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  1. hi sorry but where do i find the SB letter? also do i send it to Robinson Way and Resolve call or just one of?
  2. Hi dx no i havent sent the SB letter yet, was a bit nervous in case it wasnt SB! but i havent spoken or made contact for at least 10 years! was suprised snotscrawl turned up!
  3. hi , sorry been away with work so put this on the back burner, just reading through my previous notes going back years and i remember Welcome or whoever owned it removed the charge on the property and i have since sold the house. I received a note through the door today from resolvecall so they have been and knocked on the door. Do i tell them to stay away and just send them statute barred letter or what? thanks
  4. Hi On the odd occassion i receive debt letters from Robinson Way regarding a supposed debt with Welcome going back 14 years. i have not contacted Welcome or RW in 10 years just receive the odd letter. (to which i never respond) today i have received a letter dated 17/02/2020 from RW stating that if i dont respond by 28/02 they will hand my account to 'Resolvecall' and they may send a representative to my house and to avoid this i must contact them. Now i dont think they can send anyone can they? ive not contacted them in 10 years, but if i contact them to tell them to 'go away' and they arent welcome on my doorstep does that then open up communication ? unsure how to play it... thanks, James
  5. Thanks for the speedy reply fodder! so as it wasnt even 24 hrs since we paid a deposit of £250 plus an additional £200 we should be able to have the full amount back? The puppy wasnt advertised at that point and it hadnt had all its injections so there were no costs incurred by the seller. She has returned the £250 deposit but not the extra we paid!
  6. Hi All, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction! my other half put a deposit on a dog plus a bit extra - £250 deposit plus another £200 to make it half the payment (£900 dog) That evening we discussed the dog and agreed that actually its not the right time for us the next morning she contacted the seller to say sorry and can she refund deposit. the dog hadn't yet had its jabs and was only 7 weeks old so not able to leave the seller yet. Seller said no - she would refund the deposit amount of £250 but not the additional £200. The receipt was not worded 'non refundable' and was just a hand written note. Where do we stand with this? many thanks
  7. Hi All, Just looking through my mortgage statements with Mortgage agency Number five and every year since i took it out (2007) there is an annual amount of £40.00 taken as an insurance fee! Would this be PPI? what else could it be? thanks
  8. Hi dx, Hope your well! Quick Q for you.. At what point does solicitor have to tell charge that I'm selling house? Can they tell them at the end when contracts exchange or do they have to say at the start? Just thinking how to avoid paying that's all!
  9. Proceed with application to court to force for an order of sale.... Of a house with no equity! Whilst he is getting charged for each letter his brief sends which he is adding to the bill!!
  10. Morning all! So... I have received a letter "signed for" from their solicitors saying we haven't heard from you if you don't reply within 14 days then we will proceed without any further notice -- which is what they have said the past two letters but this time I had to sign for the postie! It's quite funny really isn't it?? Thanks
  11. Thanks dx and Martin! Yeah it's not nice receiving these letters especially when you don't believe you owe anything!! So he can't get the money any other way then such as attachment of earnings? I'm no expert but as soon as I got the second letter I thought why do that? So I sit on it and do nothing?
  12. Hi Martin, I've received a second letter from solicitor saying they are giving me extra time (original letter stated letter before action) do I need to respond myself now or sit tight until I receive claim form? Is there any other way he could try and get money or does he need to wait until equity is there? Speedy response would gratefully received!!! Thanks
  13. So let him do the leg work and pay his solicitor to go to court or shall I tell him now? He can't try and get the money any other way?
  14. So how would he go about finding this out? Is it down to me to prove it now or let him work it out? Would he need to go to court? If he can't get the money that way is there any other way? I've just got rid of a CCJ and 6 years of bad credit so I don't want anything to kill me off for another 6 years!!
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