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  1. It doesn't matter I typed the letter on here but I was having problems uploading the PDFs from iPhone as in there was no options to upload from a PDF app I have
  2. It won't let me upload the PDF version But it doesn't matter I will just write the letter on here it says " TRAVEL IRREGULARITY thank you for responding to our enquiry letter, your comments will be taken into consideration when reviewing this case. Please note it is the responsibility of a passenger to ensure they have a valid ticket or pass before they commence their journey and to produce it for inspection I must point out that the legal proceedings may still be taken against you please do not hesitate to contact me if I can assist you further. Yours sincerely (his name ) investigator/prosecutor " Does this mean they're likely to take me to court ? And if yes how shall I respond ??
  3. I know this is a year later but did they reply back to you because I'm having the same problem and may I ask if they did take you to court ?
  4. These are the two letters they sent me the first letter they sent was the one starting with "Friday 17th April 2015" which I have replied too. The second letter arrived today and I don't understand what it means, does it mean they are taking me to court or in process of and are just gathering the evidence now?
  5. Yes I'm asking on my parents behalf because they don't know what to write that would be acceptable
  6. Can you help me reply to the letter please guys ? I would be grateful
  7. I panicked that's why I sent the letter back on the same day sorry and my parents do know about it The letter says " our records show that (my brothers name) has an oyster photocard providing access to concessionary travel and has agreed to the requirement Of Tfl's behaviour code We have received a report from transport for London official following an incident on the public transport Network that may have been in breach of TfL's behaviour code. The incident occurred on Friday 17th of April 2015 and involve another person using the photocard. To understand more about the incident I would be grateful of your input Please write to us on the reverse of this letter and return it to us using prepaid envelope enclosed please provide as much information as possible about the circumstances which led to the report being submitted and/or the photocard been withdrawn If we do not hear from you within two weeks of the date of this letter, your Childs travel concession may be withdrawn and any zip Oyster photocard held or requested by them may be stopped. You need to provide the explanation requested even if you had previously reported to photocard as lost or stolen and/or have since obtained a new photo card If you obtain a replacement photocard while we are investigating this incident and the decision is later made to withdraw your childs travel concession the replacement photocard will be stopped and no refund will be made for the £10 administration fee "
  8. I have already sent the letter back to them on Friday grovelling but I haven't offered to pay any administration costs but I do have the letter sent to my little brother from Tfl should I reply to them from this letter or redo s letter ?
  9. I believe I was reported for fare evasion because they didn't give me a penalty fare but I'm not sure and yes I was travelling on the bus sorry for confusing you
  10. (I hope this reply notifies both of you ) In my opinion I don't think they would take me to court as even though I did not have my oystercard on the bus it would be free anyways and I have two more questions 1) apparently the ticket inspector was meant to give me a penalty slip (another inspector told me ) but he never, he just told me if I paid within 21 days it would be okay , so does that mean if I don't pay its there fault or mine ? 2) they sent a letter to my parents saying your sons oystercard has been used by someone else and been confiscated reply within two weeks stating on the back of the letter how this happened. What shall I write back to them bearing in mind they know I used it ??
  11. Okay thank you very much for your time plus advice and you've just releaved me of a lot of stress and I'll let you know what they reply with. last question how soon will they reply back even though they gave me only two weeks to reply to them at first ?
  12. That's really kind of them and It should be sent of by tomorrow morning at 9 just waiting on royal mails delivery driver
  13. Yes I realised there was key info missing and how soon do you think I'll get advice on what to do please ?
  14. Thank you for replying and Yes I used my brothers oystercard because I lost my own and I was desperate to vistit my aunts who gave birth
  15. on Friday the 17th April I was caught with my little bothers 11-15 Oyster card which is free for him I told the inspector that it was mine but he said I looked to old. I tried convincing him I was 15 but it didn't work out. I know it was wrong of me. I'm 18 but I have a 16+ Oyster card because I'm still in sixthform my travels are free for me I lost my 16+ oyster weeks ago and that's the reason why I used my little brothers Oyster card I told the inspector all of this as well and he took my details in a notebook and asked me to sign it ? I received a letter from Tfl asking me to fill in my details and to comment on my side of the story, they said In the letter I was caught with no valid Oyster card and I could be prosecuted. In the letter I replied back that it was wrong for me and that I was on my way to my aunts who just gave birth and I was desperate to visit her which is why I used my brothers and that I'm sorry aswell as telling them I tried to order a new Oyster card to replace my lost one but it wouldn't work. what I want to know is what actions could Tfl take could they fine me or take me to court even though I have a 16+ free travel valid for myself ?? Please help
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