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  1. Is the small claims process only suitable for recovering costs already incurred or can it be used to force Virgin to undertake the necessary repairs to my wall?
  2. Thanks folks, I'll take a look at these links... I don't think there's any mileage in pursuing the CISAS route though as they specifically say that you need to be a customer of the organisation concerned.
  3. In June, I initiated a formal complaint with Virgin Media as they came and installed a media cable onto my property without my requesting it (eg they basically came to the wrong address!). In doing so, they drilled several holes in my front garden wall, damaged a plant, etc. Whilst they have since returned (after I brought the mistake to their attention) and removed the cable, I still expect them to restore my front wall (which is fairly new) to its original condition and pay compensation for the inconvenience, recorded delivery, phone calls, etc. Despite an exchange of letters in which they claim to have repaired the wall they have failed to do this and have also said they don't believe they are liable for any of my expenses! I contacted the CAB who advised me to contact the Comms Ombudsmen (which I did), only to be told that Virgin are not covered by them. They put me on to CISAS, but it appears I can only use them if I am a customer of Virgin (which I am not). I'm running out of ideas on how I should proceed now. I even tried raising it with the Police as I believe it constitutes criminal damage, but they didn't seem to share my view. Any advice on how I can get this matter resolved? Is it time to appoint a solicitor?
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