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  1. I've seen the template letter and all I seem to be requesting is a copy of any information regarding myself which they hold within their systems, is this correct? Ok, so not to sound silly here but why do I want this information? How is this going to help my case in reference to the Default Notice I've been served (which will be in place before I receive a response)? You guys seem to have lost me a little here, what exactly am I looking to achieve through this and will it prevent the Default Notice from coming in to effect?? (not that my credit file could
  2. To my knowledge there isn't anything on any of the accounts, I don't recall ever having to make any penalty charges but if you guys say its worth investigating then how would I go about this??
  3. You mention changing to another DMC or going it alone, how does this work? Will I receive the same as I did before (all the letters, phone calls, harassment)? What benefits/restrictions does changing this impose? I don't know what my outstanding balance with each creditor is, at the time of taking up DM 18 months ago we were looking at; Barclaycard - £3000 Barclays Loan - £7500 Barclays Overdraft - £1000 I don't have any other debts managed by Gregory Pennington and my Car with Santander is up-to-date and paid-in-full with around 30 remaining payments (£200 p/m).
  4. I think they take £15 p/m as their "admin fee" which at the time I didn't mind paying as my life was a total wreck (lost job, going through breakup after 10 years together, having to move back in with my parents etc etc). I didn't realise that debts from different companies could be put together? How does this work? Is it like a loan to pay off my creditors and then I pay the loan? Or some type of credit agency buy my debts and then I just own them the one sum with agreed payments? No charges that I am aware of, the overdraft was free and part of my current account. I'm unsure
  5. How do I go about changing everything? When I first setup my DMC I was continuously harassed by Barclays, phone calls to my mobile, home and even work address almost daily, countless letters, threats about not paying in full, letters explaining that none payment will result in court action etc etc... don't really want to have to go through another three or so months of this again
  6. Hi, Thank you for such fast replies. I thought it would make life easier to just quote you all and give the information asked from each of you (as some of you ask for the same). The DMC are Gregory Pennington (no their not free), they have been making all payments on time and on my behalf to the credit agencies for the last 18 months or so. The outstanding £10,000 is owed between Barclaycard (credit card), Barclays Bank (personal loan) and Barclays Bank (personal overdraft). I also have my car on a finance agreements but this has been kept in good order and I pay the fu
  7. Hi, First time posting/reading the forums here and I'm in need of some advice. I have an outstanding balance with Barclaycard for around £2,500 (credit card - no ppi). Due to loss of job back in 2013 I went in to a debt management program, since then I've been making payments for the last 18 months or so but at a rate under the minimum amount (agreed with my Debt Management Company). In my first year of debt management I made a very small payment £100 or so to my DMC and they paid my creditors. This year my financial situation had improved somewhat (new job et
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