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  1. Somebody paid several thousands into my husbands business account - he informed Barclays and the police that it was an unexpected payment so they dealt with it. Result was account closed and we were put on CIFAS register. RBS have quite a few thousand at the moment
  2. I know it might not sound good - but I had no other account so had to use it for business
  3. Ok thank you - I can show where all the funds came from so I just hope they release them - what sort of proof will they want - contact details of everyone who deposited them? I have a lot of transactions
  4. I already know that I am on the CIFAS register (not my fault) but it was too stressful to fight the case so I would imagine this is the reason - the RBS was my spare account when the previous account was closed! I do have one other bank account that is still open and not linked to RBS I really need my funds back
  5. I found out yesterday that RBS have closed my account with no warning and they have said I can't get any funds out of the account. They say there is a letter on it's way - it leaves me in a bad way just a few days before Christmas. They told me to contact them in the New Year to see if there is any update. How long can they keep my money for? I had an old debt with Natwest going back 20 years - can they take this from my RBS funds??
  6. That sounds promising - I have Halifax and RBS personal accounts - I'm hoping they are safe Barclays and Santander business accounts closed and been unable to open another high street business account
  7. I can't even get a basic account now. I can get a paid for account and I do already have a personal account which I am hoping won't be closed down. I've had two business accounts closed with no notice. When I read the information Cifas sent to me it says all they will do is check that Barclays followed the correct procedures. They probably did follow the correct procedures - somebody paid fraudulent money into the account - I'm the one now suffering for it. I've googled it and it happens to lots of innocent people
  8. What if I just ignore it all and stop paying anything to them - I'm already on the cifas register so my credit score etc is irrelevant for the next 6 years
  9. Ok thank you for that. As it's quite a new account will the DCA more than likely have an enforceable agreement.
  10. Hi - I'm looking for some advice. I am going to have to default on my barclaycard as I can't afford the minimum payments as my circumstances have changed. it was taken out in 2015 - will they take me to court and send the bailiffs round... Thank you
  11. Thanks for the replies so that's 6 years on the register. There I was with a really good credit score and then they do this to me which is worse than a terrible credit score. I hope they don't close my personal accounts as well.
  12. Can anybody advise how long I will remain on the CIFAS register. I have been put on the Cifas register by Barclays bank. The category used was aiding and abetting. I know I can try and fight it but it has caused me so much stress and time that I feel for my own well being I should just wait until it comes off the register. I am not a fraudster but had money paid into my account which I reported to the bank. As a result they closed my accounts and added me to the CIFAS register. Thank you
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