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  1. Drydensfairfax letter today. First para: this is a letter of claim sent to you in accordance with the Pre action protocol for debt claims. It encloses info sheet which sets out the basis for sending me the letter, a reply form to be returned if I wish to respond and a financial questionnaire so their client can consider my financial situation when considering my offer. What do I do now?
  2. Dx - I don’t know what you mean by “why”? brassnecked - apart from I was paying £20 per month up until April last year?
  3. That may be so but do you have any suggestions as to how I proceed with this?
  4. After the cca request Last year and many updates saying they were still working on it I received a letter this morning from drydensfaifax saying “unfortunately our client has been unable to provide a copy of the Credit Agreement at present. Despite the above the balance remains due and owing and it is importance that the matter is addressed” then follows “for completeness” the original creditor ref account opening date date of default balance outstanding last payment amount and date. it finishes with “if the above clarifies matte
  5. I have received letters from Hsbc saying my account is being referred to Wescot. Letters from Wescot saying they have been instructed by their client Hsbc, another which says they have made inquiries and I do live where I say I do and finally account is on hold until they hear from Hsbc and await further instructions from Hsbc. I have not received any Notice of Assignment.
  6. Well a reply at last! I have received a without prejudice letter from HSBC giving me info on when I opened the account, 1994, the payment due date each month, the last payment amount, the current balance and the account status. They say "we advise that regrettably, we are unable to provide you with a statement due to the age of the account. Please note that in accordance with Reg 3 of the Consulter Credit (Cancellation Notices and Copies of Documents) Regulation 1983 we provide a reconstituted copy of the executed agreement that does not include info which
  7. Thanks for your reply. Yes I did keep the receipt. I've today sent off the letter to HSBC and to Wescot informing them of the CCA request. I know I didn't have to inform Wescot but it will stop the calls and texts, hopefully! I'll update when I get an update
  8. An update but a strange one. I have received a letter from HSBC stating my account is being transferred to Wescot and they will be contacting me. I received a letter from Wescot asking me to contact them to put in place a repayment plan which is acceptable to both of us, blah, blah, etc. I have had loads of texts and voice messages asking me to contact them which I have ignored. The CCA request last June seems to have disappeared! They cashed my postal order and credited it against my account but I've heard nothing else. I've not been pa
  9. Interesting. What do you suggest I do next. Do I write to HSBC asking them when they are going to reply or to Restons telling them this is subject to a CCA request or something else?
  10. Update: no update apart from Reston’s asking me very politely would I mind contacting them. They also asked me to pay them and not HSBC as £1 has been credited to my account which should have been send via them. This is postal order I sent with my CCA request to HSBC back in June! Not even an acknowledgement from HSBC. Should I do anything? Is there any time limit on them acknowledging CCA requests, I’m coming up 6 months on this
  11. Update. No update. Still waiting for anything from anyone with regard to cca request. With regard to the ppi I have received acknowledgement that ppi did exist on this account. A couple of letters saying they needed more time and today a letter from mbna saying they currently don't have enough info to fully assess my circumstances at the time of the sale and could I just fill in an 8 page questionnaire so they can complete their investigations quickly. Now are they trying to trip me up and wriggle out of paying or should I complete and return. T
  12. An update. There is still no update. I've not even had an acknowledgment from hsbc for my cca request dated 29th June. Is this normal to have to wait this long? I've had 1 call from Restons asking me to ring them which I haven't but otherwise deathly quiet!
  13. Just a thought. If I did write to Restons saying this account is subject to a CCA request to HSBC wouldn't that stop them writing to me saying I'm behind with my payments. I don't want to antagonize them unnecessarily. I don't know how long it will take HSBC to inform them of this. I expect them to ramp up the letters saying I'm behind with payments especially if they don't know about the CCA. I still haven't had an acknowledgement from HSBC after them receiving my request over 7 weeks ago!
  14. Many thanks for that. Just done it.
  15. Still no reply with regards to this. I've also just realised I was mis sold a PPI on this credit card between approx. 2001 and 2006, before the account defaulted. Can't remember the actual dates but I did get a call from them asking if I wanted to take out the protection insurance. At the time I was self employed and I did ask if it was possible to do this being self employed the guy I spoke to said yes. I believe this isn't correct. I paid the monthly payments and after about 18 months I cancelled them because of the extra cost. Is it possible
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