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  1. Can this be moved to relevant forum please. A builder has spoofed my parent of their savings by building an un-certifiable new build house and doing a bunk with the money. I live about 300 miles away so was unaware of the problem but now find they have no money left and the house is not really fit to live in. On top of this the builder has had goods delivered to my parents address using their name and not paid for them. The company that supplied the goods has it on record that the builder ordered these goods (drain pipes soffits etc.) for their house but they have n
  2. There are two basic types of company credit card. One where you are purchasing goods, parts or the like for the company, this is a company issued credit card. The other a self settle card you use to pay expenses and then claim them back from your company. In theory as long as your company reimburses you then you
  3. Must be going over some old ground, I've just herd from again after 4 years.FRED
  4. Well guess who have started up Again ! Not with Newmans though but with some other jokers who have been informed exactly what would happen if the ever sent any one to my house again. Now chasing me for more money £723.Now as in my last post you will see I informed them I would pay £100 a month, which I did
  5. Well Shekespeare62 if you pop back on here, Good luck !!
  6. I see there is no further news from Shakey then.
  7. I was thinking along the lines of a SAR on my previous employer. I be suprise if they would now what to do and may well send me more than have too.
  8. Student course records Replacement certificates Due to system failures Archive Services are currently working at a turn around rate of 5 weeks. Please be patient with any requests you have sent in within the last month, they will be processed as soon as possible. After a replacement certificate? You can now submit your request and pay on-line! Here’s what you do, simply fill out our on-line replacement certificate application form, complete it, pay on-line using World Pay, and we’ll try and find a copy of your certificate and issue a replacement. Please note that each payment is
  9. No, one some of the photocopies the numbers are illegible and on some of the they appear to have only copied have the page. I have already contacted providers for the ones I can read, unfortunately C&G want £35 pound a certificate to replace them.
  10. Hi, I've come on here looking for some help (like most people I guess). I've recently changed jobs and when I handed in my notice I ask for all my Training certificates to be posted to me, my previous employers took over a month to send out some poor quality photocopies of these certificates. I would like to know if I'm entitled to the originals as they were awarded to me and are also very relevant and needed by me to prove my qualifications in my new job. I have asked my old employers again for the originals but there reply was that it's not the company policy and they payed f
  11. I have not heard from either Newmans or Amex since they sent me copy of there complaints procedure. I have in formed them that I will continue to pay Amex £100 per month and that is all I can afford, there was no reply to this letter but there have also been no more comedy letters either. The complaints procedure is still 1.0 may 2007.
  12. Sorry to not keep you up to date, but I have been flat out at work so unable to dedicate much time to this at the moment. Any way my SAR pack arrived from Amex today. Guess what hundreds of statements but no application letter, no credit agreement and no default letters or cancellation notice. They do however keep a record of how many time they have called me and that I'm no longer at the address they keep contacting as the person who lives there keeps returning their mail telling them I don't live there. They have my new address but keep forgetting to confirm it with me ? They finally c
  13. NEWMAN Debt Collection Agents Limewood House, Limewood Way, Leeds LS14 lAB Fax: 0845 330 4801 e-mail: enquiries@newman-dca.com RE: Fred Le Ped FOR: American Express Services Europe Ltd Ale No.: Amount Due: £ Dear Sir/Madam, We write with reference to the above account and note your lack of contact. Please note that your file has now progressed Pre-Iegally and so will be dealt with accordingly. As a result and as instructed by our client's solicitors in preparation for legal proceedings, we have made
  14. I can say for certain they never sent a default notice to me. The first I knew of any problems was when my account was canceled (I found out by checking my account on-line) and Newman's phoned demanding money!
  15. Hi I sent the SAR about two weeks ago recorded delivery so I'm just waiting for the parcel ! As for Newmans well today they route to me and informed me that as my house value was well over my outstanding mortgage value they will contact there solicitors and could recommend a bankruptcy, OOH get them.
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