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  1. This is the first time it happened to me and none of my friends (who suggested for solicitor) even involved with fare evasion. They did not suggest any particular solicitor but advised me to speak to them before I write to TFL. Even I am not in favour to use the solicitor, but I thought I should run the idea on the forum and hence the question. At least 3 solicitors I have spoken to yesterday have 24 hr helpline, I called them, left the message and they returned my call and one of them even sent an email with their T&C.
  2. That's what I thought as well and these solicitors are asking at least 600£ to draft a letter.
  3. I had spoken to couple of my good friends and they are STRONGLY suggesting me to hire a solicitor instead of me writing to TFL, what do you guys think?
  4. you mean likely to be less than 1000£ (Max fine)?
  5. Please advice what should be the reasonable amount I should offer them in my letter?
  6. No, it was a normal tesco club card and not a credit card. I don't know whether it gave a green light when I touched the card but definitely barriers were still open. It was a long queue of people, so either I managed to come out of barriers because of tailgating or person behind me touched his card early enough to make the barriers open. If barriers would have remain closed once I touched my card, that could clearly show me that the card I am using not a oyster card and could resolve the situation there and then without any involvement from RI. I don't know where the technology is taking us?
  7. Hi dx, Many thanks for drafting the letter for me, highly appreciate your efforts. You truly a star. Cheers
  8. home office do perform DBS check on both applicant and sponsor, if my criminal conviction flagged up on either of dbs checks, surely her visa will be rejected.
  9. Dear Sir/Madam, Many thanks for your letter dated [] of Reference [] and offering me the opportunity to reply back to you. On [date], I took a train from West drayton to Shepherd Bush. I did not touch in when I entered the station as I was running very late and I had to give the presentation to the client. It was a new client and I was quite nervous in the morning due to that. When I come out at the Shepherd Bush station, I also used the wrong card and that was because both the Oyster card and tesco card were in the same pocket. Once I was stopped by the revenue inspector, I realized that I used the wrong card. I did show my registered Oyster card to the revenue inspector and it did have enough money to cover the cost of travel. I immediately realized my mistake and apologized to the inspector. I would also like to offer you my sincere apologies for my actions on [date]. I spent most of my time on train and tube to prepare for my presentation to the client and I seriously apologize for my absent mindedness on the morning of [date]. I am extremely fearful of the potential consequences on my current and future employment as I work in information technology and they take criminal conviction very seriously. I am also extremely worried about the impact of me having a criminal conviction on my record to the extension of my wife's visa as criminal conviction is taken very seriously. This incident made me extremely worried and stressed and I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that I am feeling deeply ashamed and embarrassed with the whole situation. I am so sorry and I am disgusted with my behaviour on this occasion. I certainly learnt from this experience and I again reassure you that I will never ever let that mistake happen again in future. I think of myself as a valuable part of the community and I would like to give back to community by providing my voluntary services to the charity of your choice. I pledge you to allow me to make the necessary compensation to your company, therefore If possible, I would like to remedy this situation and avoid it being escalated further by way of an administrative settlement. I would like to offer payment of the appropriate outstanding fare and to cover any additional administrative costs you have incurred, due to my poor actions. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully,
  10. Do you guys think is it a good idea to call them up on Tuesday and explain them the circumstances and apologize?
  11. I just received now, i.e. Just went downstairs and saw the post in letterbox. I did not check the post in the morning.
  12. Sure, I will draft a letter in my own words and come back here for proof reading. Many thanks.
  13. there you go, this is what I just received.....Please advice what shall I do now.... m extremely stressed
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