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  1. Thanks I've sent her a SAR template, she'll send it off and we'll have to sit tight for 40 days. She's so disorganised though there is a slim chance she wrote the cheque herself. If that's the case is there anything she can do as the whole debt will be charges? She's a bit hazy on the dates, she moved out of the old address 2-3 years ago so it must have happened in the last 2-3 years
  2. My sister has applied for a mortgage and has been declined due to a debt with a collections agency that was sold to them by Lloyds TSB. She had a bank account with few pounds in credit that had been dormant for a few years she moved house and forgot about it. Apparently a cheque was written (she says it wasn't her) it bounced resulting in a charge this has then increased + interest + more charges etc and turned into a £200 debt. All correspondance went to her old address as she moved and didn't give them her new address as she'd forgotten about the account. I think maybe they sent a cheque book in the post and the new tenant wrote one out to himself? -just a possibility Lloyds won't tell her anything ie date of cheque amount etc they say as account is closed they can't talk to her and she has to write in? Her main concern is getting the mortgage, obviously though she doesn't want to pay the £200. How can she get it off her credit file? What's her first step a complaint letter with a SAR?
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