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  1. Yes, that's what I'm worried about. Unfortunately, if it's a family member committing fraud, it's not hard for them to access your account. I'd obviously hoped that my family weren't like that, but that's the way it is. There are a lot of orders, mostly for clothing. It adds up to £4000 in total. Email replies were sent for those orders (but deleted before I could see them) and they will have been signed for, usually either by the delivery man or by one of my family members. It's difficult, because I can't prove that I didn't order them...I can't prove a negative. So my credit rating gets destroyed for six years, and I end up having to pay £4000. I can pay it back at £10 a month, but it'll be owed forever, and at the end of the day, who can afford to pay back £4000 that they don't owe? I am absolutely distraught at this. I'll never be able to get a mortgage, and my good credit file has been trashed. It's the only account in default.
  2. Well, as some of you expected, they've rejected the claim. They wrote to me acknowledging that I had asked them to remove this from my credit file whilst investigating, but stating that there was no evidence to support my claims and therefore they'd be closing the case. They thanked me for allowing them to investigate. They didn't mention my crime reference number at all. Where do I go now?
  3. Thanks for your thoughts, *RainbowTears*. I did open the account originally, yes. I also used it. My mum gained access because she lived with me at the time, and she hacked my emails and my laptop. Unfortunately, she has a history of doing this kind of thing, that I was unaware of at the time. As for statements - As I explained, I was suffering from a bad relapse of bipolar depression and was simply automatically making the payment through DD. That bit is my fault, and I fully expect them to question it. I still believe that it's worth asking them to investigate, even if they then say that I'm liable because I didn't notice quickly enough.
  4. I did just that - couldn't speak to the actual lady who sent the letter, but left her a message and followed up via email asking them to contact me via email or in writing. Nothing, yet.
  5. I've had a few calls today, but I was busy and didn't answer. No voicemails. Littlewoods have just emailed that they've been urgently trying to contact me, and could I please call back tomorrow. I'm guessing I should ask them to put this in writing?
  6. Just a quick update. I sent the letter to Littlewoods, and they responded quickly via email to say that they were sorry that this had occurred, thank me for letting them know and stating that the fraud team would be in touch within 2 days. Yesterday I forwarded them evidence that T-Mobile have already recorded a CIFAS alert on my credit file, for the same crime. I've spoken to ActionFraud and Victim Support today, but neither really knows what to do until Littlewoods have investigated. It feels like this will be tough, because at the time my mother was using my computer, living in my house and apparently pretending to be me all round. Still, I'll do what I can to help the case. No contact from the fraud team so far.
  7. I can access 18 months worth on the website. I don't get paper statements, because they charge for them. Do I need more than that? Thank you so much for your reply. Debt is a minefield!
  8. I got a Capital One credit card back in 2008, I believe. It was my first card. I got the hard sell when I called to activate it. I only remember because I was on the bus at the time, and the guy wouldn't take no for an answer! I don't believe that the PPI was valid - I'm already disabled, and therefore the policy wouldn't have covered me if I was off sick. I was also only in employment for three months, and then I went to uni, so I couldn't have used employment cover. It's £8 a month for what could be nearly five years - nearly £500, I think. Is it worth trying to claim it back? I wrote to them once before regarding this, but they wrote back stating that my signature had changed and therefore they'd send me a new card to sign etc... Thanks for any help!
  9. I will write to Littlewoods Head Office now. Shall I just explain the story in full? Do I need to include anything specific to be taken seriously? It had been suggested that I request a CCA, but the account was opened online around 2009, I think, so that's probably all legit.
  10. I gave a statement to the police, along with two of my parents' neighbours. My mum had taken out overdrafts and the Littlewoods account in my name, and phone contracts and payday loans for the neighbours. It's all recorded, but the police expect the CPS to reject the claim on the basis that my mother is incapable of both appearing in court or defending herself, and is likely to be for the foreseeable future. She isn't expected to get better, and her mental health team have said that court proceedings would likely drive her to suicide if she did understand. They advised me to speak to Littlewoods directly and get them to move the debt over to my mums' name, but they're obviously not going to do that just on my say so... I feel so lost with this. Thanks for the replies so far.
  11. My mum has severe mental health difficulties, which have a big effect on her financially. She's incapable of working but also of not spending money, so she had trashed her own credit rating long before she had kids. When I turned 18, I got my credit file for the first time and realised that she'd taken out a lot of debt in my name. I managed to get most of this written off, as I wasn't 16 at the time. I don't know how she managed it. She was even using a main bank account in my name, with an overdraft. My uni financial advisor recommended using an account like Littlewoods to build up credit. I applied online, and was accepted with a £500 limit. I got into the habit of buying things and paying them back, to build up my rating. Long story short, I got hospitalised with illness and my mother started using the account. I've no idea how she got the details. Littlewoods increased my credit limit to £10,000, and my mother spent £7,000. She's sectioned now, and the owing amount is a little less than £5,000. I've paid the rest off. I can't afford to keep this up. t's £500 a month minimum, or a settlement figure that I just don't have. I explained the situation to Littlewoods on the phone a few months back, and that I'm not working at present and therefore cannot pay. It seems that they've lost patience today, and have marked several missed payments on my credit file. They are now writing to me demanding payment. The police have been useless, because my mum is sectioned. There is no realistic chance of conviction. She's done this to neighbours and friends, too, so it's not new to them. I was looking at getting a mortgage this year but I'm guessing that won't be possible with such a trashed rating. Is there anything I can do?
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