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  1. Hi, Sorry about the multiple threads .. it has been a while since I was on the forum last and never even thought that I may be using multiple threads. I will bear that in mind the next time I post. One question though ... are you saying that the 'Litigation Notice' letter I received today from the solicitors is a bluff and I wont be taken to court ? Regards, Jackthehat
  2. hI ALL, I's been a while since I visited the forum and a problem I had that i thought had gone away has surfaced again. Here is a summary of my problem below .. I have a problem which I had thought had gone away but now is back with a vengeance, and I wonder if you can help with some advice on what I should do. Last year I thought I would reply to PPI recovery firm who promised a "No win no fee" service on potential PPI claims I may have had with Loans/Credit cards etc in the past. With all the advertising on TV and in the press I thought what ha ve I got to lose and
  3. Hello all, A number of weeks ago I posted about a Manchester-based PPI claims company (Consumer Claim Line) who sent me invoices demanding penalty charges on three PPI claims I had with them (the first charge was because it was later discovered that this PPI claim had apparently been looked into previously around 10 years ago, the other two because I then refused to go any further with the other two claims after the initial stage as a consequence of what happened to the first claim). They invoiced me .. £360, £360 and £360 for each (for wasting their time they claimed).
  4. Hi all, I am posting this thread to give an update to what has happened concerning my dealings with Consumer Claim Line, the PPI claim company who had invoiced me over £1,000 for three PPI claims I asked them to investigate, one of which they said had been investigated before (around 8-9 years ago) and so were charging me with "wasting their time" on this claim, The other two claims they are charging me for is for refusing to send back paperwork to them as I wasn't sure that the same situation would apply to these claims. As I said in my previous post I have serious medical is
  5. Hi, The company is a Manchester-based PPIi claims company called - Consumer Claim Line.
  6. Hi, The company is a Manchester-based PPI claims company called - Consumer Claim Line.
  7. Hi dx, Thank you for taking the trouble to reply to my somewhat long and waffling post. If what you say is correct then you have put my mind at rest. I have had numerous sleepless nights worrying about this. I hope you are correct in your in your opinion of my situation. Thanks again. Regards, Jackthehat
  8. Hi I need some advice please. Recently I replied to a direct mailshot from a Manchester-based PPI claim company called Consumer Claim Line. I had had a credit card some 20 years or so ago (Capital One card) and I wanted to find out if I had paid PPI on the payments. I returned the paperwork and thought to take advantage of their advertised "no claim no fee" offer to get this investigated. A few weeks later received a reply saying that their preliminary findings were positive and that I should sign the enclosed form authorising them to investigate my claim further.
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