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  1. Thanks DX. Despite learning a lot about the situation from these forums it is still quite unsettling to be threatened this way.
  2. Sorry for late reply. And thanks for all the advice. I've started receiving phone calls and text messages from Watson Hope & Co. The first was very abrupt and with a confrontational tone. They repeatedly refused to answer me when asked "Can I ask who's calling?" until I confirmed my own identity. I eventually hung up on the guy while he was saying something. Then some text messages started arriving requesting for me to contact them. Then calls to my landline, on which they left messages. Today I picked up the phone and was greeted with a cheerful voice asking for me by my first name. I reacted sceptically and asked "Can I ask who's calling?" They said Watson Hope and before he could try his charm offensive I said "All communication is to be made through the post please, I need records of all contact..." The guys cheerful tone quickly changed and he said (and I quote) "Oh don't be so ridiculous we just..." I repeated that it was all to be in writing or not at all. He replied grumpily "It'll be through the courts then." I still haven't heard anything from the original creditor. I will draft a letter this evening explaining that I am willing to pay him the original amount.
  3. I read through that post. I have no idea how these companies even remain solvent these days. Thanks all.
  4. I've tried contacting the original debt owner? Should I still aim my correspondence through these channels? Thanks for your help with this.
  5. Sorry for the poor quality picture
  6. Thanks. And as far as the original debt goes? I can consider that paid for by Watson Hope?
  7. Happy 2015 to everybody. I receently received a letter from a company called Watson Hope & Co regarding a debt I have. I'm reluctant to divulge full details regarding the debt (medical) but was hoping a few general answers could be provided: 1) Are these a legitimate company? The letter arrived dog eared, tatty, and actually open at the bottom of my garden? I have read other accounts online of the letter arriving in a similar condition. I've been to their website and they look legitimate.. .but a cat can look legitimate these days. The letter itself is also riddled with peculiar language and grammar choices (more peculiar than my own). I guess my question is: do I now owe these people money or is the debt still with the original creditor? 2) The original amount is for £570. This is an amount I am willing and, in fact, have tried to pay. The only reason for the delay in payment is due to the creditor not fulfilling their obligation. Watson Hope claim that they are owed a further £85.50 as a "collection fee". This ammount I am not so willing to pay. Is it too late for me to discuss this matter with the original creditor, despite having tried to do so on multiple occassions already? And finally... can I fight this? And is it worth it? The letter is riddled with slightly threatening language. Thanks in advance for any help with this.
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