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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All Firstly I would like to say thanks in advance for the help and advice i hope you can give me. I had to run for my train last Friday which resulted in me not getting a ticket for my journey, when I arrived at the station the ticket inspectors was there so I had to ask if I could buy a ticket from my start station to which the inspector asked me why i didn't have a ticket for my journey and i proceeded to tell him i had to run for my train and it was a complete error on my part this had happened to me previously about 3 months ago where i got a £20 fine he then told me he would have to submit for a bye law report this morning i received this letter asking if i was the person who travelled etc. i am guilty of travelling without a ticket for whatever reason and was wondering if anyone is able to give me advice or help me draft a letter how i go about this not going to court and hoping to get a settlement out of court. Would they take into consideration that i use to travel to and from this station every day and i can prove i have had yearly/monthly passes in my name for the past 23 years and never been fined prior to the previous few months would they take this into account ? I obviously don't want to get a Criminal Record as I'm in the process of applying for a mortgage so I would much rather be able to settle this outside of any court hearing. Any help greatly appreciated on this matter Thanks Scott
  2. Hi, Hopefully can help/ offer advice. I have received a letter from South Eastern's Prosecutions Office regarding avoiding payment of fare informing me that the matter has been provisionally authorized for prosecution and inviting me to make any comments regarding the incident. I was traveling with a zone 1-2 travelcard and I was caught at a zone 6 station, I normally have pay as you go top but on this occasion I didnt and I had also travelled by the same means in the 4 days prior to the offense date, I however had a zone 1-6 travel card the previous month and only got the 1-2 because I was working for an agency and hence not sure how long the job will last for and buy a 1 month zone 1-6 travel card but rather the 1-2 and I added a £15 which had been exhausted on the said day. I totally agreed I evaded fare because I did not touch in at the start of my journey but had to touch out at the end in the zone 1-2. I regret my action and had since suffered panic attacks and anxiety waiting for the letter to arrive. The total evaded fare was calculated to be around £55. I would like to settle out of court and pay any necessary admin cost because a criminal record is have devastating effect on me an my family simply because I have only ever worked within the NHS for the last 8 years and hence a record will render me completely useless. I am willing to settle out of court ASAP because lesson learnt for me, it is not worth the heartache whatsoever. Please advice because I have to send the letter today as I only just saw it, kids misplaced letter since it arrived. So I have to fax a copy today and also send it by recorded delivery for monday. Thanks in advance.
  3. This follows a lengthly investigation by the OFT into the motor insurance market. http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2012/44-12
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