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  1. However I guess I have a victimisation claim. As I feel I've been sacked for complaining about discrimination.
  2. I see your point that I didn't raise my complaint with the company, only the individual.
  3. And keeping in mind, I had no idea that the guy was offended by me in any way until I received a formal written warning about it. When I was abroad travelling with him I might add! So it made for a bit of an awkward encounter in the hotel lobby.
  4. If it wasn't appropriate or taken the wrong way, then obviously I'm sorry for that as it was never my intention for it to be taken in that way. It was clearly a misunderstanding. And yes I did complain about the comments made - but I spoke directly to the guys in question as I felt it was a better way to deal with matters.
  5. But if I had said something that was inappropriate, I would have apologised. I would never intend to offend anyone, especially with a sexual comment as that would have been very inappropriate. But it was never said or meant in a sexual context. However, the person in question, and other colleagues have made many a sexual comment to me (and to the colleague that complained about me) so even if I had meant it in a sexual way, my comment is no different to others. So to me, it feels like a double standard, coupled with the fact it was never a sexual conversation in teh first place and was t
  6. My employer didn't dig deep at all, they didn't even speak to me about it which is what I've posted on here about. I'm beginning to wonder how valuable your advice is when you're unable to read and understand my post.
  7. I'm really not sure why you're having such a difficult time understanding what I said when I've now written it twice. We were talking about a particular night out him and his girlfriend had, he said how she felt very conscious in what she was wearing because she is barrel shapped and I was saying she had no need to feel conscious and she looked really pretty in the photos on facebook. He said she got really drunk that night and was shaking his head. I said was she frisky and hard to manage when she was drunk (meaning was she a live wire - I was quite animated when I said it) it in no way
  8. I did We were talking about a particular night out him and his girlfriend had and I was saying how pretty she looked. He was saying how she got really drunk that night and was shaking his head.
  9. They employ over 100 people across 3 different offices... so no, they're not exactly small!
  10. Thanks HB It’s a word I personally wouldn’t use for something sexual but it would have been so easy to clear the misunderstanding up. In my opinion anyway
  11. Did it warrant a written warning? Is it fair that I received a warning based on his version of events alone? And the first I heard of it was being issued with the warning and no one asked me for my version of events?
  12. I personally didn’t feel the conversation was inappropriate at all given the nature of conversations that does go on. However if he felt offended, I would have apologised as I’m not the type to offend anyone. However we weren’t on company time, we were out having a drink after work.
  13. I didn’t say that - I said I said that. “Apparently”. That’s what he said I said. That is not what I said, I asked if she was frisky and hard to manage when she was drinking but I didn’t in any way allude to her sexual activity levels. I went on to say how I was a nightmare when I was drinking and how I wanted to dance all night. The conversation we were having was in no way a sexual one.
  14. In relation to disciplinary, I think I would have been much more open to that had it been done correctly. What I do take offence to is the fact that my colleague put his view forward and it was taken as fact. There was no investigation, nor even a conversation with me before they decided to proceed straight to issuing a written warning. The first I was aware of an issue was when I received the warning in my email.
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