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  1. Many thanks for prompt reply. I haven't received a PAP letter from Drydensfairfax as far as I am aware. Its just a letter stating they are instructed by their client Arrow Global and understand they have written to me recently as they believe that my current financial circumstances allow me to repay my account over a reduced period. I don't know how they know this but if I could have paid more I would have been doing this! There is enclosed an income and expenditure form, 6 pages for me to fill in ending with a DD instruction. I have sent off a CCA request yesterday with the £1.00 Postal Order. I'm not sure which post and attachment I should be following if any at this stage. Could you please clarify. Many thanks
  2. Sorry I've taken so long to reply I've had IT problems which are now sorted! To try and answer some of the questions asked above. I've just sent off a CCA request but not to Capquest as I've had a letter from Drydens Fairfax saying that Arrow Global are their client and they believe that my current financial circumstances allow me to repay my account over a reduced period. They understand that I am currently making payments but do not have a financial arrangement in place. The letter came with a 6 page Income and Expenditure form with a Direct Debit at the end. I also received a letter the same day from Arrow Global saying the management of my account has been passed to Drydens Fairfax. I''ve sent the CCA to them. I am making repayments of £20.00 per month which I have never defaulted on. It is a credit card debt from MBNA which has been passed to quite a few DCA's over the years. The card was taken out round about 1988 all ok, they kept increasing my credit limit until it was approx £16k, I unfortunately kept spending always paying at least the minimum each month. I paid about £3k off it round about 2015 so they immediately reduced my credit limit to just the amount I owed so I immediately went into charges! The current balance is just over £13k. I couldn't sustain the minimum amount so completed an original income and expenditure form and stated I could afford £20.00 per month this was accepted and I've paid this ever since. There are no charges being placed on the account. I have never completed any further income and expenditure forms always batting them back saying £20.00 was the maximum I could pay. Sorry for long post but is there anything else I should be doing right now? Many thanks
  3. Hi Dx, No I haven't requested anything from them. I simply didn't know what to do, by paying the £20.00 each month I kept them at bay. So your advice would be to request a CCA request from them and see what they send me? It was a credit card debt
  4. I've an outstanding debt now with Capquest which I have been religiously paying £20.00 each month without fail. This has gone on now for about 4 years. When they ask for a copy of my Income & Expenditure I write back to them, I have requested in writing this is the only means in which i will converse with them, although they still telephone me and leave messages which i have ignored! I write and say "I have reviewed my payments and at this time I am unable to pay you any more than I am currently paying". I last wrote to them on the 2nd April saying this and I have received a letter from them today dated 10th April stating as "regrettably they haven't heard from me my account will be sent to their solicitors". Advice please, I will add currently I cannot pay any more than what I am currently paying.
  5. My son has his BMW unfortunately insured with Qwikfit He rang them yesterday to ask to change his car for a Golf he has recently purchased. He is keeping the BMW but it will be off the road for repairs hence the Golf to get him back and forward to work. He is a car mechanic so will be doing the work himself. He said casually to the guy he was speaking to that he didn't keep his cars long as he gets bored and changes them, the guy he was speaking to then said hold on a minute, spoke to someone else and came back and said they were cancelling his policy as he is a trader, oh also he hadn't told them his change of occupation from mechanic to trader!!!!! He is obviously not a trader and hasn't changed his occupation. They demanded £150 to cancel the policy or if he changes to Sabre Car Insurance, he said Sabre were nothing to do with Quikfit but on investigation they are in the same group, he wouldn't have to pay the £150 but his premiums would go up from £55 per month to £100 per month,!! How can this be allowed. My son has rung their complaints number and asked to speak to a manager and is still waiting for a call back. All he gets is sympathy but no one is prepared to believe him, they KNOW he is a trader and that's it.. My son said they could check with DVLA and the only car he owns is the BMW which he has had for a year and the new Golf. Help, we don't know where to go from here, his policy cancels 7 days after he receives a letter from them
  6. We have sorted these bottom feeders and they have been binned! So This thread is closed. Thanks dx100uk for your contributions it helped me think I'm not going mad with these people. We have sorted out our problem and we move ever onward!
  7. You do sound harsh and I'm sure you aren't sorry about that and we are certainly not treating our friend as an idiot as you are suggesting. We constantly read on CAG to put everything in writing that's why we sent an email. We are NOT trying to not pay but as this thread isn't going anywhere I'll just leave it here
  8. Some was given then but the issue isn't when or how much it's the letter from these bully boys and their exorbitant interest charges and whether we should just ignore them or write to them to tell them we are ignoring them, especially as there are 2 companies now not just the one. It would seem ridiculous to expect us to pay them both, or course we won't be paying either or both of them. It's just advice in how to deal with the issue we have. We are sending an email today to our friend to explain our situation and try and get him to put the attack dogs back in their boxes.
  9. I've attached file, as a matter of interest I did some digging on this outfit and discovered their Consumer Credit licence expired in January 2012. They are still displaying this info at the bottom of their letterhead!
  10. Yes you are right, then in the post this morning another letter from a different outfit for the same amount of money but double the amount in interest! We are emailing our friend to find out what he is playing at. Obviously we won't be paying them both or even either of them. This letter is even more threatening saying "if for any reason the above sum is not received to us by the 31st December, 2014, we now inform you that a county court summons or bankruptcy proceedings will immediately be issued. If this happens interest and legal costs will be payable on the debt, which would substantially increase the amount you will ultimately have to pay, as detailed above". Of course if they made us bankrupt no one would be paid so it seems a strange thing to threaten us with!
  11. we haven't kept them in the dark there has been regular emails between us until this letter from the 'fleecers'. We are going to email our friend and give him an up to date view of the situation and tell him we are not going to deal with Watson Hope & Co whatsoever and certainly not going to pay them any fees. I just think the over the top tone of their letter which is very threatening using words like writ and Civil Procedure Rules are there to intimidate and hopefully we will pay up. Lets see how we get on.
  12. No it was a case of pay me when you can, I trust you. This has always been our intention and hopefully this will happen towards the end of January
  13. First communication from DCA and nothing directly from our friend. We can't pay him just yet but probably January
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