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  1. surely the new contract is within the 14 days cooling off period so cancel that, cancel the old one and move to a new network?
  2. To update you I have just had a chat with Lee, from the jist of the call I don't think my account is showing a full statement of my calls, complaints etc with Vodafone however Lee is going to look into this further and get back to me.
  3. That was from the golds gym website today. If your attendance list shows nothing that could work in your favour as you can prove you never went but paid your 12 months contract as per the agreement.
  4. Looks like the link is now working all filled in but no reply with a confirmation number.... Yet! The feedback to the CEO http://campaigns.vodafone.co.uk/jeroenhoencamp/ is also now working but I didn't get any reply from that
  5. Just foundthis in the terms and conditions, from my understanding after the minimum termthey would have charged you for 1 month and the membership should be cancelled - I would ask in your dispute letter why this didn't happen Anymember who Ceases to pay monthly by variable direct debit will be sent onewritten notice by the proprietor requesting payment, and if 14 days after such notice the outstanding subscription fee has not been paid,the membership may be cancelled at the discretion of the proprietor and theremainder of the subscription due for the period from such cancellation unti
  6. The email I used to get out of my contract was Tom.Mockridge@virginmedia.co.uk one of his team called me within a few hours
  7. I am not saying the issue is with GG and that's where the battle is, All I am suggesting is kaju900 asks them for an attendance list to prove she wasn't going at the time they claim she owes money to refer to the debt collection agency or to use in case any further action from the debt collection agency is taken and to do this asap
  8. How do you know they are not the size the label says? Is it case of the fit or style of the jean, my size varies across brands If its a genuine item I don't think you would have much of a leg to stand on if the manufacturer label is on the jeans.... the buyer could do more to help but doesn't have to
  9. I had this issue and I wrote an email to the CEO's office and they did release from contract, however in my case I had been a customer for about 5 years and had recently agreed to a new 12 month deal for a cheaper price, I think it will be harder in your case as you haven't even completed 1 contract cycle with them but it would be worth a go.
  10. I would ask GG for a print out of your attendance and send that with a letter to CRS explaining the situation saying you dispute they money owed and that they would need to prove to you that you didn't cancel as you have outlined and that you would like details of how GG ensure handwritten cancellations (that they request) cannot be lost due to human error or similar, stating that you feel you are a victim of their systems GG would have sold the debt to CRS so they will chase you and use scare tactics, just hold your ground and keep a copy of everthing you send to them I assume you d
  11. I manage a gym and it shocks me a company will allow a debt to rock up like this, whether it is disputed or not - how many months membership are they claiming you owe and what amount of notice do they ask for in their TC's?
  12. Something is definitely wrong with that link, have just found it on the Vodafone EForum Pages explaining how to "contact us" and it shows the same link with same instructions which also goes to the home page, found a web relations email and tried that a while ago but have not had a confirmation email back - they make everything so difficult and so exhausting If anyone else clicks the link above from Vodafone do they get the form?
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