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  1. The number is shown on the website where you log in to ypur account and click claim button so hardly hidden away is it.
  2. Mobile in uk 0844 number. It was a long call as lines were busy and then loads of questions to answer plus then being transferred to auxillis for hire car and repair questions. From the online account portal you click the claim button and it then shows contact number to ring to make a claim and the number shown is 08445611417. No mention that its a premium rate numberb except at bottom of page if you scroll down quite a bit which I didn't as just needed a number to ring to sort messed up car. Why a company like this is charging high call rates is beyond me, especially on a customer serv
  3. Wifes car was run into last week so rang Hastings to register claim which is going through ok as they admitted liability. However realised today due to a big phone bill the call was charged at 41.75+vat. I am completely shocked at this especially as it wasnt our fault. I've registeted a complaint with Hastings to try and sort this out as this seems totally unacceptable to me. Has anyone else had similar issues? Who is the best ones to turn too if no luck with Hastings?
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