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  1. Hi all I had an account with Vodafone (unfortunately) around 2 years ago. My contract was cancelled incorrectly and they put a default on my credit report for around £500. i paid the bill but challenged this with them at the time and they said tough. Funny thing is they paid me back the money in 3 payments after I had paid it to them which I can prove. To me this is an incorrect default as they are saying that I wasn't in the wrong by paying the money back to me. I've tried to contact Vodafone in many different ways. Through customer service, through the
  2. Hi All Need some advice. Vodafone are refusing to accept the fact they have refunded me the money back to my account and they are not interested in me showing them my bank statements to prove it either. Would anyone suggest going to the ombudsman about this issue or will I not have a leg to stand on. Cheers
  3. Hi Lee Could you please push this through as it has been going on now since the middle of July and the information on my report is incorrect and affecting my current mortgage application. I do believe that Vodafone are breaking data protection laws when holding incorrect information. I would prefer this to be sorted by the end of this week. I have received your email and replied I would just like to point out that the satisfaction date was the 27/03/2014 but the account keeps being updated. There is no way I want the date to be changed to t
  4. Well as you can see Lee has got it and he has passed it to the "appropriate team". Ive had that line before, palm it off to another person and let them deal with it. Im just waiting for them to come back and deny they have refunded it and then for me to prove them wrong as always. and to top it off ive just checked my credit report. the satisfied date was 27/03/2014 but they keep updating my credit report with a default. The last entry from Vodafone was the 10/08/2014. SUrely once its settled they cant keep updati
  5. Hey all I have had a response from the ICO saying that Vodafone should return my account balance to £0 because they have refunded the full amount back to me. Will this remove the default or not? Lee can you please get in contact with me in regards to this because I have the proof that this was refunded but you're saying you didn't refund this back to me. Cheers
  6. Hi All sorry its been a while but ive managed to find the letter which has the debt fees of. only around £400 robbing *****. Is there anyway these can be reclaimed back from them.Cheers
  7. Hi Where abouts on the site do I lodge the complaint? I Cant seem to find it or do I just have to email them Thanks My bad found it haha found it
  8. Hi I have had a response from Lee. Not good. They have clearly refunded the money to me which I can prove to them but they are saying their system shows no record of this and because the default was from last year when the case was with the FOS they are unable to remove the default. Also I don't know if I did mention that they deleted a very important call which was asked for by the FOS. Can I dispute this with the FOS again with regards to them refunding me the money but saying they have not. I tell you they must have a great finance depar
  9. Hi for the 28 days intention to register the default. Would they have to prove they sent me a letter to say this. Is there a certain paragraph I need to use in the letter.Cheers
  10. Cant see it looking likely to go anywhere to be fair but they have definitely messed me around. I paid the debt and then they refunded it all back to me as you can see from my first post. So personally I don't see how they can still default my credit reference as they repaid all the monies. Hey Ho Vodafone for you
  11. Hi Lee I will send the details to you on PM which I have sent Jenny Cheers
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