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Found 17 results

  1. The defendant in a fast track claim has made an offer for an amount which is acceptable to the claimant but is insisting on a confidentiality clause which the claimant does not want to sign. What are the potential cost implications if the claimant continues with the claim and is awarded that amount or less?
  2. I have just found out via a work colleague that I am to be disciplined for something at work. It appears my line manager informed employee A of this, including the nature of what I am to be disciplined for. Employee A told employee B in a phone conversation. Employee B then informed me of this also during a telephone conversation. I have not been notified of this in anyway by my line manger and the first I heard of it was from my colleague. Speaking to ACAS they say that yes this is bad practice but what I want to know is .. .. is this a breach of my confidentiality? Any help or advice appreciated Thank you
  3. Hello, I am an apprentice who has accidently told someone unintentionally something I saw on something I was given to photocopy confidentially by a line manager. The nature of the document is something that will most likely be available to colleagues in about a months time. With it spilling out, I then had to see the boss to get a 'slap on wrist' warning, where I openly apologised and said it wouldn't happen again as I realised my error. I was then told that there would be a fresh start. But now a few days later they have decided to make a formal investigation out of it, so I have been suspended until I am told when to return which I don't know when. I am after some advice or encouragement so I don't mess things further.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm looking for some advice regarding what I consider to be a breach of my patient confidentiality. I will try to cut a long story short. I went to my GP for a routine cervical screening procedure. Before my appointment time, I nipped to the loo. As I was making my back through the waiting room, my name was called. Before I reached the nurse I heard her say to a gent in the room "don't worry, I didn't call you, I know your not here for a smear test". I could have died. I don't embarrass easily, but I was mortified. I followed nurse into the treatment room and asked if I'd misheard. She replied it was just a joke. No it wasn't I said, it was a breach of patient confidentiality, and if I done that, I would lose my job. Well I was only joking she said, and anyway I'm running a smear clinic this afternoon so he would have known anyway. No he wouldn't, I said, he doesn't have a cervix so he wouldn't know, besides, that's not the point, You had no right to say it. Well I've said it now, sorry if you aren't happy, now are you having the procedure or not she said. No! I go to rebook at reception and they're adamant she will have to do it another day. I'm trying to calmly tell them I will wait longer and see the other nurse. they're making it difficult though. I ended up losing it completely, crying with humiliation and anger. A stranger even hugged me(and I'm not a hugger!). In seeing a different nurse in a few weeks, but I'm meeting with the practise manager next week to formally complain. I guess I'm asking what my rights are. I was utterly humiliated, but her lack of care make it all the worse. She was given ample opportunity to apologise,and whilst I would've been angry, I would've accepted it. Instead she treated me like I had the problem, the sense of humour failure. I'm absolutely furious that she made me feel the way she did. And that she even said it in the first place. If your still reading, thank you. I would just like to know what I can reasonably expect to happen if I formally complain. Thanks.
  5. Hi there I will try to keep this as brief as possible. I was off sick from work and visited the company Doctor. I was then emailed the report as was my employing manager. It stated the letter was private and confidential and at the bottom of the email it stated it was restricted. This email has now been used in a potential disciplinary investigation against myself. I received the disciplinary papers with this email included, yet some of it had been redacted although not very well as you could still see certain parts of the email, however the nature of my illness had not been redacted at all. I have also been told that the other person involved in the disciplinary has been given the exact same pack that I have which means that they have not only access to my medical papers but also my home address. I work for a well known large company. I believe there is potential for two issues here. Any advice is gratefully received.
  6. Hi and thanks for any who can help. I raised grievance for bullying, and periodic aggressive attacks on me by secretary (relation to owner). last straw was when the owners "secretary" said she was giving my admin work of home office stuff and staff files to senior care assistant. she is studying her NVQ sorry now QCF level 5. my roles are admin and Activities as per my contact. I have had attacks on me since 2011 but was unable to do grievance until now as 1. did not have employee handbook until 2012. 2. because of aggression 3. changed of matrons' who did not want to deal with my concerns or who were being bullied their selves. The care assistant has been gradually taking over most of my admin work , i have had all good feed back in the past and now, so apart from care assistant just starting her QCF, i dont know why, she relabeling, she's auditing "my" staff files' and even tried to publicly critise.even nurses are asking care staff member to do forms for them, so am unsure what they have been told too. Anyway i raised grievance, yesterday the owner asked to speak to me, she said it;s informal chat , then started asking me questions which relate to the grievance, said i would like you to focus more on activities and anyone can do admin, then said she did not know anything about the grievance/ meeting due next day today... the person who wanted to take the notes is also related but yesterday denied any knowledge of the arranged grievance hearing* when last week he called me over and said the grievance letter it.s no biggee we can sort out, perhaps we can have meeting next thursday or friday i will do a letter I said next friday would be better for me, whilst he walked passed meyesterday he told a staff member that he would not be in tomorrow. So in the end the owner said she would be coming in to the initial hearing. Today 1 hour at 1pm ish before hearing she had bad head and headed off to hospital, i was asked to put meeting back later to 3pm. at 2.46pm she rang , said she was at hospital having blood tests, i asked about our grievance hearing as the home manager who was to take the meeting was on annual leave after today. she said are you in on monday i said yes, she said it's only a grievance , i can do it on monday without the home manager.. so now im worried. firstly she tried to have informal chat in the middle of process, she is the owner and she would be the person who i would need to appeal to after the home manager has done his investigation. Now she wants to hold herself without the home manager being present..she's broke our own employee handbook policies and procedures with regard to grievances. she did ask me if i wanted to do an NVQ, i feel she's trying to sweep under the carpet. what do i do when she calls for an informal chat to deal with a formal grievance monday. grateful for advice, thanks so very much all.
  7. I have attended a few disciplinary hearings as a 'friend' of the accused and they always state 'you cannot discuss this matter with anyone'. Is this true? It seems a bit odd that you cannot seek advice or gather evidence from witnesses particularly as they threaten gross misconduct if they find out the accused has disclosed anything that happened in their own hearing. Surely the only duty of holding a confidence lies with those conducting the hearing not the accused?
  8. Hi Needing advice here for a good mate. He has been subject to a breach of confidentiality by persons at his work and details of his medical condition and treatment have been leaked causing rumours and malicious talk. He is devastated but working on as there appears no option. He received a letter of apology and admission of the breach from the firm. In it, one of the employees named denied wrongdoing and named members of the public/relations of my friend as being the source. They have been named in several reports as having been the source of part of the breach, but were never contacted or informed to supply any facts. In order to keep his job, this employee pinned the blame on members of the public thinking they would never find out. The persons involved were shown the report by my friend and are furious as they have done nothing wrong but named as being the cause. This employee has caused so much damage and ill feeling and the firm appears to believe him and the lies. Where does my friend and his relative/friend stand here? He isnt interested in compensation, he just wants to ensure the truth is outed. The members of the public can trace the breach back to the employee. Is there anything that can be done to clear their names and get the truth out there? Cheers on behalf of my mate.
  9. What happens if the claimant me (currently claiming JSA on the Work Programme) becomes eligible for Pension Credit during the period on the Work Programme? Income increases to full-time minimum wage rates. Do I still have to participate on the Work Programme I have already started with over a year to go? The Work Programme is of no practical use and it includes the possibility of sanctions so I would sooner not be on it as the advice given is not satisfactory. I don't mind working in suitable jobs (still applying) but there is always the question of half suitable jobs which will then not become economically worthwhile. At the moment I am applying for these without terrific enthusiasm. This is based on something interesting might come up. Can I work self-employed part-time and still get Pension Credit? Is my income then deducted from any amount I might get from my Pension Credit or is there an amount I can earn before the deduction happens?
  10. Hi there, i have had a account with perfect homes and they harrased me when I got into arrears and as a result once standed out side my door for half a hour threatening to call the police. the fellow resident within the block isnt prepared to make a statement of this. But she did say on the phone to me that she would phone them which I had said in a letter. they then decided to speak about my account to my ex partner and phone my mother who was a reference asking both of them to ask me to get in touch with them as they wanted the dryer back. I feel that this is a serious breach of confidentiality and after making a formal letter taking loads of advice on the law on here a manager from the west of England ( I live in Wales) wants a meeting with me i feel that he wants this to avoid paying any time of compensation. As I cant see otherwise why someone would travel this far. i was wondering if anyone had any advice on how i can request compensation if they refuse how would I take them to court for breach of confidentiality. As they have not stopped harrasing me I cant see I have a strong enough claim for harassment the breach of confidentiality is a huge cause of concern as I dint want my ex partner or my mother who is unwell to know that I am having financial difficulties. They had been once when I arranged for someone to stay in before all of this to collect the washing machine and dryer but only took the washing machine and this is the reason i havent given it back as i work full time and never in so have to have someone to stay and at the moment I dont have anyone. Thanks for all your help in advance.!!!
  11. Hello, not sure where to post this?? I work in the health service and my friend works for a localauthority. We have pooled our skills and experience and started a businessoffering social care. As we have worked in this field for many years, we haveseen that we can help to fill the gaps and deliver a service. In a nutshell, my friend’s employers have suspended him onthe grounds that he has not declared a conflict of interest and that he wasoperating our business while he was being paid to work for them. This is basedon private emails that I have sent him to his work email. All rubbish aseverything has been done in our own time. Any emails I sent him were forinformation and updating purposes and general chit chat. What makes it worse is that when he tried to approach hismanager about what we are doing they refused to speak with him about it. Thereisn't a conflict of interest because our business will be to support localauthority's to perform their statutory duties and responsibilities. They have used this information that I have sent him andapproached clients (who are over local authorities) of ours as part of theirinvestigation. They have admitted that they are doing this and that they haveused the information from the emails that I have sent to my friend. They alsoinformed him that they will be contacting other third parties!!!! He was interviewed this week and the majority of theinterview was about 'ME'. They are asking questions about my health as theyfound out that I had been signed off work for a few months and during that timeI had sent him emails. They actually accused me of 'working' while on sickleave - not to me but to my friend during his investigation interview. They asked about my interest in the company, my role, myfinancial circumstances plus a lot of other These questions are none of their business and cannot berelevant to their investigation!! I spoke with my employer and declared what I am doing. I didas we have nothing to hide, and are doing nothing illegal and they have beencool about it as there is no conflict of interest and initially all workwill be done in my own time until things take off. Now, I know that they are totally overstepping the mark andI believe that their actions are likely to cause harm to my business and alsomy personal and professional reputation but would appreciate some advice as towhat and how to approach this please.
  12. Hi I am writing on behalf of my Son-In-Law who has just been sacked. He is putting together a grevance against 3 of his peers, as well as an appeal against his dismissal. The questions he needs answering are: His company was taken over by another company and he was made to re-apply for the managerial position he allready had, this was by way of an interview and exam, he failed the exam by 1 point and also was told that he didn't have the relevant experience to remain in that role as manager, therfore he was moved sideways but retained the same salary, the person that got his position didn't take any exam initially but was given the position, he later took the exam after my Son-in-Law complained about the discrimination, under different conditions than my Son-In-Law did, and he had the General Manager with him, locked in a room whilst the exam was taking place, scoring 96%?!?!. On that basis we feel that there was discrimination against him? Secondly, my Son-In-Law spoke to his General Manager, and indicated to him that he was thinking about putting in a greivance about the Regional Manager, later in the day his Line Manager spoke to him and said that he had heard from the General Manager about the greivance and was it true, and also that the Regional Manager had got to know about it from the General Manager, this caused my Son-In-Law to retract the greivance. Is this breaking confidentiality These we feel are just 2 of the reasons why my Son-In-Law has been dismissed, there are a lot more fabrication of evidence and discrimination details in his appeal but I don't need to list them for now. I would like for someone to give thier opinion on the 2 points above though. Cheers Derek
  13. Hi all, I work as an administrator within the care sector. One day last week I was working in my office as normal. I went onto the unit to get a cup of tea and was told by a nurse that a member of staff had been suspended. I had absolutely no knowledge of this until the nurse told me. We then (a group of 4) had a light hearted discussion about a previous incident (that I didn't know much about) which we all thought could be the reason for the member of staff getting suspended, and that was it. The same nurse that told me about the suspension, then went and told my manager that I had been discussing the matter with others. Next thing I know I have been suspended on grounds of 'serious breach of confidentiality' I have the investigatory meeting on Friday afternoon this week and I have absolutely no idea what will happen. I have no idea how I could have breached confidentiality as I knew nothing of it, until the nurse told me about it. Also they only found out because the person that had been suspended, went and told everyone on the unit. Oh and as far as I am aware, even though there were four of us discussing it, only I have been suspended. My manager told the nurse (who got me suspended) to have an informal chat with the rest of the staff, and that's it. Has anyone got any advice? Where do I stand legally? and knowing what my manager is like, I know she will do her best to try and make it stick. If she does and goes ahead and gives me a disciplinary, can I take her to a tribunal? I feel that my manager has done this to make an example out of me to warn other members of staff, except she has gone the wrong way about it and hasn't given it much thought. I have called ACAS and the information they gave me was extremely vague, so I'm still non the wiser. Thanks for reading
  14. Prior to an office move, I advised HR that I could not do heavy work due to extreme nerve pain and for which I was having Neurosurgery for a few weeks later. This was accepted by them but it was lip service only and I ended up going home in agony and increasing my medication(morphine). My husband complained to HR but I have found out that the HR manager shared this email with another member of staff (finance manager and Company Secretary) They have explained this as needed due to a possible payroll adjustment which is not true as I was no where close to this, and they have said that as company secretary she had a right to know as there was a business need. There was no business need and no payroll adjustment on the horizon. Surely there was no need for this member of staff to have sight of an email with sensitive and private information such as medication.
  15. Hi all, I have recently gone into my local branch of Natwest to discuss setting up a business account for a new business venture I am looking to set up. The business is in relation to Botox treatment and i was looking to set up a salon with my friend. The branch manager questioned me on what qualifications i needed, who did my training, where my training was, how much it cost etc. I thought at the time this was a bit odd but nevertheless answered his questions. This all took place approximately 1 month ago. Since then the bank managers wife who owns a dental practice near where i live, has now started to offer Botox treatment from her dental practice. I phoned up the dental practice to find out a little more as this seemed a little too coincidental. The botox practioner who i spoke to advised she had recently done the training, advised where she had had the training and the person it was with. I was shocked to find she had recently gone to the same company i had used for the training and was also trained by the same girl who trained me. I feel this branch manager has totally breached some sort of confidentiality rules but as I am a lay person in the street I am unsure as to how best approach making a complaint or even if there is one. Any advice and guidance would be most appreciated.
  16. Hello, I would like any advice that you may have regarding a breach of confidentiality by a doctors receptionist. I have a 'friend' who works at a local doctors surgery as a receptionist. I saw her at the local shops today and she came up to me to chat. She started talking about a mutual friend who is suffering with cancer. She went into some detail of how bad things are for this person and how she is now on anti-depressants etc. Before ending the conversation this woman also said to me not to mention it to our friend as she only knows through reading her notes at the surgery. I telephoned the person in question after this and asked how she was doing etc. I did not mention my conversation at the shops with the receptionist but it seems that this person has not actually seen the receptionist for a while. It is not the first time the receptionist has discussed details of patients medical information with myself and other friends but I now think it is time to take some action. This conversation was in the middle of a local shop and open for anyone to hear. Plus I did not ask for this information and did not feel comfortable being given it (this I did say before ending the conversation and leaving the shop). I have thought about writing to the practice manager at the surgery but I would like any advice on who else I can report this too. Surely it is a breach of the data protection act or some medical rules? Thank you in advance for any advice
  17. Hi, thanks for reading post - look forward, I hope, to your comments! If you were out and about locally where you lived, bumped into a couple of ex colleagues who you had worked with for several years - if they then proceeded - unprompted by yourself - to tell you that, they had recently had an allegation made against them at work, had been investigated, had to attend a susequent disciplinary hearing, the outcome also revealed - which was no case to answer - and also named the person who had made the allegation against them (who you used to work with also and knew well at that time) - would this be considered to be a breach of confidentiality? I know, that you are always told after such events, having just had my own recent DH, that you are told, that the information is confidential and must not be discussed - yet my Union rep says that it is not a breach, as this happened to them - is their own personal information, and if they want to discuss it they can - confusing!!!! i would welcome your comments! thanks in advance as always x
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