved late night walks with the dog - my Mum was walking him both times, and I was sat in the car watching the last one. I have explained this but it is irrelevant apparently. I asked the DWP to obtain CCTV from places I had worked to prove I wasn't lying, this was not done and the time frame for CCTV gathering ran out - how is this fair? I can't obtain it due to the DPA, but they could have! I guess what I want to know is what happens next? I am seeing a solicitor 18/03/15 and will be taking ALL evidence, including the bits the DWP have negated to supply to CPS (or have ignored their use of) but do I have a strong defence? Would a Magistrate be interested in the errors they made in the investigation resulting in evidence that in my opinion would have exonerated me? Thank you for any help in this matter - I am stressed beyond belief and had an ambulance called to me last night with me having chest pains. I am doing a Uni course that would result in me being a teacher, but if I get a guilty conviction I am screwed!
  3. hello i have been working for abt 3 months and it the socail about 8 months to take me to court for fraud now due to my health i need to go back on the sick can i still claim esa even though iam getting done for fraud please dont judge me i was in a very bad place when i done and i didnt do it for a life of luxarey thou so can anyone help me please x
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