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  1. So it seems my son actually gave his mothers address so it come to her and she passed it on to me and we have a result , all they are asking for is a 80 quid fine ,40 quid payable if paid within x amount of days. I will pay for him via the website and make sure he pays me back and give him a stern talking too! I think he has learnt his lesson so thanks for all the help and replies above.
  2. There is no paperwork as he run away when they got off the bus , only thing was he wrote that name and address on a their notepad , but he did not sign anything . to cut the story short all he did was write real name and fake address and DOB and the got of bus with them and run away.
  3. I wonder if there is a way to pre-empt this by coming forward to the relevant people ?
  4. He is over 18 and is registered to vote and more of the story has come to light , it seems he gave his right name and postcode so I presume they just need to look up on the electoral register to see that even if the wrong d.o.b and wrong house was given he should be easy to find ?
  5. Thanks, but how would they get a letter if the address is wrong ? ps forgot to mention they still have the oyster card and I think it is unregistered.
  6. Hi , I need some help in how to go about this , the story is earlier today my son got on a tfl bus forgot to swipe in 2 stops later a inspector comes in and asks for his oyster card he gives it and they say he did not swipe in and they then asked for his name and address by this time he is thinking of his job and a criminal record he was so flustered that he gave right name but wrong address and wrong date of birth they called someone on the phone ,I presume to check his details. They got off the next stop as this was happening he says he was so terrified of the consequences that he run away from the inspectors. I dont think anyone gave any chase though. I had a go at him and insisted that he go hand himself to TFL or relevant authority and opologise and pay the fine and hope they understand. How would I go about this ? any help would be appreciated.
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