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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Woken this morning at 7.10 by loud hammering on the door , It was that loud my neighbours came out !! Looked out of window and saw 2 men with torches and enforcement officers written on the back of there jackets .i ingnored them they went around the back hammering on the doors and windows. They left a letter for my husband I have called tday to issue a warrent of execution for out client counc i parking fine . Iam authorised to remove your goods to satisfiy the amount 422 00 debt 112.00 compliance fee 75.00 enforcement fee 235. If you fail to contact me i wil re attend your property and remove goods .Can they just enter my house if i refuse to let them in ?. Hubby will sort this out but their fees seem high this is the first time theyve attended but he has had letters which hes ignored .
  2. Bailliffs called unitied untilities debt in my wifes name. Will they want to know all the income coming into the household . My wife is not working due to illness after losing job 2 years ago. you can probably see my past experiences in archives. I myself are on pension state pension have had to take on a partime job against doctorrs orders. another firm of bailiffs put an attachment of earnings on my wages for council tax debt. so only come out with £95. after aeo. because this is in my wifes name do they only want to know what she can afford to pay, or because it is a household debt i.e. for water. we got turned down for that water thing if unable to pay said we did not qualify. can any body tell me what to say. Thank you
  3. Hi, Like many others at the moment my partner and I have been struggling financially for some time now, despite that we have always maintained payments on our Brighthouse account until recently. On Monday someone pressed the intercom system on my building and said they had a parcel for me so I allowed him entry into the building, I opened my front door to receive said parcel and two men appeared instead. They notified me they were from Caversham Finance and had come to take the goods I have from them back. I asked him to identify himself and if he had a court order to retrieve the goods as they have protected status, he claimed he did and completely refused to show me either his identification or the said court order. I asked them to leave the building and at this stage he attempted to push past me and into my home. Thankfully I was capable of resisting them and as soon as I did they rang the Police to say that there was a breach of the peace occuring and could they attend. At this time they were advised to leave the building and wait for the Police to arrive. As they were leaving my partner who was returning at the time tried to enquire as to what was going on and the bailliff physically pushed her out of the way causing her to strike the side of her face on the wall. I was obviously infuriated by this and let the bailiff know, his response was f*** you c*** as he ran down the buildings stairs. When the Police arrived I informed the officer what had happened and that we wanted to press charges against the bailiff for assault. The Police officers who were talking to the bailiff then approached and notified me that if we were to press charges against the bailiff then he would be making a counter accusation of assault and racial abuse and I would also be arrested. Had my 13 year old daughter not been there and already hysterical then I would have gladly taken the counter allegation on as he had no physical marks (unlike my partner). As it was I was left with no option but to drop the matter (in my opinion) the bailiffs left the scene and even managed to give me a cheeky wave and blew a kiss as they were pulling off. The Police officer who was dealing with them was kind enough to say "Well none of this would happen if you just paid your f****** bills" as a result it turns out the bailiff did NOT have a court order and despite the threat of "getting one in the morning" they are yet to be seen again. I have contacted Caversham regarding this whole incident and am waiting for a reply. The point of my thread? Well hopefully to warn anyone who is having to deal with these bailiffs "DO NOT ANSWER YOUR DOOR TO THESE PEOPLE" If anyone has any advice of what I should do next then please feel free to let me know. Thanks for taking the time to read.
  4. Hi all, Got a call from my mother today saying bailiffs left a letter through the door saying I owe them over £600 for two penalty charge notice(parking tickets from about a year ago). I live at my parents house and have been unemployed for the last 6 months and not claiming JSA. I have no money and no longer have the car. I phoned the bailiff to explain my situation and to see if he would send the debt back to the court but he wasn't having any of it. I know he can't take my parent's possessions but he said unless they can prove what they own he can take them. Please can you give my some advise. Thanks Liam
  5. Hoping somebody can help. I have council tax arrears of about £3,300 for 2010-11 and 2011-12. Council have set up several arrangements and because the monthly payments were unrealistic, I was unable to keep up payments, so they have now passed it on to Rossendales. Council have said to contact Rossendales but I haven't contacted them yet (it was passed to them yesterday). My income is well below £16k per year, but because of the trauma of financial hardship and trying to keep my head above water, I have been unable to complete the paperwork to the Council's satisfaction and am not in receipt of the 75% or so reduction I should be entitled to. A few questions - how do I deal with the bailliffs/prevent them from visiting, is there any documentation I should be in receipt of from the council or Rossendales. Getting a bit panicky here so quick responses appreciated...
  6. Hi, my oh has two accounts with LINK , i have been a reader of the forum i did a CCA for both accounts . I was supplied with a copy of the CCA and in my mind they may be unenforceable through reading other threads. Therefore i sent them the write off letter i found on a thread here and stated that they had not supplied me with the relevant information adn requested they both wrote off the debt and that i would receive a reply in 14 days. That was 6 weeks ago and no reply despite the recorded letters having been signed for. At this stage is there a next move i should make , currently i pay them £1 pcm Many Thanks
  7. I received a judgement from the courts saying I owed council tax to Mendip Council. I immediately started paying £30 per week every week to the council via my bank account. Yesterday Equita turned up demanding the full amount PLUS £260 in charges for delivering the letter by hand. I rang the council asking if they would consider asking the bailiffs to back off as I am paying them weekly. The bloke on the phone aknowledged I was paying regularly but said that the debt now belonged to Equita and that once I paid the council all monies I was paying the council were forwarded onto Equita. Given that people are being advised to pay the council direct on here, rather than pay the Bailiffs, what exactly is the situation, as if I am paying the council directly and they are forwarding the money to Equita, it seems very very odd that Equita then have to send that money back to the council. Can someone clear up what happens when I make payments directly to the council, and why, if what the man is saying is true, that money is being sent to Equita when its sole purpose is to clear off the arrears of council tax not pay Equita bailiffs ridiculous amounts of charges.
  8. I am in the process of applying for a dro and am paying my £90 this afternoon. The lewis group have taken me to court for a debt of £500 and the court said i have to pay £125 per month which i have ignored but now i'm worried in case i have bailliffs turning up on my door. The payment was supposed to be made by 13th august but i thought i would be able to pay my Dro fee last week but didnt have enough money untill today. What are my chances of bailliffs turning up? How long will the dro take to come through after i have paid the fee this afternoon? Thanks in advance.
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