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Found 4 results

  1. Will try to keep it short, as ive spent countless hours on phone and chat. Purchased a Xbox 1 X console in November. I had about 85£ in my gift card, so thought ill just top up my gift card to the total cost of the console and make the purchase. Wednesday 7th Console went faulty. Spoke to Microsoft who troubleshooted and confirmed fault. Their returns was too long so advised i deal with amazon. Spoke to amazon who were happy to sort it. However they did not have any consoles instock themselves, so they advised they would refund me the money and i could buy from a third party seller from their site. I explained i had paid by gift card, and the agent told me that it was fine and they would refund me to my bank card to allow me to purchase the console, especially as i only really wanted to exchange. I thought to move things on quickly, ill purchase a new console by my bank card and then when i post the old back the refund will then top up my account. Didn't want a third party seller, so noticed Prime now had stocks of the console so made the purchase. Replacement console form Amazon came, i got home and it didn't work! spoke to MS who tried troubleshoting and again confirmed fault. MS advised to speak to Amazon. Again amazon (prime now) happy to replace, but again would not receive refund till console had been returned.As i had money in my account still, i thought right will purchase another then get the refund when it gets back to top my account back up. Received replacement console today (havent yet tested) and confirmed with amazon that old one is with courier. They advise that i will have to wait because this one is with passmyparcel. previous return was Royal mail. As im about to leave chat i notice that my gift card balance has been credited for the original. Spoke to them and was told that as i made the purchase on the gift card thats where its gone back to. I explained that i topped up the card solely for the purchase etc, and that i have the chat logs of the agent telling me that they were refunding to my bank card even confirming the digits of the card. Sorry Mr XXX unable to help. Ended up speaking to my bank asking them to withhold payment at the moment until its resolved. Bank will not help or instigate charge back as they said I've been refunded albeit to a gift card. Told them that thats incorrect and should be to my bank account as what the correspondence states. Bank will not help and Amazon will not help.
  2. I took out a bridging loan secured on property last year. It was arranged through a broker. There was a £500 commitment fee paid separately to the loan but to be refunded on account at draw down ( I have this in writing although its not in the loan contract. ) The missing £500 does not appear in the completion or redemption statement but my banking shows it as paid and they confirm receipt. Additionally the redemption statement includes extra unexpected fees, surplus to 7.1 below, ie fees added at closing and not taken from monies advanced to borrower. There is already an agreed redemption fee of £1500 and they have added these £600 worth of misc extra fees at closing, admin, discharge sealing fees etc 7.1 of my contract states I pay on full indemnity basis all legal fees and other fees and expenses incurred in connection with facility and that the borrower agrees that these and and expenses fees will be deducted from the advance paid to the borrower. This is fine as I knew what they were and they are listed in the completion statement but the £600 have been tapped on to the redemption statement and I don't think that is right as I only ever agreed fees would be deducted from the advance as per contract 7.1, ie I knew what they would be. There is already a £1500 exit fee. The drawn down date was also extended due to legal delay, they are now saying that the £500 is NON refundable. we agreed to extend our Facility terms to xxx with a completion date set on or before this date. However, this was on the basis that we would NOT refund the commitment fee to the borrower. Thing is we didn't agree and I never signed anything to that effect, never had a conversation or email or any kind of agreement saying that. The only thing I have in writing is them stating it is to be set off to the account. First I heard of this was after a requesting a redemption statement. My broker has no correspondence either on this. Basically I am being fleeced for an extra £1,100. What steps can my solicitor take to put the squeeze on them as obviously their unscrupulous behaviour can mess up my house sale. Would appreciate some advice on how to handle this firm.
  3. Can this be moved to relevant forum please. A builder has spoofed my parent of their savings by building an un-certifiable new build house and doing a bunk with the money. I live about 300 miles away so was unaware of the problem but now find they have no money left and the house is not really fit to live in. On top of this the builder has had goods delivered to my parents address using their name and not paid for them. The company that supplied the goods has it on record that the builder ordered these goods (drain pipes soffits etc.) for their house but they have not been fitted and are the wrong colour and fitting for the building. I'm unsure what to do, legally it's nothing to do with me but my parents are old and now are very, very ill because of this business. What can I do legally and what do I need to do to get things rolling. I am completely new to dealing with this sort of behaviour. 1 Detailed bills from suppliers show goods not used at this house build ordered and invoiced to this job. 2. Number of defect around build resulting in no completion certificate not address. 3. General poor/shoddy workmanship around building not repaired. 4. Ground workers labourers and other contractors showing up with bills despite main builder being paid for this work. I/my parent have meticulous records of all bank/card payment for goods from suppliers so proving wrong doing hopefully wont be to difficult. BIG QUSTION IS WHERE DO I START (HAVE MY OWN IDEA BUT THAT MAT NOT BE LEGAL). Any info or advise would be very welcome.
  4. youtu.be/KWn8G9L21z8 'SHAFTED BY AVIVA INSURANCE!' [You Tube] One man fights to protect his family and his home against AVIVA INSURANCE! After 5 long years of fighting AVIVA INSURANCE and with Christmas 2012 almost upon us, our home remains in a ruined state, my family continue to suffer and AVIVA INSURANCE continue to callously ignore our long term water damage building insurance claim, repeatedly proven by numerous independent expert reports! Please watch the film and spread the word!
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