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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, Just looking for some advice on my situation. Basically I was subjected to 6 months of bullying/unreasonable treatment by a new boss (won't go in to details on that but several incidents, some witnessed, some not.) Several staff on my team including me complained to his boss, to no avail. All I got was mediation where he acted like he was the aggrieved party (surprise!) So I decided to get a job elsewhere, which I did, although I never wanted to leave. With two weeks of my notice left, I was called in to his office and berated in an aggressive and extremely abusive manner, all over nothing. I was immediately instructed to leave and told I'd get my last 2 weeks paid, which my employer did. However I later found out that the day I left, after I was gone he called a meeting stating I'd left as he'd caught me out lying, I had refused to work etc. He'd emailed me to say this that same day as well. Weeks later I heard from a former manager that it had got to her (the other side of the organisation) that I'd gone for deliberately sabotaging and falsifying documents. A grievance is being worked through. Ideally the result I'd like is the following: - An upholding of the grievance itself (although sadly it would appear from reading this forum that bullying rarely does get upheld no matter how many witnesses/incidents?) - The defamations to be retracted. - A charge of gross misconduct against my old boss for repeated and unfounded defamation of character in written and verbal format and the bullying. - 'Some form of redress' for the fact my whole career and life have been knocked sideways by this, when previously I was one of the best performers in the company and had won numerous awards to that effect. I won't go in to details but it's cost me thousands as a result of this. Anyone have any thoughts on whether this is likely to end up as a letter sent to me saying 'sorry no case to answer' or 'sorry we're going to work on his behaviour, bye', or whether I might actually end up with what I would consider just from this? I'd have thought they can't deny the email I have from him which is insulting, the various witnesses to defamation and the repeated complaints about him to management previously? Thanks Jeff
  2. I work in the Civil service for the last 10 years, I have worked in other jobs before that. I took a grievance out against my business manager, as after 6 years, I had a breakdown, due to her constant shouting and degrading behaviour towards us. I have since got a transfer, but the CS are not upholding my grievances, as they say and I am actually quoting here "It is generally accepted that isolated incidents of unreasonable behaviour such as abruptness, sharpness or rudeness whilst totally unacceptable, should not be described as bullying" It was taken under a DAW complaint, and I had witnesses and 3 grievances were decided to be investigated by an outsourced company that looks after our HR. They investigated and sent the results back to my dept. They have quoted as above, and I am going to appeal it. I have asked for the investigation papers, as I need to know what happened at the interviews etc, and they say they don't know whether they can give me all the material. I can't appeal it unless I see what evidence they made their decision on? Surely in a criminal court the defence get disclosure and the defendant sees all the evidence. Any advise on this one?
  3. Hi all. Firstly I would like to send my condolences to the colleagues and friends of Martin Kay. I am after a little help with regard to dignity and respect at work. On Thursday I made a bit of a mistake and my supervisor confronted me about it a short time later. But rather than take me to one side and have a quiet word. He proceeded to talk about it in a raised voice. Beside me was one workmate working at the same machine I was. About 20-30 yards away was another work colleague. This colleague heard the commotion and came and stood beside us to hear what was going on. At lunchtime this guy was telling other people want went on. I know this because he was standing beside me when spreading the news. As a result I got some 'stick' about the incident. I think it was bad enough that the supervisor confronted me in this way This isn't the first time I had problems with one of the supervisors. But that time I made a complaint but that ended up being to my detriment i.e. despite there being CCTV he followed me to the clock machine to watch me clocking out. Another day he called me to the office to justify why I clocked out at a certain time one day (the first time I had to do this in 13 years). As you can tell, relationships with the supervisors are starting to break down. And that can only have a negative affect on my employment with the company. I feel it would again 'not be in my best interest' to complain but can't allow this sort of thing to go on. I am already on tablets for depression and have had a couple of periods of absence in the last 12 months as a result. For which I have had 2 verbal warnings. Thanks in advance for any help you can give
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