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  1. This forum was quiet helpful is good to go in and show remorse as it reduces the fine cuz the fine was crazy. It was massively reduced but no one today got away with the record if u plead guilty u get a record
  2. What happends after one year and do I need to tell my current employer
  3. Can someone tell me about the criminal conviction
  4. So you think I should take solicitors out of this and plead guilty the soliton said I have less chance
  5. I am actually using them now I relised they are useless what did u do have u plead already
  6. But every one gets the criminal record no matter if u go or not I asked for the court to reschedule so I can plead with tfl because the punishment is too much
  7. I did send a pleading letter + mitigation but they rejected both as they said people that want to work in finance must be of good character and I didn’t potray that
  8. By law for fare evasion it says at the back of the letter that if plead guilty I will be convicted
  9. 6th March But I get a criminal record if i plead guilty
  10. So I tried to email the court to reschedule the date so I can get a lawyer to plead with tfl is that a good idea
  11. For using fake 16+ oyster card i have a court summon on Wednesday I am confuse if I should plead guilty by post or go in person
  12. I purchased fake Oyster card I have emailed soo much tfl seem to continue with the prosecution should I plead guilty and appear in court or plead guilty and let court settle
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