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Found 13 results

  1. Would appreciate opinion on this: A car went into the back of mine on a busy rush hour road and the driver admitted their guilt. All going through insurers okay but as my car is only 8 months old, is a limited edition model, and was perfect before the accident (which caused an indent/mark where the other car hit mine, and put the rear panel out of alignment with the left-hand side panel) I expected the garage to just order a new back panel and replace it, thus putting my car back into the position it was prior to the accident and guaranteeing no loss to its value. However, they did a repair only. Furthermore, just after they brought my car back, I noticed the the two panels were still not perfectly aligned so I immediately notified them and my insurers. My insurers said it was up to the garage if they replaced the panel or just repaired it. The engineer is coming to see my car early next week to assess the situation. My question is, am I within my rights to demand a new panel be ordered and fitted as opposed to just having the existing panel repaired?
  2. Just looking for a bit of advice regards a management company that runs a small estate in Scotland, their attitude is terrible, if you call them you just get put down, I asked them why we are paying the same roofing company to replace the same roof tiles every year just to get told they would tell them my concerns, theres no proper feedback from these people at all. It seems they just send the invoices out and get the money and keep calling the same useless contractors up and sending them out regular. What can be done with these people??
  3. I have been in my temporary job since June of this year (was out of work for over a year) which I got through an agency. However, over the last few weeks there has been limited of things for me to do during the day which has mainly been filing. I know I should speak to the agency but would I get into trouble if I said something about how unhappy I am? I am also looking for other jobs at the moment. Thanks and hope the above makes sense.
  4. hi all, i am on here asking for some advice for a friend. he bought a renault traffic auto van just over 4yrs ago new. 1st year the g/box played up when it kept jumping out of gear. he took it back and they said it was the clutch in the box and repaired it.? ever since the repair it used to judder on pulling away which has gradually got worse..last week he broke down in london and had to be towed back to renault..when they looked at van and plugged in to machine they said they THINK it is the clutch because all his fluid had gone but can't be sure.the price for this job will be £2075 of which they wanted 75% up front. after doing the job they phoned to say it was done but had not cured the problem and they now THINK it may be the robotics which they cannot be sure until they change at a price of £2060. the van is 4 1/2 yrs old and 6 months out of warranty and has done 58k miles.meanwhile he is renting a van for £250 a week of which he has had for 2 weeks so far and it looks like renault want the van for another 2 weeks also. any advice on this as it don't sound right to me.
  5. Hi all Bought a high spec handset in a contract from Mobiles.co.uk. I paid an upfront contribution for the handset. Had it for three days and quite honestly the battery is appalling. Ive done everything i can to limit battery use but even running in power save mode constantly is not helping and im not getting the use out of it that ot was designed for. I use all features of my phones but am having to avoid using this one. As this was a distance sale and i had no chance to test the handset, am i able to return it irrespective of the fact its been used? I must make it clear i have emailed them tonight and am awaiting their reply so am just trying to get an idea of my legal position. They have done nothing at all to upset me so far and i want to stress that! My gripe is with the handset only at this point. Can anyone advise on my rights? Many thanks
  6. Hi all, I had an unscheduled visit from my Landlord on Tuesday. The agency rang me at work to tell me an hour before and when I said "I'm at work" they said "No problem, he has his own keys he'll let himself in and measure the windows for replacement.". I had never met the man in the 6 years I have rented this house, and I didn't want people I don't know walking around my home unsupervised. I have expensive guitars and cameras etc... in the property and simply don't want unknown people walking around. This was because in October, I asked the agent if they would replace the gas fire that blew up (yes, blew up!) 2 years ago as it's becoming winter and I can't spend another winter in freezing conditions living in the house. The hole where the fire was is now a sheet of tin. It makes the place look like a hovel. The windows are single pane and wooded. They are also rotten and quite honestly they may as well not be there when it's windy. When he arrived (with three others - two to measure the windows and one to observe it seems) he noticed that the sink drain was blocked. I reported this to the agent in October and she said that it was my responsibility. I bought some drain rods and attempted to unblock it - to no avail. I then had a professional firm come and have a look and they said that in their opinion the drain had collapsed - thankfully, they didn't charge me for this. I mentioned this to the Landlord when he visited but he dismissed their diagnosis. I have now received a letter from the agent telling me that he is dissatisfied (extremely, apparently) with the condition of the property inside and out. I had just finished decorating the living room and still had a room full of most of the furniture etc... In that room the ceiling looks like it's about to collapse where water came through from the bathroom a few years ago. He send a 'friend' of his round to fix the leak - it still leaked afterwards, so he came round again and retiled 'some' of the bathroom - with different colour tiles and a really bad job. This seemed to fix it a little. However, they have never addressed the state of the ceiling underneath. I am loath to spend money decorating that room as it would simply be a waste of time with the ceiling looking like that. I can't use the room when it's in that state for fear of the plaster falling in. He's given me three months to put the property in a decent state, and he has stated that he will not be spending any money on new windows until he is satisfied that the property is being maintained. There is also a trellis in the back garden and it has hops growing on it - they are now overgrown. Last month I went to cut them back and found that the trellis is rotten and I didn't trust it to hold my weight when cutting the plants back and as such I have left it. I mentioned this to the agent when she visited in October. I'm not quite sure what he means by maintaining the property. It is clean and usually tidy - it wasn't when he visited as not only did I have no notice, I am still in the proceeds of decorating and so had sheets and buckets etc... around the place. The kitchen and bathroom are both nearly 40 years old and the carpets are fraying. Surely he can't expect me to spend money decorating the whole place when the fixtures are in such bad repair? Even after I had finished decorating the living room it still looks dated and tatty - due to the fraying carpet and gaping hole covered by a sheet of tin. Short of moving out, what response shall I give to their letter?
  7. Having spent thousands of pounds with Vodafone over the years the least you would expect is that they adhere to consumer law. My Iphone 4s has developed a wifi fault ( a known fault according to vodafone themselves). Apple have directed me back to vodafone as they agree that the retailer should offer free repair under EU law as the product is less than 2 years old (in fact it was very briefly out of manufacturers warranty). So the question is, do I have to put Vodafone in court to encourage them to repair the handset free of charge or are there any steps that can be taken to limit the hassle?!
  8. Hi all I had a premature baby who was very ill.She was born at 24 weeks and I went off on leave before my line manager even knew I was pregnant. It was all very sudden and unavoidable.I was put straight onto Maternity leave.After 9 months,I seen my manager about returning to work. At this stage,I was made to use all my Annual leave before being given a date to return. During this period,I became increasingly worried about leaving my child.This spiralled into depression and severe anxiety.I was diagnosed with post natal depression and detachment syndrome.I rang my dept. on 2 occasions and handed in relevant sicklines. However,my pay was stopped with no warning. On investigation,my manager told me that my sickline was not valid as it didn't cover the self-cart period of my leave.She said that I wasn`t ringing her often enough and wasn`t allowed a self-cert ?? I then was sent back to my GP to get another back-dated line.With this came an onslaught of bullying behaviour by my manager. This included-a letter after 6 weeks sick,threatening to sack me.An argument over my occ health report,in which she told me I wasn't sick.Being told I missed a promotion because I had a baby.A series of derogatory comments relating directly to my illness and maternity leave. It also became clear that she had lied,saying that I hadn't bothered to call in sick and had been repeatedly late with sick lines(she didn't even send the first line to HR).She had absolutely no proof of the latter as she hadn`t dated the sick lines. As you can imagine,coupled with what I had to deal with (she also was aware that I had a teenage daughter who had been sexually assaulted during this time)it was very stressful.I had a subsequent re-assessment with occ health in which they agreed that i was ill(this was after a request from my GP).She then made me come in for a return to work interview while still off sick and I am meant to return at the end of July. I lodged a grievance on the grounds of her bullying behaviour and her harassment.My grievance was upheld,saying she had been unreasonable and should have forwarded my first sick line but that her management of me was because I handed in my sick lines late(which I STRONGLY deny). They believed her even though it was clear she had no proof.They didn't address the comments she made to me at all.I am angry because they have said yes she is wrong but basically its my own fault!! Can I appeal this decision? She was rude an aggressive during the grievance hearing and never denied anything,in fact she tried to justify the comments she had made.I am worried about returning to work with her as I feel she will continue her bullying and make me uncomfortable. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi, I do not know who should I complain to. I visited London from 23rd March to 29th March 2013 and I am from Malaysia. On 25th or 26th March I went to Harrods and I bought a box of chocolate. I brought the box back to Malaysia and it was when I opened the box to pass around in office that I noticed the expiry date on the box was 17th March 2013. I posted in TheTripadvisor on this issue and what I posted was just a warning to visitors to be more careful in checking the expiry date. I got a reply from Harrods and I asked my daughter who is studying in Cardiff to liase with the lady who replied to my review in Tripadvisor. What I understand from my daughter subsequently was that they needed the proof of purchase ie the receipt. I am not able to give them the receipt as I have thrown it away. They told my daughter that they are willing to listen but noit to put in a report as I do not have the proof of purchase. They implied that legally I cannot do anything as there is no proof that I purchase the item. This is not right. I can only proof that i was in UK from 23rd to 29th March and the chocolate expry date was 17th March. I was not expecting Harrods to pay me back or replace the item. To me it is the principal that is important in that if I didn't bring it up, then Harrods would still be happily selling the expired products. To me, they do not even have the decency to say "SORRY"
  10. I have always used the Farnborough centre for a combined service and MOT and have always been happy in previous years as the regular manager Michael is one of the best in that business in my opinion. On this particular day however, he had a day off and was not around. Around mid-morning, I received a call from the centre informing me that one of the brake pipes had burst during the MOT test and would need to be replaced. I was also told that some of the other brake pipes were corroded and needed replacing. I had no issue with us other than the figure quoted was £550 which seemed to be excessive. I agreed after I was reassured that I would not have to worry about MOT failure due to brake pipe corrosion next year. I was also invited to replace all four tyres for a further £220 which I declined as they had plenty of tread left. I received a further call in the late afternoon to inform me that the work had been completed and that I could collect the car. I expressed concern that the cost of replacing the brake pipes seemed excessive, but was reassured by the comment that all had been replaced 'right up to the master cylinder'. I was happy with the combined MOT and service, change of brake fluid, replacement auxiliary belt and a new bulb for the MOT which amounted to £220.29. This is very good value and the work has always been completed with no problems. The invoice included £44.95 for 'GEOALIGN' which was not agreed or required since the tracking had already been adjusted earlier this year during other work on the car. The remaining sum of £454.10 was for the work carried out on the brakes including replacement brake pipes 'right up to the master cylinder'. However, when I later inspected the work, I found that only the two rear flexible hoses had been replaced along with the associated short lengths of pipe plus a length of pipe to the original offside front flexible hose. The new MOT shows an advisory item being the 'nearside front brake pipe corroded' so that item had not been touched. One item on the invoice is shown as BRPIPE Brake Pipe(per ft) £350.00 Qty 1. with no itemised breakdown of cost. I was disappointed as a regular customer, especially after many years of excellent service that:- I paid for work that was not requested, or agreed. I paid for replacement brakes pipes but one front pipe remains an advisory item on the new MOT. These lengths of pipe appear on the invoice with a price of £350 with no breakdown of costs. £350 seems a very high price. I have lodged a complaint about my experience as a loyal customer and in fairness to the organisation, will have to give them time to respond. The worst part about this episode is that I *know* I have received excellent service on every previous occasion at his branch over many years, and up to now they had my loyalty and my trust.
  11. Hello everyone, In first place sorry for my English (I am foreing). I have tried change my services with Virgin Media to a new property after 6 month with the service. They said me is fine to move, but after they said new autorization from my landlord and neighbour, two flat below mine, one of them empty. My landlord send twice the paperwork and Virgin Media said us, they don´t have any reply. The customer service and process have been a nightmare. After that I have decided cancell, but I have a fee to pay around 130 pounds, I know is not a high fee, but I am really unhappy! because I have call them for almost one month a few times and the customer service have been very unprofesional. Any option to don´t pay the fee or just do a legal reclamation? I think is not fair if they can´t put the service after say me they can... and wait for one month to know anything from them. What do you think? many thanks!
  12. Many of you are probably aware that the new payday loan customer charter is now in place, if you fancy having a look here it is: http://www.cfa-uk.co.uk/documents/PDandSTL_Addendum_Lender.pdf Most payday loan lenders will be a member of one of the participating trade associations, this means there is now a (slightly) more obligation on your payday loan lender to play fair. These rules are in addition to the OFT guidance on debt collection. If you are unhappy with your payday loan provider (for whatever reason!) there is currently a payday loan survery which is designed to feed info to the powers that be, please take a minute to complete it - YOU could make all the difference: http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/dialogue_payday_loan_survey Note that the surveys are only applicable for loans taken out after 26th Nov 2012 Here is an automated complaints letter that you can fire off to your payday loan lender http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/letter_to_complain_about_a_payday_loan
  13. Right where to start, i upgraded my contrac with t-mobile in october last year and on upgrading my contract i recieved a new phone, sony ericsson X10i, the original reasons for taking this phone over the galaxy s that i were offered, was the 8MP camera it offered instead of 5. Since december my phone has gone faulty and away for repair 4 times. On the 3rd time it went away for repair i was told that if it went faulty again i would be entitled to a replacement. so when it went faulty again the other week i took it back to the store and was told it had to go for a repair again no matter wheather i had been told it was replaced. So the phone went for repair and i contacted t-mobile customer services who told be there was nothing else they could do, not been happy with this answer i persued the matter, i eventually spoke to a lady who said they would exchange the handset for me, informed me that they couldnt replace it like for like because it was end of line, and offered me 3 phones. non of which matched the specification of the previous phone. I informed the member of CS that i was not happy with the phones that had been offered she said she would look into it and get back in touch with me, 3 days later i am still waiting for her to ring. i have further contacted t-mobile, to try and have someoneelse attempt to resolve this issue for me. where i was told that i would only get £190 towards a new handset. After getting rather frustrated and having been offered a choice of 2 more phones that were still nowhere near the spec that i had previously. refused these. i contacted OFCOM who registered a complaint and sent me towards consumer direct. who told me that if t-mobile could not provide me with a long lasting repair on my handset then they had to replace it and if they couldnt replace it with the same phone then i had the right to refuse anything they offered me and requst to be released from my contract at no extra charge, or have them replace the phone with a phone that is the same spec or higher than my previous phone ( this was something to do with the SUPPLIERS GOODS AND SERVIES ACT) I then spoke to t-mobile again who still would not provide me with the same spec phone as previously had and saying that they do not have to release me from the contract as they are only resoponsible for the service they provide not the phone. even though the equipment was provided with the service. Any help, advice or opinions would be much apprciated right now i am not a very happy customer at the minute thanks to all that replyed, please if you have somethig else to say about this or advice please post. i still not really sure weather i will be fighing a loosing battle with this or weather i am in the right
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