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  1. I really hope so. I’m stressed enough it is about the pregnancy without this on my conscience too, kicking myself for being so ditsy! This is what I have drafted so far but I fear it maybe explains everything a bit too much. I also worry they won’t believe I’m pregnant but I guess I could attatch a doctors letter as edivence - but might be uneccesary! Thanks for your help, reassuring to see others in similar situations have settled matters out of court.example: To whomever it may concern, Thank you for your letter dated 27th January 2019. I have read and duly noted the contents.I am
  2. Hello lovely people, I am creating a new thread as that seems to be the done thing around here. I am seeking some advice on how to respond from a scary TfL letter in regards to fare evasion. I honestly just thought I'd get sent a fine, especially with this being my first offence for such a thing but apparently not. like many others on these forums I have been caught using the wrong oyster on a TfL bus. I was in a rush and I grabbed my brothers student Oyster (it has his photo on) instead of my own (plain blue Oyster linked to my railcard so does have a slight discount) and sho
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