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  1. Once they've received your letter, usually within 2 weeks. It can be quicker, you will get a letter letting you know it's been paid.
  2. There are quiet a few things that they could be potentially breaking, however I would advise that you see a solicitor.
  3. It's very strange that your local council don't help. You could try the local authority (Social Services), or varying charity's in your area. Also a good person to ask, is your care worker if you have one.
  4. But as I said, in order for anyone to claim in your name they would need a hell of a lot of details including "Photo ID" and to go to those lengths in order to steal someone ID just for benefits doesn't rarely happen as it's to much to be required as proof. Once you've seen the advisor, you need to initiate a FRAUD investigation and you can action this whilst with the advisor or ask for a manager to get it started.
  5. Something smells fishy here and I'll explain why. In order to get a "Social Fund Loan" you have to be claiming benefits. In order to claim benefits, you would require proof of identity IE: Photo ID (Always asked for) You will have also have had to give them your address, as well as your National Insurance number. You will have had to gone to an interview at your local Job Centre in order to prove who you are on your first interview and will have had to be claiming benefits for a set period before you could even get a "Social Fund Loan" unless it was a "Crisis Loan" though £400 is to
  6. No, you can report an offence at any time. As you've only come to check your items fully recently, it's at this point you've noticed items damaged or missing. As a landlord he has broken various rules and regulations and they need to be reminded of this with court action, you can pursue your landlord in both Criminal & Civil court over the matter. Civil for the various issues as created by your landlord, including that of charging you for your own property and Criminal for the damage and loss of items whilst in his possession.
  7. Yes get it reported. But still keep at the insurance company till it's properly cancelled, you've got evidence to back you up so keep pursuing it. Also you can possibly find out about their compensation scheme as well, as advise them you wish to purse sue the matter in this event and will seek damages.
  8. Call the police and report it as theft simple as. Police will try and say it's a civil matter, however damage and missing goods is a criminal offence and needs to be dealt with as is. You also need to get back in touch with Shelter and seek legal advice from a solicitor, shelter can provide this.
  9. Don't ignore it, as your dad states as this will lead to further issues. You've done the right step by emailing them within the 14 days. You need to email them again, but include copies of the original emails. Advise them that they have refused to cancel your insurance within the 14 days and that you will be reporting it to Trading Standards. Remind them they are in breach of several consumer regulations by not accepting the cancellation in the first instance. Make sure your DD is cancelled. Go get some advice from your local CAB. you can also report them to the FSA if
  10. I mention court summons, because you called me a liar over information that I know as fact, so was pointing out to you something else that most claim is false and is also fact. I don't read, I action and have won on many occasions against councils for various things and one of those things is the legality of a PCN when a council reefers to it as a fine.
  11. The company should have provided you with a contract within 8 weeks of commencing your employment, if they haven't it's goes against ACAS regulations. You will have signed a temporary contract know as "Terms & conditions of Employment", before your full contract was sent out. You can request a copy of your full contract from them though and they have to comply with that request. If you are working a shift of more than 13 hours in any 24 hour period, then your employer is effectively not taking any notice of the working time directive unless stipulated in your contract th
  12. It's a shame that I recently went through all my paper work and got rid of the countless letters written to the council over the facts of advising the PCN as a fine in a letter. As I've won various PCN incidents against Sheffield City Council over incorrectly stating a PCN as a fine and not had to pay a single one of them because of it. Next you will be telling me, that councils don't write their own Court summons either!!
  13. This will better explain the working time directive - http://www.acas.org.uk/index.aspx?articleid=1373
  14. Councils are notorious for writing letters to you, stating that you need to pay the "Fine". Though the PCN will never have those words on it, the council letters do. Once you receive the council letter stating this, the actually PCN then becomes illegal.
  15. Are you able to provide a copy of the letter? This is why you need to involve the council, as they will investigate the issue fully. If you are feeling threatened, then contact the police and make a harassment claim. However don't expect miracles from the police, as all they will do is visit the person in question and speak to them about the situation and if they deem it necessary warn that person about further incidents. The police will also always advise you to contact the ASB Team within the council.
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