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  1. apologies for the lack of paragraphs they aren't formatting properly when I submit the post which is making it show as a solid block of writing and not the paragraphs it was written in
  2. So I got notified a few months back that MMF have bought over my CFO debt from 2011 when CFO went into administration. Out of the goodness of their hearts they told me they had taken off all of the fees and interest CFO had added and I now owed only the original balance. That of course didn't take into account the redress that was taken off of the CFO loan or the amount I'd paid towards the debt which when added up would have cleared it all had CFO not added on the stupid amount of fees. Anyway I haven't responded at all to MMF despite weekly emails. CFO had issued a default notice in January this year however they never did register a default with the credit reference agencies. Yesterday I discovered that MMF have themselves recently registered a default with a date of January 2017! That's almost 6 years after I had defaulted on the loan. Now I know they can't do this and its against the ICO guidance so I've written to MMF to complain and asking them to remove the default as if going by the 3 months of arrears it would be beyond 6 years or change the date to the 6 months arrears at which point it's due to drop off in a month or two. Reading up on them I don't expect to get anywhere with my complaint. This has obviously grossly extended the life of the default to their advantage and has trashed my credit file which I've spent 6 years clearing up just when I was looking to apply for a mortgage in a few months time. Once MMF come back and if they refuse my request is it the FOS I contact next or the ICO?
  3. I should add, it is possible we might have caused the bath to move when trying to get the panel off when it was flooded. We have a wooden panel which was screwed to the frame and we couldn't get the last screw off from the bottom due to the vanity unit being in the way so we were pushing and pulling and trying to lift the bath upwards to get the panel off, in the end we only succeeded in snapping off a chunk of the rim of the bath and couldn't get the panel off until we got a plumber in who move the sink/vanity unit
  4. That's exactly how the bath has been sealed, the bath was installed in the bathroom in 2011 and the sealant has been renewed every year by the a plumber as myself and my partner are awful at DIY and there were no issued with the bath moving, leaking or sealant until the massive escape of water due to shower screen door not being closed properly. The last time the bath had been sealed was 8 months before the incident, we kept the invoice from the plumber for it, there isn't any reasonable explanation as to why it's moved after the bathroom flooded but its moved so much from one wall, the wall which the water was running down that when we removed the sealant I could easily get 2 fingers in the gap. The bath has a wooden frame built around 3 sides of it, but apparently it isn't secured to the wall which only transpired after we had the leak and got a plumber out, they also didn't believe it had been a long standing leak as the floor boards under the bath are fine it's the bath frame at one end and joist which have been damaged by water
  5. So i'm having a bit of a dispute with our house insurance, long story short, my husband didn't close the shower screen properly and left the bathroom with shower running for a period of time, I walked into my kitchen to find it had all collected into a bubble and burst through a hole in the ceiling causing damage to the walls, floor and plaster. Insurance told us we could claim through our escape of water and had to give them two itemized insurance quotes. We massively struggled to get these quotes with several traders not turning up or wanting to charge a fee to produce them, we asked if the insurance company could send out someone to quote and fix - they said no, we asked for a list of their preferred suppliers and was told they didn't have one. Eventually they told us they would send a loss adjuster out with a view to offer a cash settlement. Whilst waiting for the loss adjuster we had another leak when using the shower and it became apparent that the bath was coming away from the wall when we were using it causing the seal to break and the water to escape down the side, this was confirmed when we got a plumber out through our boiler cover insurance. So we resealed the bath but again the bath would move so in order to prevent more damage whilst waiting for the loss adjuster we stopped using the shower and stuck to baths only. We're still having to do this months later. The loss adjuster came, had no details of our claim as his system had crashed, he spent 5 minutes in the kitchen looking at the hole went into the bathroom, didn't ask us to remove the bath panel or look under the bath. He took some photos and left. We were then offered a settlement of just over £600 out of which a £250 escape of water excess was to be deducted. None of the works included in his scheduled involved fixing the issue with the bath. So we queried it. They've taken our query as a complaint and issued us with a final response claiming the loss adjuster took photos of the toilet which he claims was the root of the leak and we were negligent in fixing it hence as it must have been leaking a lengthy period as evidence by rust on the pipes (our pipes are all plastic so zero rust and 100% never been a leak) so they are refusing to pay out for any bathroom works. We've subsequently had 3 different plumbers out to the house for quote all which have been in the region of around £1700 and all the works listed are the same, all state that no evidence of a leak to the toilet and that significant removal and refitting of the bathroom suite and wet-wall will be needed to remedy the bath issue and the joist which has been soaked along with the fixing of the ceiling and flooring. The insurance company won't entertain these quotes or letters of evidence nor will the entertain the photos i've taken myself of the damage in particular behind the toilet which clearly shows plastic pipes and no rust anywhere there or under the bath. They've refused to let us see the report written by the loss adjuster or the photos taken and refuse to comment on how he could accurately know the issue when he didn't even look under the bath. They wont enter into a dialogue with us and have told us as they issued their final response we have to take it to the ombudsman if im not happy. Does anyone have any experience of this or words of advice on how to approach it with the ombudsman? what more evidence should I need or be gathering in order to support my complaint? I'm quite sure the insurance company are taking the **** in their offer but i've never had to make an insurance claim before so i'm not sure if this is normal or if i'm expecting too much?
  6. It's just the adjudicator at the moment. In his response he's also said CFO claimed to have only telephoned me 4 times in 4 months which is rubbish but i can't probe otherwise as I've had several new phones since 2011, he's also said that he doesn't know how many letters were sent to me or their content as CFO haven't provided the information and asked me to supply them if I have them. Surely that should be down to CFO to provide that? I've asked if CFO have provided copies off all the texts and emails and their content as that was how they harassed me the most. I just can't get over the reply I sent in bank statements over 10 months showing every loan so how he can say I had none at the time of my loan from CFO is astonishing
  7. Hi sorry I haven't been able to come back to this, my complaint went into the FOS today had their response and to say im stunned is an understatement. They've ruled that CFO didn't harass me or, treat me unsympathetically or that it was irresponsible lending. They've said CFO didn't need to do credit checks and my wage and the low amount of loan was deemed to be affordable in addition the FOS has said I had no other payday loans at the time I applied to CFO which is untrue I had about 8 outstanding and i'd defaulted on most of them the previous month. I'm going back to them with a list of the loans that I had and when. I had already sent over all of my emails from CFO including them telling me to roll over the loan even after I explained I was in financial difficulty
  8. thanks everyone, I was really doubting myself after their response and my resolve was softening but you've given me that kick I need to know i'm right and that I do have a case against CFO and i'm not just going to go away as they are hoping
  9. Their letter is a pdf and I can't figure out how to alter it from my laptop to take out my details, I'll keep trying if not i'll use the software on Monday in work to do it. Reading through their response again it contradicts itself in one paragraph it says it checked my credit with experian and then a few paragraphs down it says it didn't credit check as it wasn't required to at that time. So which is it? You checked experian or you didn't? Also they claim they were never made aware of my financial difficulties pre or post loan. That is a blatant lie I've saved all their emails when I was going back and forward before my due date telling them and begging them to agree to a repayment plan and their response was to tell me they don't do repayment plans and my option was pay in full or I could pay the interest and rollover the loan. On top of that CAB wrote to them on my behalf and they ignored it. So they were fully aware several times, I've also got copies of my complaint emails about their conduct towards me as a vulnerable customer all of which went ignored. I wish now I'd saved copies of all their texts as at the height I was getting several a day ontop of the phone calls. I had a lot of payday loans and by far these were the worst to deal with and their collection practices were beyond belief, admittedly though I never touched minicredit so it's hard to imagine anyone worse than CFO
  10. 6 months? I've only had their final response, so that means their response saying I need their permission is utter garbage. Should know never to bel;ieve what these crooks say Guess I'll be sitting tonight sending the FOS my complaint online
  11. I'm thinking of just sending it to FOS and seeing where I get from there, I knew CFO would be like this they're the biggest mistake that I have ever made never has any company made me feel as intimidated and threatened as they have and to be honest I feel it's time they are held to account for how they've treated people
  12. So as the title say can they refuse permission? Do I need their permission? It's regarding a loan I took out in 2011. At the time I had already been using payday loans since Oct 2011 several times a month with several different companies, rollovers, same day borrowing, several on the go from different companies and at the time I took out the loan I already had loans outstanding with 6 other payday loan companies and it far outstripped my income leading to a default on the all in April 2011. I contact CFO 2 weeks before repayment and they refused a repayment plan telling me that they didn't "do" repayment plans and I had to pay the full balance or default and refused to provide me with paying in details. I got details from here and started paying back small amounts but like others on here they hounded me with emails, texts and phone calls to the point I was scared to check my emails or turn on my phone. They sent Daniel Silverman after me and offered their Resolve Loan which I obviously didn't take although I do believe if I had that would have compounded the problem. The loan which started at £250 has ballooned despite payments of £93 initially, my payments then started being rejected by CFO and returned to my bank. I certainly think its irresponsible lending on their part and put in my complaint. I've had their final response back saying that as a goodwill gesture they will reduce my balance to just over £400 and that my complaint is out of time for the FOS and they don't give me permission to take my complaint to the FOS. I've obviously rejected their offer, I believe at the least the should reduce it to the original loan of £250 minus what i've paid plus compensation for the unsympathetic and frankly appalling way they treated me when I told them I was in financial difficulties also they should remove the default. In an ideal world i'd say wipe the balance but I don't see them or FOS agreeing to that so I need to be fair. I've kept a good paper trail of all emails from them except the Resolve texts and emails as I've got a new phone since then and must have deleted the resolve email Is this the end of the line for my complaint or can I go to FOS?
  13. Thanks Dx forgot about my old post, needless to say that was the last contact I had with them a nd they never wrote to me again let alone took any action. Yes I was resident in Scotland when I took out the loan. Does that make a difference to something?
  14. Next in plan of action tackle my two shop direct accounts and credit cards which have been in default since 2011 also. Shop direct will get getting a SAR soon enough for my ppi claim. Feels slightly empowering to take charge of my finances once and for all
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