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  1. Hi Mr.P Ok, thank you for the advice! Shame it has to go to this, but I'll look into getting someone.
  2. Hi BazzaS In our short exchange of letters I asked him to provide evidence as to why I was no longer a beneficiary, his response was that I now needed to provide him with ID before he would communicate any further. I sent the ID, along with further requests for any evidence that counter acts the public record document, but no he has stopped responding. He is the sole executor. In theory he should have a lot of assets! I found out that my father was a multiple property landlord, sold all the property, gave his other son (the executor) the majority of the estate before his d
  3. Hi everyone I found out this year that my father (who I'd never had contact with) had died over 2 years ago, and had left me £25,000 in his last will and testament (I have a copy of the will from public record). However, the executor is my brother (who I've also never met) who inherited the majority of the estate, and after some difficulty in getting a response out of him, he has responded saying that I was removed from the will as a beneficiary. The copy of the will that is on public record does have codicils on it, but they do not relate to the money I've been left. My b
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