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Found 15 results

  1. Hi All, I am looking for some experience or advice from anyone around cardonebanking. I set-up my business with them back in July and although their charges are high, they have been reasonable enough. Today I have been informed by their customer services team my account has been closed due to 'ATM Abuse' and must transfer the funds to another account. They have stated I have commited no actual fraud but they received a fraud flag from a card processor company on Tuesday 13th March. On this day, I had issues with an ATM which I tried on 3 occasions but there was a dispense
  2. http://cag.tw/1sha
  3. Sparks_


    I noticed that the ATM machine in my local Spar shop had a new advert running(the one when the machine is not being used) And it said that the machine was a free to use..get money out/check balance also there is a free ATM sticker on it now, well I thought ok free to use migth as well get some cash out...guess what? When I got to the last screen before it dispenses the money it says This machine will charge you £1.85 to withdraw the money.....is there any rules/laws being broken?
  4. Earlier today I withdrew some cash from an ATM outside Asda. Except, being a complete numpty, I forgot to actually take the cash! Realised when I got home and phoned the supermarket. No one has handed in the cash to the supermarket. Security bloke was very helpful, I gave him a description of myself and he reviewed the CCTV. He confirmed that I only took my card from the machine, and not any cash, and also that no one else used the machine for a good few minutes. The next person that tried to use it appeared to have some trouble with said machine and then went to t
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2802677/woman-rips-apart-atm-bare-hands-wouldn-t-let-withdraw-cash.html
  6. I need advice in taking this further. went to the ATM last Thursday to withdraw £200, entered my pin etc and it just sat there doing nothing for a couple of mins, it finally put my card out and said "Sorry can not complete this transaction" went to another ATM but this time it said I didn't have enough funds, I found this odd as I had £300 in my current account checked my banking app and the first ATM debited my account for £200 even though I got no money out. I went home and phoned the bank who raised an issue and said I will
  7. Hi, I recently went to South Africa on holiday. When I arrived, I took out some cash out of an ATM from my credit card and I used a debit card to pay for my car rental. I did not use any of my cards other than that. When I returned home I realised some of my cards were missing. I reported this to my banks as soon as I knew. I was then told that my current account had money taken out of it to the tune of about £1100. All my cards have the same PIN number, but I never used this card out there. The bank refused my fraud claim and I appealed it. On appeal, they refused it again and
  8. On the 4th Oct, I went to a NATWEST atm as Nationwide was out of service. Printed balance, and then went to top up my mobile. I cancled the transaction, the NATWEST atm the did not give my card back, and went out of service. I had to go to the flat to phone nationwide to cancel my debit card (as they can take sometime to be sent out). at 9.30, I went to my bank (Nationwide) only to find that £130 had been taken... Its now been over 10 working days and noting! What shoud I do?
  9. Hundreds of thousands of customers at HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest are set to automatically receive compensation for money they may have forgotten at a cash machine. We explain why. Some of Britian's biggest High Street banks, presumably keen to put their house in order following the repeated scandals of recent years, have promised to reimburse customers who forgot to pick up their money when making a withdrawal from its ATM. What's been happening? When a customer forgets or is too slow to take money issued by a cash machine, it is "sucked" back into the dispenser
  10. Barclays cash machines have had technology installed so they can "talk" to customers who have difficulty reading screens. More than three quarters of Barclays cash machines across England and Wales have had audio technology installed so they can "talk" to customers who have difficulty reading screens, the bank said today. Blind and partially sighted people can listen to speech output on more than 3,000 of the ATMs by plugging in their earphones to listen to the options being read out. Barclays said it is the first major high street bank to provide the facility on such a mass scale up and
  11. Barclays is selling most of its ATMs as it prefers to focus on more profitable activities like manipulating LIBOR. I used one in Gibraltar which I was told belonged to Barclays. It debited my account for the sterkling equivalent of 800 euros. But it dispensed no cash I would not have risked so much if I had niot thought that it belonged to Barclays. Actually it ias owned by Raphael`s Bank, a London bank which specialises in foreign exchange. I went to Barclays branch in Gibraltar to complain. They tried to send me away but I said that i was a Barclays customer and had used a Barclays Deb
  12. http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/police-called-atm-dispenses-free-cash-092426751.html
  13. Firm loses thousands as people max out multiple cards Bank employee loaded £10 tray with £20 notes in error Customers walked away with hundreds of pounds of 'free' money after a cash machine started paying out double yesterday. Long queues formed outside the Sainsbury’s ATM in Tottenham Court Road as word of the unexpected windfall spread like wildfire. Some pocketed hundreds after withdrawing the maximum of £300 on multiple cards and getting the same amount again each time for free. The problem arose after an employee accidentally loaded the £10 tray with £20 notes Read
  14. Hi guys! I need your help. I need an ATM Dispute form, but there is nowhere to download it from (or I can not find it). I left England and I can not visist any branch to take it directly from them. So, if you know any websites with atm dispute forms for LLOYDS TSB, please let me know. Any help will be much appreciated. Best Regards Simon
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