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  1. Thanks for your responses. If it comes to taking action then yes I can fund it. Considering I've been forced to leave by someone who has subsequently freely gone around openly lying about me (in a serious way that could theoretically affect my future employment prospects), I don't think it is the objective or sensible choice to just ignore it
  2. Hi all, Just looking for some advice on my situation. Basically I was subjected to 6 months of bullying/unreasonable treatment by a new boss (won't go in to details on that but several incidents, some witnessed, some not.) Several staff on my team including me complained to his boss, to no avail. All I got was mediation where he acted like he was the aggrieved party (surprise!) So I decided to get a job elsewhere, which I did, although I never wanted to leave. With two weeks of my notice left, I was called in to his office and berated in an aggressive and extremely abusive manner,
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