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  1. Ask them for a full explanation of what was wrong, how they calculated this amount and whether that includes amounts already paid. Approximately how much have you paid over the last 2 years? Do you use electricity for heating & water heating?
  2. when were these cards / loan taken out? That might make a difference as to how you proceed
  3. Might be worth while writing to Lloyds saying that you have no knowledge of the transactions and that you suspect possible fraud and for them to provide full details of these transactions, including a copy of the cheque
  4. A skilled lawyer might be able to argue that an account that was not properly (lawfully) closed (if that was the case), that the account should still be open and therefore could not be assigned to Lowell because Lowell are not a bank
  5. Don't just be relieved when this is resolved - you have invested a lot of time and effort in this, have been given the run-around and have had your credit file trashed. Vodaphone would have got permission to update your credit file when you opened your original account. That would have ended when the account was closed with nothing outstanding. Even if they did have permission to update your credit history with accurate information, doing so with inaccurate information is libel. Hopefully one of Jen's questions was how many £000's do you need to be paid to make this go away.
  6. I thought that the criminal law penalty was meant to act as a deterrent. Have I lost the plot or has RLP turned the world upside down?
  7. There will be no police involvement unless you go to the police to make a complaint about the security guards' conduct I would be tempted by a letter to RLP something along the lines of : I deny any liability to you or your clients. I presume that you are taking this approach on behalf of your clients to hide the very unpleasant racist remarks that were directed towards me. Should you choose to continue your involvement in this matted then I will presume that you sympathise with the racist statements and will include you in any further action that I might take.
  8. If it was sold to Marlin then they will have to accept the payment plan that you agreed with HFC. They will have no chance of getting a CCJ Write to Marlin to say that you had a payment plan agreed with HFC for £10 per month & that this is still in force, although you have been paying £20 per month. Meanwhile look to see if you were paying PPI & what charges you paid - they are reclaimable It is also worthwhile sending a CCA request to Marlin, just to see what they can find.
  9. Worth while remembering that THEY stopped collecting in the first place
  10. They could be collecting on behalf of EE. Either way, a swift curt letter explaining that EE's legal team have accepted a CISAS decision and cancelled the bill, so please explain their involvement and the basis of their demand. Also add you expect either confirmation that they have withdrawn their claim or a copy of their complaints procedure. Orange also deserve a kicking and a demand for an explanation - with a copy of the DCA demand & the email attached - maybe sent to their MD.
  11. Companies don't like removing defaults because that is an admission of libel and carries a liability for action if you have been charged a higher interest rate or lost the opportunity to purchase something on credit because of the default. Of course they can remove it as "a gesture of goodwill" without admitting any liability. If they do that, you might want to ask if their goodwill comes with some amount of compensation. Most likely we won't hear from you again on this thread if they do that!
  12. You can still reclaim the PPI because although it was taken 9+ years ago, you only recently found out about it & the possibility of reclaiming it All that it changes is the amount of interest that they will pay on it (9 years worth) CoOp are very naughty offsetting the full amount of the loan into an overdraft - they shouldn't have done more than the credit balance, otherwise they are forcing you to take credit to pay off a credit agreement! However it does take the wind out of Lowell's sails. It will definitely be worth looking at reclaiming any charges incurred because o
  13. How old is the account and have you made a CCA request? Why not make them work for their money. If you haven't already sent a CCA request then send one using the template in the library. If there are a lot of charges then work out the total of charges and don't pay them (plus the interest charged on them) If you paid PPI then reclaim it
  14. Or better still continue making £1 pm payments to the original creditor (unless the debt has been sold). If MH are acting as DCA for the OC then the OC is equally responsible for their conduct. If the calls don't stop, make a formal complaint to MH (and the OC if not sold) Although it might not stop them, after their final response you can escalate to the FOS which will at least cost them (both if you complain about both) for the investigation
  15. Defend it on the basis that your sis did not cause the damage and was only aware of any damage when the landlord sent the bill - especially if your sis would be incapable of causing the damage due to her condition or if the partner is now an ex-partner Has the partner admitted causing the damage or is that a presumption?
  16. I think that you should expect to get an invoice for any cancellation charge - from the mobile provider. If Lowell demand more, demand that they provide the invoice showing a full breakdown of the amount from 3. I suspect that they won't supply one. Why would you pay something when you don't know how they arrived at the figure.
  17. Presumably a "free" ipad and a very high rate for 8Mb data per month to recover the cost of the ipad. Have EE sent an invoice for their termination charges or was it left to Moorcroft to tell you of this? In similar circumstances where I said that without an invoice showing a detailed breakdown of the charges, plus in the circumstances what steps they had taken to mitigate any losses, Orange declined to supply the invoice and settled for just the outstanding bill amount. While it might be in the contract that the whole contract must be paid for, they are preventing you from u
  18. In a similar situation, I asked for a copy of the invoice for the early termination charges so that I could ensure that it was accurate. The mobile company (orange in my case) declined to provide one and eventually decided that there was nothing to pay. Have Lowell bought any/all of these debts or are they just acting as DCA? (you should have received letters of assignment if Lowell own them) Given the timely warning above, it's worth finding out from TM if they have sold the debt, how much it was for, and get a copy of your last few invoices Meanwhile write to Lowell and tell t
  19. Does anyone else have access to the phone? Presumably the phone has a call log (I know that individual items can be deleted). Have you googled the numbers that they claim were called?
  20. I think that any early termination charges are really just trying to recoup the cost of the "free" phone. They didn't give you the opportunity to use the inclusive minutes because they cut you off, yet at the time that they cut you off had every intention of demanding the full amount of the contract. The phones are "free" to avoid the CCA. They might have sold the debt to Lowell, that shows how enforceable it is. You need to find out more from TM & Lowlife. I wouldn't have thought that you will be able to improve your credit rating by much unless the defaults are removed,
  21. The phone is "free" to avoid the CCA complications that buying by installments would introduce. Obviously you really are paying for the phone as part of the payments and that's why a contract providing a more expensive "free" phone costs more
  22. Time to contact Lloyds again. Telephone would be ok - to find out if and when the account was sold to Lowells. If you contact Lowell, ask them where the other 20 pages of the statements are. I think that when LTSB do a reprint they start at 1. If you don't have the correspondence from 2008/2009 re the other account then send a SAR to lowell. (A SAR asking for everything that they hold about you, not just details of charges) I would try telling them that the payments made were in respect of a different account and that this one is SB since the last payment was in 2006.
  23. This illustrates the problem with the debt purchasing industry People think that they the debt that they are claiming is something different because there is insufficient detail. Does any of the correspondence from Lowell / BC mention Orange / EE? What previous correspondence have you received about any of this? Have you received any letters of assignment? I think that your first move should be to write & email Lowell & BC saying that you have no idea what this alleged debt is and for them to provide proof that you owe this amount and that they are entitled to
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