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  1. Data protection breach of medical files consistently and managerial bullying when confronted. Breach still going on despite being forced to move department because of it and because my ex manager has denied it, her manager will not entertain my grievance because she said she didn't do it. I have proof, lots of it. I've had to join another Trade Union because the one i've been in have been dealing with too many cases where people are being sacked because I am not about to lose my job they don't see it as urgent as other cases.
  2. Fair enough, due to what I've gone through and how long it has been going on I think you would understand why I can't discuss it on here as I work for a large well known company and my complaint is quite unusual and specific and it would be obvious that it's me.
  3. That is great. I will start the ball rolling tomorrow. Do I need to get a solicitor to do it? I did look to see if I could send you a pm but you can't do that on here, however you have been most helpful.
  4. It is quite a long story. and to be honest, I am scared of posting specifics incase my employer is watching. I understand that this sounds crazy but thank you for taking the time to reply. I am headed for ET put it that way.
  5. Thank you obiter dictum. Is there a timescale on which you must lodge a grievance? My employer believes that there is. I have never heard of such of thing and am doubtful but need to clarify this.
  6. Hi there Can an employer refuse to investigate a grievance on any grounds?
  7. Its an extremely long winded story, but I have been disciplined for calling a manager ignorant, one who has been bullying me for 18 months. My employer refuses to acknowledge my complaint and I am now being threatened with more discipline or dismissal if I don't go to mediation.
  8. Hi Is it legal for an employer to force you to go to mediation? And is it legal for them to threaten you with discipline or termination of your job if you don't? Thanks.
  9. Hi Sidewinder, thanks for your reply. I only gave my employer permission to contact my doctor and nothing else. Interestingly, each time they want to contact my doctor, I have to give written permission for this. I agree that certain information needs to be shared with other managers from time to time however due to the sensitive nature of this particular email, it was not necessary for other manager's to know and certainly not my work colleagues.
  10. Hi there I will try to keep this as brief as possible. I was off sick from work and visited the company Doctor. I was then emailed the report as was my employing manager. It stated the letter was private and confidential and at the bottom of the email it stated it was restricted. This email has now been used in a potential disciplinary investigation against myself. I received the disciplinary papers with this email included, yet some of it had been redacted although not very well as you could still see certain parts of the email, however the nature of my illness had not been redacted at all. I have also been told that the other person involved in the disciplinary has been given the exact same pack that I have which means that they have not only access to my medical papers but also my home address. I work for a well known large company. I believe there is potential for two issues here. Any advice is gratefully received.
  11. Thanks for your answers Haven and Honeybee13. I spoke to the insurance company today and they will only contact my GP, I then have to make an appointment with my GP to discuss it. Was really shocked to be declined, it never occured to me that I would be. I'm just worried that it could influence other insurances, not just motor and home but also personal items for example I use an IPad for work which is already insured but other small things such as mobile phone insurance. Most insurers ask if you've had a claim declined and technically now it is yes, even though I might be only wanting insurances that wouldn't even need to ask any sort of health questionnaire. About 2 weeks ago, I applied for Life Insurance with another insurance company, I've been very truthful with my medical history and I got a reasonable quote. Before accepting this quote would I have to call them to say that now I've been declined income protection insurance? I don't want to lie, I'm happy to be charged a higher premium but I don't want to get into trouble and give them an excuse not to pay out if the worst happens.
  12. I recently applied for income protection and life insurance. The company declined the income protection on medical reasons, being that 2 years ago I was off sick from work with depression for 4 months and the type of job I do does not allow me to take anti-depressants. They have offered me life insurance but have bumped up the premiums which of course I understand but I'm now worried if this is going to affect any other insurance policy I make such as car insurance, house insurance etc as you are often asked if you have been declined any insurance policy on application. Any info greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply. I will make an assumption that no rebate was made on the 3rd loan consolidation but will get the statements and paperwork checked.
  14. After my own success with a few PPI claims, I am now trying to help a friend make a claim against Natwest. However my friend has had 3 loans consolidated over a 5 year period. The first loan was £12,000 in 2000 with no PPI added. This then was consolidated with a second loan in 2003 for £15,000 but had PPI off £3782. In 2005, another consolidation took place at the cost of £17,000 and this loan was finally paid off in 2012. Natwest have decided to uphold the complaint but are only offering £1569.55 which is composed of £1205.98 total refund of PPI premium and associated interest and £454.46 of statutory interest then the deduction of £90.89 for tax interest. What I don't understand is why the offer so low if the £3782 was paid off when the loan was consolidated in 2005?
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