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  1. I need some advice. I have just been informed today by HRMC via a P800 in the post that I am due a tax refund from 2007 for £2,570. It seems a former employer screwed up and it taken this long for it to be discovered. Anyhow a nice early xmas present once the cheque arrives from the tax man. I am pretty sure I have to inform the DWP of this and it will not put me over the £6,000 limit that for sure.However, as I am on esa in the support group, how will this refund affect that if at all? I am also on housing and council tax benefit.
  2. Extra costs of using a mobile phone in countries across the EU are to be scrapped, MEPs have agreed, after years of negotiations. The ban on data roaming charges from 15 June 2017 has received a final green light in the European Parliament. Roaming charges are added by mobile operators for calls, texts and internet browsing when phone users are abroad. An interim cap on charges will take effect from 30 April next year, prior to the full ban across the EU. That means telecoms operators will be able to add a surcharge of no more than: €0.05 (3.5p) extra per minute for calls €0.02 extra per SMS sent €0.05 extra per megabyte of data used The cap would make roaming within the EU 75% cheaper during the interim period, the European Commission has said. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-34646434
  3. Had grief from Virgin Mobile, with an unhelpful call centre staff member (not for the first time). They want to sell you a new phone, or a larger tarrif, but asking questions about the tarrif isn't what they want, and when I asked for help and followed their instructions : it didn't fix the problem.) I'm in credit with them, which credit runs out in 3 months (it was a PAYG SIM initially, topped up numerous times to get 'free data' the next month, and when it had accumulated a large balance I was never going to use, converted to a pay monthly SIM, to use up the credit balance). [VM suggested the swap to Pay monthly, given the credit balance]. So, I asked to disconnect, on a date in the future, once I've used up almost all of my credit, as one has to give at least 30 days notice. They (customer retentions) declined to take my cancellation request. Whilst I accept I have to give them at least 30 days notice (and 3 months is more than 30 days), they claim they also can't take notice any more than 30 days in advance. "It is the customer's responsibility to call us 30 days before, we can't take notice in advance" (the rep also agreed that if the customer doesn't remember to call exactly 30 days before, they will end up committed for another month's line rental...........) Is this correct? if it is, is it "sharp practice"? The best way forward? Would a letter, stating when I wish to end the contract, (sent by a guaranteed delivery (and signed for) service) work?.
  4. Hi there, my husband and i will be making ourselvesf bankrupt, but i need to ask who will deal with the bankruptcy after we have filed for it (my debts total several hundred thousand pounds, repayment of directors loans for our previous LTD company, which we can never repay) We have have no assets, no savings, on benefits and live in a private rented house , on housing benefit. my husband is on ESA due to mental health problems. Will the official receiver oversee it or can the major creditor ,( who happens to be a nasty piece of work) apply to be the trustee? I keep reading if there are no assets, then the OR will act as the trustee himeslf.
  5. There was a BBC2 programme on last night, now available on i player, showing the BMW Mini production plant, where they have over 1000 robots involved in production. They also employ 4000 people as well, to do the tasks that robots cannot currently perform. The question is who will be the future consumers buying products made mostly by robots. With humans being made redundant by robots, there will come a time when there are insufficient people with enough money to buy the products. The companies investing in too much robot technology to replace humans will also reduce the size of the market they can sell to. Within 10 years there will be the AI technology that can replace many call centre and customer service type jobs. You will be able to talk to a computerised call centre agent, who will probably tell you that your complaint is outside of its parameters and was there anything else they could help you with.
  6. Having read this Default Re: Royal Mail Customs handling Fee Response all what follows is pretty well useless Oh dear Looks like I have missed the boat. Hi all, Having had some time to think about my situation with FedEx a few ideas have surfaced. But before I start I will apologise in advance to anybody who may feel that I have misrepresented or distorted the facts to justify my hypothesise about the subject. These are just the type of thoughts and ideas that wander through one’s head in the early hours of the morning. So here I go. FedEx et all will never take any one to court over the admin fee as it stands to loose a massive revenue stream if it looses the case. Why? Current business model for £100 value item of weight 500gms for a casual importer. Offer to ship item for £22 from China to UK house address. Deliver said item to address. Send recipient a bill for customs fees (£30) and admin charge (£12). Previous year’s Model of costs £22 carriage and £8 admin. Hypothetical next year’s carriage cost £22 and admin £18. This is looking very good. Next year cost £22 and admin £24. This is looking even better. They have kept their offer price of carriage fixed at £22 but increased their revenue by approximately %150. And it gets better still. The logistics of getting a parcel from China to the UK is no small challenge. Whereas a few key taps on a PC key board is generating more revenue. It would appear that FedEx should become an admin company and subcontract the carriage I know that is could be viewed as quite simplistic, but it should give one a flavour of the idea. Well what about the other carriers. It would appear that they are all doing the same. Where is the competition? No need to increase your quotes just increase the admin. Cartel? Transparency? Confusion? So, If you refuse to pay what will any of the carriers do? Well originally not a lot. I noticed that most successful results against Fedex are historic. If you complained they would waive the admin cost. However a recent visit to Controlaccounts web site boasts For a leading global freight company weimproved cashflow by 12%, see how we can do the same for you. And who might that be? Now this is the Nub of the issue. Fear and threats work on most people where money is concerned and getting a DCA involved allows FedEx to be hands off. Threatening to sue clients is not their businesses. Also the task of defending your action against such a barrage of threats is quite daunting especially for £12 along with no guaranteed chance of winning against the might of a giant international corporation and no clear precedent. The outcome is pay up. However if by chance a valiant knight comes to the rescue and challenges the Dragon what might happen. Without doubt, FedEx would walk away long before it went to court as the last thing it wants is a precedent to be established about this very grey area against the plaintive. Why? They could lose, and that risk of £12 vs. £10000’s of annual income is not a good bet. And so for as long as this situation lasts one has two choice (1) pay up and shut up (2) Do not pay and be prepared for a long unpleasant time of threats, abuse, fear, anxiety, lasting over many months that should result in no £12 admin fee being paid.
  7. hi, i rent a room in one town (near my works and children) and my partner (not the mother of my children) rents a house in the next town, she is signed off sick and has a daughter. i cant move in to her home as she is being evicted as landlord is selling up, section 21 ends in september and her local council are not helping much they just say she will have to rent another private which isnt easy since she isnt working and on sick benefits due to ongoing heart issues for which she is having open heart surgery for very soon. i work full time but cant have her and her daughter live with me as i rent a room in a house to keep costs down so i can pay for my children and not go via csa. i have already registered for housing with local council in my town but of course can only apply for a 1 bed place due to it being just me. i have now filled in a change of circumstances form and added my partner as we were thinking of moving in together in the new year (have been with each other for several years so not a rushed thing) with all that is happening her end i dont know what to do as she is going to need me with her full time during and after surgery. have i done the correct thing adding her via the change of circumstances form with my local council? as i hope they will help us get a place together and soon due to her condition . we did not want to move in under these circumstances but i need to be there for her full time. since we are both living in different towns i am just wondering what the best thing to do or push for. a very odd situation and any pointers would be great as i am worried about her condition and the stress of all this being evicted is having on her but also wanting to get help with a council home not private rent as i cant afford to keep both of us on private rent rates. thanks.
  8. Hello All, I would dearly like some advice, if youcan provide. I got into significant debt (132K) with 29creditors. This was due to my ownstupidity thinking I was managing my debts. In the end, I was taking out cash on credit cards to pay monthly minimums! How stupid can you get? I’m sure others have done this too! In mid 2010 I just didn’t have the money to continue to pay. All accounts were defaulted and I utilised the fantastic services of CCCS, now StepChange. They set up a DMP for me which meant I could be debt free by 2021. I have been paying these debts since November 2010 and have been able to increase payments as smaller debts have been paid and my disposable income has increased. I’ve been fortunate never to have missed a payment. Unfortunately, mostly due to the debts my marriage came to an end. This meant we had to sell our house. It did mean some disposable capital was available and this coupled with a loan from my sister meant I was in a position to offer al lcreditors a partial settlement of approximately 60 to 75%. I worked with StepChange to ensure the amounts etc. were correct and decided to send the letters myself to all remaining 22 creditors. From these, some came back and counter offered however in total I have been able to agree with and pay-off 19. Three have declined these all are managed by Moorgate /Idem Servicing. Who was original company: MBNA What type of debt: Credit Card Amount: At default £ 13500, 12400 when transferredto Moorgate in 2012 Now £8900 – I Offered £6000. When account was opened: Originally opened July 2006 Which company owns the debt now: Moorgate Is account defaulted: Nov 2010 Who was original company: MBNA What type of debt: Credit Card Amount: At default £ 1750, £1470 when transferredto Moorgate in 2012 Now £1068 – I Offered £800. When account was opened: Originally opened Jan 2006 Which company owns the debt now: Moorgate Is account defaulted: Nov 2010 Who was original company: Halifax What type of debt: Credit Card Amount: At default £ 1300, £1275 when transferredto Moorgate in 2012 Now £795 – I Offered £600. When account was opened: Originally opened Jan 2006 Which company owns the debt now: Idem Servicing (Moorgate) Is account defaulted: Nov 2010 I have spoken to Moorgate on a number ofoccassions and asked them to re-submit slightly higher offers and each time they have been rejected. Due to divorce, my disposable income will be less and I told them this and that I would be reducing my monthly payment soffer for the largest account from £105pm to £40, at least for the time being. In regards to the larger debt, about £3000of this was in default/late payment/interest charges added after I stoppedpaying, until the DMP had been agreed. I have asked them over the phone to provide a true copy of the CCA and they have said because they weren’t the original lender, they will have to request these and it could take up to a month. They want me to continue with my monthly payments in the meantime. Is there anything I could be doing to tryto persuade them to accept the partial settlements or should I just make thenew reduced payments and accept the situation? One thing to note, Moorgate have been verypolite with me and thus far haven’t been aggressive. Any advice or guidance would be welcome. Thanks you
  9. Hi, I am in desperate need of help! ill start from the beginning. On August 31st i went to a used dealer to look at some cars as mine broke down. I spotted a car and phoned my brother in law for his opinion. My brother in law informed me that his friend actually works at this place so he will be able to get me some money off so to leave it with him and he will pick the car up for me tomorrow. My brother in law phoned me the next day and said he can get me the car for £2000 (original price was £2595) I asked him was it all in working order and drives ok? he said yes. I sent him the money (Bank transfer) and he purchased the car for me. The next day I heard a grinding coming from the engine and the ABS and Traction control warning light illuminated. I then spent 15 mins in a car park as the car would not start, i kept getting a car with a wrench warning light. There was no sound from the engine when the key was turned. This has happened on a number of occasion and i have as of today had the car for 9 days. On day 2 i phoned the dealer and told him i am not happy with everything and would like to reject the car and have a full refund. he told me that as £600 was knocked off this was a trade deal so i have no rights to a refund. He then said i would need to speak to his partner. On day 4 i went to the dealers and spoke to the partner who said i did not buy the car from them. he stated the car was sold to my brother in law and its nothing to do with them who he sold it on to. In the end i agreed to pass them the car back as they requested while they fixed the problems. they said the car was throwing out a code about the camshaft sensor so they re programmed the key which solved all issues. I got the car back yesterday and every issue i reported is still there, the car did come back with a nice big scratch on the rear bumper. I phone the dealer again today to be told that there is no problem with the car and i would not be getting a refund. When i said you leave me no option but to take the legal route he said i dont have a leg to stand on as i dont have a receipt. (all that was given to my brother in law was a card payment receipt) however i do have a printed copy of the advert from their website. Please help me get my £2000 back!!! if you need any further details let me know. Thanks
  10. I know i am, it's not just because it's about people claiming benefits, but all the inaccuracies contained within these programs, the one on channel 5 about benefit cheats, is the latest, a Liverpool lad , claiming what was described as sickness benefits ,for PTSD told the undercover reporter that he was getting a total of £1,500 per month ,inc DLA , I find that very hard to believe, which makes me think of those IDS and his sanctions work leaflets that were based on lies , Also are those that are cheating the system really that dumb that they will boast to someone they hardly know about the hows and why's of what they do? Are these tv companies paying for stooges for entertainment value, and to help keep the governments hate propaganda against people on benefits alive ? if it isn't about cheating the system in some way, it's about their health conditions ie" too fat to work" ect
  11. BOOKIES OFFERS ODDS ON WHO'LL BE CAUGHT ...........ON ASHLEY MADISON London 19TH august: Members of adultery website Ashley Madison will be shaking in their stockings after hackers reportedly released data containing their names and personal details. With cheating spouses on red alert, Paddy Power has opened up the betting on who might be nabbed for a naughty night under the sheets. The bookmaker offers 1/10 for a Premier League footballer to score an own goal and be named, while it's 1/4 for a MP, or a regal 5/6 for a mischievous member of the Royal Family. Paddy even gives 6/1 for a record number of divorces in the UK in 2015, while it's now 5/2 that Madison will hold its IPO in London this year. Paddy Power said: "I've honestly only just heard about this website but the snake is firmly out of the trousers on this one and millions could be caught up in the scandal." Who will be revealed? 1/10 A Premier League footballer 1/4 An MP 2/1 A Roman Catholic Cardinal 5/6 A member of the British royal family 7/1 A cast member of TOWIE Ashley Madison Fallout 6/1 2015 to break the record for highest number of UK divorces The bookmaker offers 1/10 for a Premier League footballer to score an own goal and be named, while it’s 1/4 for a MP, or a regal 5/6 for a mischievous member of the Royal Family. Paddy even gives 6/1 for a record number of divorces in the UK in 2015, while it’s now 5/2 that Madison will hold its IPO in London this year. Never mind that Ashley Madison didn't bother verifying email addresses, so the existence of someone's details in the database doesn't actually prove anything, eh? That means anyone could have created an account using the email address of a top footballer, politician or - yes - member of the Royal household. Paddy Power may be finding the situation funny, but just think of the potential human cost of a data breach like this. We shouldn't be too quick to jump to conclusions. Even if account details are genuine, their existence is no proof that someone had an affair behind their partner's back.
  12. Ok here we go again. I've dealt with thousands and thousands of building insurance claims. Most claims are viewed by a loss adjuster who on the whole are reasonable ,realistic people in touch with prices and the unforeseen problems that can arise as the remedial work continues. Asprea on the other hand will quote prices so low there is no way the job can be completed to a good standard of workmanship. They will under price on materials and labour. ... Not my scene. My Mother in laws house has been flooded by a burst water main from a neighboring property. I've stripped out the ground floor floor coverings put in dehumidifiers and have a meeting with their "surveyor" in the morning. I won't be having breakfast. ..... The "Boy" they send out will suffice !!!! Will update as it progresses.
  13. Over the past few months a large number of Facebook pages have been set up (mainly by Sovereign Citizen/Freeman on the Land activists). A common feature of these pages is the use of highly dubious methods of 'beating the bailiff'. The most common feature, and one that is sadly costing debtors dearly is the advice to refuse to speak or correspond with the enforcement agent and instead, to pay the amount of the actual 'debt' (Liability Order, parking penalty notice, court fine) direct to the creditor (minus bailiff fees of course). From further reading it would appear that the reason for refusing to 'engage' with the enforcement company is that by 'engaging' the debtor becomes a 'joinder' and therefore is agreeing to a 'contract' being entered into (a daft Freeman on the Land theory and one that has no basis in law whatsoever). A rather worrying suggestion that I have seen on quite a few of these sites recently is the advice to debtors to make a complaint about bailiff fees to the Magistrate's Court under the provision of Regulation 1 of the Magistrates Courts Act 1980. This is novel idea and one that again is being sold by 'Guru's' and has no basis whatsoever in law. Of course as with all such scams, there is no evidence whatsoever of any court 'successes'. This is despite the highly inaccurate 'claims' on these Facebook pages that once the summons is laid before the Justice of the Peace that the Justice will either issue a summons directed to the bailiff requiring him to appear before the magistrates' court to answer the information or more ludicrously; that a warrant would be issued ordering the bailiff to be arrested and brought to court to answer the charges. A copy of a recent 'template' is provided in the following post.
  14. Hi all There seems to be a glitch in the other sub forum i wanted to post in so posting in here I was wondering if anyone has had any success with asking the creditor who issued the CCJ that if i agree to pay will they agree to the set aside. Just a bit of background: (short and sweet) was issued this back in Nov 14, i never received the original claim but received the default CCJ. After some research i understand this cant be a reason to have the CCJ set aside by going down the normal route. I'm still very new as to what to do to be honest many thanks for taking the time to read
  15. Hello All, I discovered this site at the weekend and spent hours reading the post, its fantastic to see such friendly and helpful people giving each other support and I hope I can get some of that support here I have been going around circles with Vodafone, I have tweeted, called, been into the shop, sent letters, completed the online chat and all I seem to get ist he Vodafone run around, it seems there is no where you can turn for help and support. Even the feedback to the CEO's office that I found on the website returns nothing, the 48 hours that they promise to help has gone! I see that someone called Lee from Vodafone helps on these forums and I have seen the sticky thread about alerting him to a post but I have noticed that the link for the contact form takes you straight to the Vodafone homepage - can anyone help with that or alert Lee to my issue please. Anyone.... I am currently going back and forth with a few letters which I have copied and pasted below which explains the issues. The letters are not a full representation of all the calls and chats I have had with them as there is no amount of time in the world that I could detail every issue but I believe most of this is recorded on my account. LETTER TO VODAFONE JULY 2015 Since the start of my contract I have had numerous issues with coverage on my phone, particularly in relation to 2G, 3G and 4G. I have complained about this previously and have written to you before but I never had a reply, in honesty I didn’t follow this up as I felt I had nowhere to turn after 3 letters were not answered and the call centres didn’t help, so I relied on my Wi-Fi signal but now I have no Wi-Fi I am looking to use my phones more but am still having the same issues. When I took out the 2 contracts I was put on a 4G plan and was told 4G would bei n the area soon but I have never once had a 4G signal unless I was travelling to an area like London. My phones struggle to hold a 3G signal for longer than a few minutes, typically if I can find a 3G signal I will have a weak phone signal but after a few minutes the phone signal shows more bars but the 3G drops to either GPRS or nothing at all. My phone also cannot receive calls, I can be sat at home showing good signal and I get a missed call text message but the phone doesn’t ring. I am sure you will see I have made numerous attempts to get Vodafone to assist me on this however whenever I call or use the online help I get pushed from department to department and I get given information which is later retracted and I am given useless tests or tweaks to my phone which make no difference and are not followed up when I report a tweak has made no difference. I have lost count the number of times I have been told an update is being done on my nearest mast in 24 hours which will solve my issues – only to be told the next time that I call that there is no record of any work. I have adjusted the settings as requested and I have changed the sim card as requested – although I was only able to do this in one of my handsets as I was only sent 1 sim despite being told 2 would be sent. I have also been told a manager will call me back to discuss my complaint in 72 hours on a fee occasions but that never happens and I have also been promised compensation which I have never received. I have also been sent into the shop for help, only to be sent away from them as they told me there’s nothing they can do. The shop staff asked me to use the landline help phone but I was kicked out of the shop after being on the phone for about 30 minutes as they were closing. I have also been “hung up” on 3 times by your staff. I am hopeful the notes on my account show the full details of what has been discussed as I don’t have the time to list everything discussed and I certainly think you wont have the time to read all of that If I did put it. I understand that signal can be tricky at times but the fact I am getting this issue at most locations tells me there is something seriously wrong and I feel these needs to be dealt with urgently, if not I feel we need to come to amutual agreement to allow me to end my contract with you. I would therefore appreciate it if you could answer the following questions for me Why am I being charged a 4G plan and why was I allowed to join a 4G plan almost 18 months ago when there Is still no 4G in my area? Why am I not able to receive a 3G signal? Why are your staff giving me conflicting information? Why has this issue gone unresolved for so long? Why have I not been compensated for this? Why has my previous complaints not been followed up? Why do you feel you can charge me for a service you are not providing? I look forward to hearing from you within 5 days at outlined in your complaints procedure REPLY FROM VODAFONE (let me remind you I wrote this letter and they wrote a reply in the post) Dear Mr White Thank youfor writing to Vodafone I apologise for the inconvenience caused to you I understand your facing network issues at your place and we apologise for this inconvenience. I checked our terms of conditions for cancellation of your contract due to failure of services as mentioned in your email clause 11 of the pay monthly airtime conditions does give you the right to end this agreement by writing to us ift here is a complete failure of the network for seven days in a row due to something we have done. I have checked the network at your location and found that the 4G network is available at postcode only. We always try to give you the services when and where you want them however due to the nature of mobile communication technology it's impossible to provide a fault free service. This technical fault which happened due to the failure of a local mast in your location is not something we have done intentionally to interrupt your services.Further more the fault has already been acknowledged and our engineers are already working on this issue to resolve it as soon as possible and ensure that the 2G services I was stored as soon as possible. We also understand that you did face inconvenience in terms of availability of our network services. Considering the same I would like to offer you to credit 50% of line rental for one month including VAT. If you wish to accept this offer please reply to this email with your confirmation and we will apply this credit on your account. I trust the above information helps please write back if you have further query Regards Jigish Vyas Vodafone customer services MY REPLY TO VODAFONES REPLY (I have also sent this to the CEOS office) Thank you for your reply of 18th July, a copy of which is enclosed I am somewhat disappointed with the reply received, and I am afraid some parts do not make sense, therefore I would like some further clarification. Paragraph 3 states “I have checked the network at your location and found the4 G network is available at postcode only” can you clarify what this means?,especially as I have outlined on numerous complaint calls that this issues is happening in more than one location. I have given at least 5 different postcodes where this is happening. Paragraph 4, In relation to the technical fault on the local mast I have been given continuous conflicting information on this, I have been advised 3 times previously that this fault will be sorted within hours or the following day. On other occasions I am told there is no fault at all, and we are referring to more than 1 mast here as this issue is happening in more than 1 location. Can you clarify and advise when this issue will be sorted. Paragraph 5, your letter continually refers to our communication being via email which It is not and that I need to reply to this email to accept your compensation offer. I am prepared to accept the 50% line rental for both handsets on my account and I would appreciate you confirming the compensation will be applied to both accounts. I am only accepting this compensation as a good will gesture for some of the faults I have experienced so far – I am not accepting this as a closure of this matter and the issue still persists. I feel that the issues I am having warrants cancelling both of the contracts and I would like this actioned, however if you are not prepared to do this I would like you to consider offering me a cheaper line rental of about £25 amonth for both handsets/numbers so I can use this money to pay another network to provide me the services you should be providing me. I have also asked a number of questions in my first letter and you have failed to answer any of these, I have enclosed a copy of these and I would appreciate a response or a reason why you are not answering these queries? Finally as I feel you are not taking appropriate action in dealing with this matter I have forwarded details of our complaint to the Ombudsman and I would appreciate a “deadlock letter” if you are not willing to either cancel my contract or reduce the line rental as outlined above. I look forward to hearing from you within 5 days at outlined in your complaints procedure in relation to the above Yours sincerely
  16. I wrote a will for a client of mine who named me as her executor. She was estranged from both her daughter and son and as she lived in a care home had no one to act for her. In her will there is a clause that quite clearly gives me as her executor the power to charge for any work done in the event of her death - the probate. My client passed away and I did everything that not only an executor would do but also much more besides such as attending the funeral, clearing her room and even the internment of her ashes. Her son has now issued a claim against me for the sum of the fees that I charged plus interest. He effectively believes that I should have done it all for nothing! Any advice would be appreciated. The claim is for over £4,000.
  17. I sold an item on ebay, marked as collection only, and my buyer chose to send a courier to collect. I agreed to this to facilitate the sale - yes, everyone has told me this was a mistake. Buyer made all the arrangements, using Shiply - that was her mistake! Courier duly collected the item - a hand-carved coffee table sold for £250 - but has never delivered and will not return emails, texts or phone calls. In short, he has gone AWOL and taken my table with him. Ebay, of course, have taken £250 off me again and given it back to the buyer. Neither of us has the table. So how do I recover the goods? My buyer seems either unable or unwilling to trawl through her emails to find her booking confirmation, but in the meantime I have found his name (though I suspect it is false), email address, phone number, a copy of his terms and conditions, the city he is based in, and I have his van make and registration. What I don't have is an address, or my table, or £250 Can any one advise me on my next move.
  18. Hi all. I run a business that repairs tablet devices. A customer came to me to have a screen repaired which I repaired with a 3 month warranty. The customer returned to show his screen was lifting up. This was due to his battery swelling inside the device, not because of the work I'd done . I replaced the screen again as I broke it when I tried to push it back into place over the swollen battery, so then I also replaced the battery as a 'good will gesture' and I didn't provide a warranty for the battery as it wasn't paid for . A month later, this battery now will not charge and I am of the opinion it's because of the inner workings failing due to the initial drop. Did I enter a contract by agreeing to replace the battery free of charge as a good will gestur or is it not my responsibility? If I replace the battery, the same thing will happen or another problem. All comments welcome. Thanks
  19. Hi, i am i am hoping someone can help me. My husband has a full time job, which he absolutely hates...he's been there since june 2014 Without going into why he hates it, i was wondering how long before he should be able to claim benefits? Btw i am not working and i dont claim any benefits...
  20. Morning All, Hope you can help. Rossendales due today! Debt council tax relates to 2014/15, I was signed off by G.P for stress and anxiety after suffering post traumatic stress following a dreadful experience. I have all doctors sickness notes. The debt is due and I accept full responsibility for not acting correctly, I was not dealing with anything to be honest. Was on ESA now on JSA. O.k Sums outstanding to council £232.00, Rossendales added £75.00 compliance stage fee total due £307.00. I phoned Rossendales ofice explained my position, office refused to speak to me as now with an agent. Phoned spoke to the Baliff, he refused to accept a payment arrangement over phone and insisted on coming to see me in order to make a levy of goods and would then enter an agreement, however they would charge a £235.00 levying distress fee, making balance now due at £542.00. I phoned the council asking if I could make an arrangement, they advised "now with Rossendales, we cannot intervene." After my bad time, I am now trying to take control and I'm going down to the council personally this morning, what I found and I need help with please is the following:- Council tax guidance - Rt Hon Eric Pickles, "Local authorities should remain and prepared to deal directly with individuals at any point" Does this mean I can insist that the Council call back action from the Baliffs and make an agreement with me? I also have Guidance regulations 45 (b) section 5 (admin & enforcement) regulations 1992 (amended 2006), from these I am a little confused regarding how much the Baliff can charge for the Levy, section 2 a) does not exceed £100 = £12.50, b) 12.5% on the first £100, 4% on next £400, I don't need to go any further, are these charges based on original balance owed to the Council of £232.00 or to include Rossendale fee of £75.00. I may be wrong but I don't see how Rossendales can insist on coming into my home to charge this £235.00 ? I am willing to fight and pay but don't want to quote anything which is incorrect and look an idiot. Baliff due back today, can anyone advise please. Thanking you in advance.
  21. I have started writing my Will and intend to leave my house to my son. However, I have discovered a possible snag. I understand that due to having a Charge Order against my property I can't leave it to my son. I am of the impression that my house must be sold after my death to pay the Charge Order which prevents my son from inheriting the property. Is this correct?
  22. Hi, my ex-partner (my daughter's Daddy) has landed a job that entitles him to free private health care for him and his 'family'. He's asked me if I'd like us (me and my daughter) to be included in the package. I'm currently on Income Support until May - will it effect this at all? Thanks in advance.
  23. Hello, I have 2 current defaults on my credit file (both of which are being appealed). Both are from April 2010, and both debts become SB in August of this year. I am in contact with both debtors with the 3 letter process and nervously awaiting any action they may take before August. My question is regarding the affect these old defaults have. My noddle credit rating still say 1 out of 5 despite the fact I have no other problems and an up to date bank account and mobile phone contract, and on electoral role etc. What would happen after the 6 years, will these defaults disappear off my credit file, or do I have to request to have them removed. Could these 5 year old defaults be the reason my credit rating is so low? Thanks Everyone.
  24. Hi, I was recently involved in a car accident where the women pulled out of her drive and i went into her. Anyway front the start Hastings haven't been to helpful, i have had to do alot of chasing just to get there engineer out! as apparently my details was not sent over to him properly , i also didn't receive a courtesy car even thought iam full comp! Anyway today i have found out its a total loss I have had a friend (mechanic) look at it who thinks it is repairable, and i want to keep the car. I have asked Hastings if i can buy the car back from them, they have said to me this is not a service they offer, and if i wanted my car i either not claim or try and make a deal with the scrap dealer. So my question is how can i go about buying my car back from Hastings, i feel like i have had a nightmare with Hastings and all i want to do is get this settled and get my car. Has anyone else had this issue and how can i resolve it? p.s the car is still in my possession Thanks S.H
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