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  1. are they in breach of their contract with me though? If the procedure was part of the contract and they've not followed it?
  2. the letter they sent headed and named as a disciplinary meeting,explains how they will provide me with witness statements and any evidence at the meeting for me to look at.
  3. they've already dismissed me though, so not bothered about that. This is about being asked to a disciplinary meeting AFTER I've already been dismissed .are they just trying to somehow put things straight for themselves?
  4. been there for 8 months, letter was headed disciplinary meeting and asks for my attendance
  5. Hi,after some advice please,i was involved in an incident at work on 12/06/2015.on monday 15/06/2015 I went to work at 8am,after being there for 10 mins or so the production manager appeared and said he needed a word with me about what happened friday. he asked me to go into the kitchen with him to discuss this.I told him what happened.he said he wouls write down what I'd said then look at the evidence,and would be in touch,he told me I was suspended until then.on the 17th I had a letter from him saying I was guilty of gross misconduct and my dismissal was immediate.and that I could appeal the
  6. Hi everyone,hoping for some help and advice if possible? I returned to work after holiday to be told "somebody has put a grievance in about you, we will have a meeting now to sort it out,you'll need to get a witness" No notice nothing in writing.Went to meeting to be given an envelope which contained five screenshots from my facebook profile.some of them mentioned about how unhappy I was at work. I asked them to tell me what I had done wrong? they couldn't answer me as to what I was specifically being questioned over.no social media policy is in place at work,my workplace is not ment
  7. thanks.they said that i'd arranged a boycott of a work day,which i didn't,and asked an inapropriate question on thier official twitter and face book pages,i had asked why they didn't pay their staff on time.so now i'm not allowed to work til it's resolved,the original letter they sent me was a list of the allegations and asking for my response to them.i replied with my response,and then today someone else has taken over 'the matter',and they have asked that i attend a meeting with them and they will have someone there taking notes,and that i can have someone with me at the meeting. steve
  8. i have worked for my employer for almost 24 years on a part time basis,between 5 and 10 hrs per week.i have never had a contract in all that time.they pay tax and NI from my wages and i get a wage slip. some untrue allegations have been made against me,and i'm currently facing some kind of disciplinary proceedings. i need help with deciding if i'm an employee or a worker.and what rights or protection do i have?they have said to me that as i'm not an employee,then they do not need to follow any disciplinary process. they have wrote to me and asked for a response,i replied.they have now w
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