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  1. I can understand your frustration. Having read other threads - some about orange broadband - the broadband is probably separate & you won't be able to use the non-supply of that to cancel your tv contract. I suspect that the best you can do is complain as loud as you can as high up as you can. Definately tell them that you only took tv to get bb and are they going to cancel the lot, but be prepared for them to say no & then to argue for compensation for time, trouble & cost of internet access via other methods due to their mismanagement / negligence / incompetence. I
  2. If, at the time that you take out a loan, this the intention of a loan company should you default, then shouldn't the interest rate be that of a secured loan rather than an unsecured loan, since they intend to get the outstanding balance + charges secured against your house if you default. I don't see the difference between a secured loan & what they are doing.
  3. I nearly had this myself, I selected a date, then used the wheel on the mouse to scroll down the page, but the date dropdown was still selected (bue) it and scrolled down to the bottom date (30) before scrolling the page. Fortunately I noticed in time. It's easily done!
  4. If you are paying all of your calls via tiscali I don't understand how you got a large bill from BT
  5. Grrrrr Balance indeed. When you consider the family on benefits with a debt caused by sky high interest rates, illegal penalty charges and a lack of knowledge to contest a judgement compared with the loan company or other creditor with money, legal clout and now the ability to go ahead and break in to steal property. It beggars belief. I still have difficulty reconciling this bill coming from a labour government with the Conservatives insisting on some checks being introduced. Old world turned on its head! Just wondering if any DCA / Bailiff owners have made any contributions / lo
  6. How about a copy of the TV progs that show the nice behaviour of our kind bailiffs And some examples of their incorrect actions & mistakes, phantom visits etc And question how will a leopard really change its spots, it might cover them up for a bit, but are bound to revert to type & then it is too late.
  7. I just hope that these newly regulated bailiffs are better at finding houses than the postman who regularly delivers mail for the same house number but the next street! If this sort of thing starts happening just think of the number of sons & daughters who are in debt who might get kicked out by their parents to avoid this happening. I can see IJ getting my son's address when this becomes law!
  8. I have been reading this and feeling very uncomfortable in general. Then I thought a bit more ... My son is in debt to Natwest (credit card) & has made an arrangement to pay a bit each month via Intrum Justitia. He has gone back to uni after a spell at home, but IJ still have my address (son changes address quite frequently so it's the only feasible one) & phone no. He isn't an excellent payer so I get a few phone calls & letters for hime that I pass on. My son hasn't asked me to give them his current address or phone no so I decline to do so when IJ ask for it.
  9. At a minimum put the request to cancel the Natwest DD in writing, then they can't deny that the request took place. It sounds to me like they are trying it on.
  10. Makes perfect sense to me Why not force your daughter to stay on the more expenive meter rather than changing it to an ordinary meter & get more money!. Has she asked for the DD discount etc even if she pays on the PP meter since its their arbitary choice and she has already proven she pays ok? After all, they get paid in advance! Would a landlord be able to say "No" to a PP meter being fitted if a tenant wasn't paying? I doubt it, so can a landlord say no to an ordinary meter, other than charge for changing it backj at the end of the lease? (Just a thought)
  11. When you consider that the energy company gets money in advance for pre-paymant meters I would (naively) have expected prices to be lower than those where people are paying on receipt of an invoice. I wonder if they can justify their charges, rather than just charging as much as they think that they can get away with. I could understand having to pay more when the meter reader came round to empty the meter but not with current technology. I wonder if there's any way that pressure could be put on the energy companies to be fair to the people on pre-payment, especially when they tend to be
  12. You might find that the 2 letters are due to their useless (new) it system. I was told that if you are on monthly direct debit then they cannot issue a refund. The only way they can do it is to change your payment method, make the refund and then change you back to monthly dd. Now that is what I call a well designed it system. Obviously their IT dept is as professional as the rest of the outfit
  13. How do the estimates compare with the actual meter readings? If they are too high then you should give them the actual reading - that might help. No bill for 7 months obviously didn't help - that contributed to your problem. They could argue that you should have anticipated the bill and saved for it. Conversely if they had sent their bills you would have paid them instead of being in this position. I doubt that many people could find enough cash to pay 7 months gas in a short timescale. How about suggesting that if they take 7 months to bill then you should have 7 months to pay? Have
  14. Hi If it's Orange & not a credit agreement then will there be a CCA?
  15. April - June is a fairly light quarter in terms of heating so you should expect payments to be higher than your usage. With a monthly payment plan I think that its fair to be in credit over the summer and then to be in debit over the winter by the same amount. Trouble is I think that BG would like you to be in credit in the depths of winter. They need reminding that their crystal ball for estimating usage (they should be experts) is cracked and opaque and quite frankly, wrong in lots of cases.
  16. BG are *******s. Hang on to all of your old bills. BG will say that they cannot view them because they have sent a replacement. They will, however have all of your readings on file. If BG won't play ball then contact Energywatch. They will give you a case number and put you through to a "high power problem resolution person" who (in my experience) will be able to sort it out. Calculate what the bill should be first - not too difficult in your case because you have the old bills and don't accept anything more. They have changed their gas billing system recently (and ****ed it
  17. Good idea buzby. I will do that. I was wondering whether the banks were asking or if it's just a company thing. I was surprised that they asked on my 3rd top-up.
  18. Hi I need some advice I get cheap phone calls over broadband using VOIP. I pay in advance by credit card. On my 3rd topup I got the following message: Am I being paranoid thinking that I am sending documents that could be used for identity fraud? I don't mind paying by credit card because that's their problem if it goes wrong. I don't even know where these people are. I might have used 3 different credit cards (I switch cards throughout the month to get max credit). These people are the cheapest that I could find 2Grumpy
  19. Ouch! Will they be making a contribution to replace my pc when mine gives up so that I can continue to receive their bills? How long will they remain online for? Hopefully they are not expecting me to print them out if I want to keep them for say 30 years?
  20. I take your point about reading your own meter reading at price changes - I just didn't think about that. From what BG said they aren't trying to do anything complex like take account of changes in temperature during the quarter, just look at previous usage of gas per day in that quarter last year and then say that you would have used the same this year. Apparently that didn't work for me because my usage has fallen this year (or my old meter wasn't accurate!) and that calculation arrived at about 90% of my actual usage for the quarter. So they obviously revisit the calculation at th
  21. I recently received a British Gas statement with several of errors on it I pay by monthly DD The statement was dated 01/03/2007 but was for the period 16/06/2006 to 08/01/2007. Not sure why it took 2 months for them to print it! It showed that I was £300 in credit There was not a list of payments – when I phoned, they said that the payments included those up to 01/03/2007, so I wasn’t really in credit by that much and if I gave them a current meter reading then they would give me the correct figure. I did that, was still in credit and (eventually) got a refund at the second a
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