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  1. I really hope so. I’m stressed enough it is about the pregnancy without this on my conscience too, kicking myself for being so ditsy! This is what I have drafted so far but I fear it maybe explains everything a bit too much. I also worry they won’t believe I’m pregnant but I guess I could attatch a doctors letter as edivence - but might be uneccesary! Thanks for your help, reassuring to see others in similar situations have settled matters out of court.example: To whomever it may concern, Thank you for your letter dated 27th January 2019. I have read and duly noted the contents.I am writing to accept the offence I made for using the wrong Oyster card on the 137 bus from London Hilton Hotel to Clarence Avenue. I’d been staying with my brother and and mistakenly took his oyster card instead of my own as they were both left on his bedside table. Please find attached photos of my own Oyster card. I was in a rush and I did not realise it was his card until after I’d tapped in on the bus. I recognise I should have addressed my mistake there and then but I was already running late and I didn’t want to delay myself or anyone else on their journey. I am currently seven weeks pregnant and feeling nauseous, forgetful and out of sorts in general, and my head was a bit all over the place. When the inspector asked for my ticket I admitted my mistake straight away, telling him I was sorry but I had accidentally taken my brothers card. I was not offered an on the spot fine or told anything about how TfL would proceed with my case other than my brothers card being confiscated, and that it would be quicker for him to purchase a new one altogether than to try and get the one I had used back from TfL. It is here I seem to be misinformed about the seriousness of my actions - had I known it was a criminal offence to use another Oyster card I would have got off the bus immediately after realising. I will absolutely never think of doing it, or anything similar in terms of fare evading, ever again. I fully recognise the mistake I made and hold myself accountable. I am sincerely sorry for my actions and feel somewhat ashamed to be going through this procedure. This is my first ever offence of any legal matter, and the first and only time I have been stopped for having an invalid ticket across any TfL network as you will have on your records. I am asking for TfL to allow me to pay the reasonably incurred costs in full to dispose of the matter without Court action in order to prevent getting a criminal record. I will take full responsibility for covering the cost of any fines charged as well as administration fees in order to avoid the matter progressing to court. As it stands I am currently between jobs and a criminal conviction would make it a great deal harder to become employed, something I cannot afford especially right now with a baby on the way. My partner is in part time education and we rely on us both being employed to cover living costs, which will of course grow once the baby is born. A criminal record could also hinder my application to tenancies for housing which I will be relying on soon my partner and I plan to move into a new property before the arrival of our child. We both also have family in the United States, and a criminal record would make it much harder to visit the country.I have never been in trouble with the law and can assure you that I will not make any similar mistake again now that I have made this misunderstanding. Once again I deeply apologetic, I have been feeling very stressed and anxious about this situation and hope we can find a resolution before matters get taken to court. I would appreciate your consideration and I sincerely hope that you can show some leniency in this matter. Yours Sincerely, Thanks again for anyone taking the time to read & help me! (Edit: have lost paragraph breaks in the copy and paste but you get the idea)
  2. Sorry yes it might what? Seem uneccesary? And yes!
  3. Hello lovely people, I am creating a new thread as that seems to be the done thing around here. I am seeking some advice on how to respond from a scary TfL letter in regards to fare evasion. I honestly just thought I'd get sent a fine, especially with this being my first offence for such a thing but apparently not. like many others on these forums I have been caught using the wrong oyster on a TfL bus. I was in a rush and I grabbed my brothers student Oyster (it has his photo on) instead of my own (plain blue Oyster linked to my railcard so does have a slight discount) and shoved it in my purse. It was the morning, I was tired and in a rush and they were both on the same table and they do look the same from the back. I tap in on the bus, after which I realise I have his card. I panic slightly but am already running late, so just go and sit down assuming it'll be fine as the driver didn't say anything. that moment later a ticket inspector comes onto the bus. I admit my mistake right away saying I’m sorry I took my brothers card not my own, he takes my name DoB and address. As he’s printing out the receipt of him confiscating the card I realise I have my contactless card on me and offer to tap it in, he says no its too late for that. He also explains it will be quicker for my brother to purchase a new oyster than to try and get the confiscated one back from TfL as this could take months. He doesn’t say anything about a fine or prosecution, I just assumed I’d get a fine through the post. on Monday 28th (yesterday) I receive a letter stating what many others have also been through: In order for TfL to deal with this case correctly, please return the information requested on the reverse of this letter... 1. If you deny committing an offence, please explain why.... 2. If you accept committing an offence, please provide any exceptional reasons including pre-existing medical conditions that you may feel are relevant and evidence to support this, as to why TfL should nor proceed with a prosecution.... The way it is worded makes it hard to know which of these two I should go with, but based of what I've read from other experiences is to accept your wrong doings and give your side of the story. I have drafted out a grovelling apology in order to try and get this settled out of court. I really cannot afford a criminal record especially now with a child on the way (I am seven weeks pregnant) I am currently between jobs and to have an offence flag up on every application will make the process much more difficult. I just wonder what chances I have with getting an out of court settlement. I also wonder whether it is worth noting my pregnancy - it has made me feel notably out of sorts and could well have attributed to the carelessness of taking the wrong card? Or will this embellishment just seem unnecessary to TfL. Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to help out, I really appreciate it.
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