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  1. Hi all, I have my meeting with EMT tomorrow - I am rather anxious (as per my character) and due to the nature of the situation. Last minute reach out for help - is there anything I should bear in mind/prepare for? Thank you all
  2. Thank you very much for your insights and advice. In a nutshell be honest and show remorse - I presume this a suit + tie interview (excuse my student-ness). How much do you recommend I take with me?
  3. So the letter has come... So I've been invited to go for an interview. They have highlighted the fact I have travelled under the offence of the following Byelaw. In that you did, in an area not designated as a compulsory ticket area, enter a train for the purpose of travelling without a valid ticket entitling you to do so: BL 18(1)
  4. Okay thank you. I will wait before replying. As you can tell I'm just desperate to resolve the issue. It's a burden on my shoulders and I have absolutely no get up throughout the day. It's miserable.
  5. Would not even sending an initial email to just apologise be of benefit? Or do those points still stand?
  6. Thank you OC and HB... I shall wait for the letter. One person in particular has 'advised' me to send a letter ASAP, with apologies and insinuating my intention to clear their costs, starting off enclosing a cheque for the full fare. What is your opinion on this?
  7. Okay thank you... It is East Midlands Trains, I'm presuming this process could take anything up to 4/5 weeks
  8. Ahh yes I have also. A perspective from a different 'group' of people. I only just discovered these forums and there are a few people here whose help here I would really appreciate - (I would ask them privately if that were an option) Also this. This would be something I would really appreciate. I hope that this is okay...
  9. I purchased a 16-25 return ticket to destination B from A, via an actual person at the window - even they looked at my travel card. It wasn't until my return journey I looked at my rail card, to find it was out of date.. (Haven't used in around a month). The date was printed "18 APR 2015" (I've just checked this online) The 18 was very faded with the 2015 being only slightly visible.. . My instant thought was "oh no, I'm going to get in some serious trouble for this", I stupidly decided to get a pencil from my bag and change the year to 2016 (only visible numerals) Upon ticket inspection, the inspector questioned the year, to which I just put my hands up straight away - of course he took details.. I admitted to this via a statement and made my sign this admission statement, whilst taking my railcard/ticket etc. I know I'm in trouble and I'm not looking for sympathy, I'm just trying to establish the LIKELY course of action.. . I presume they will write to me asking for my account of events? My questions are: 1) The best possible situation is out of court settlement - ADVICE FOR THIS PLEASE? How do go about asking this? What would make them want to pick this? Do I await correspondence and then send a letter with apologies and an offer (should I make an actual offer or let them propose such)? 2) The scenario of them looking to prosecute for fraud - what's the likelihood of this? I understand what I've done is fraudulent, however I haven't replicated/manufactured a ticket or pass in order to evade completely, somewhat mitigating? IF it did go for this, what would be the probable outcomes? Again, thank you all for your opinions and feedback - you all seem to have a much more educated understanding of this sort than most, so I look forward to more input..
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