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  1. Thank you everyone for all your input. I must just say I was suspicious of Catherine as she had no posts and that seemed to be her first post about Trucall. I am going to order one most definitely - if it goes anyway near reducing her cold calls it will be a blessing. I used to watch programs on TV and think how can anyone be so silly as to fall for [problem] callers and sign up for charities- and then my mum - who is very independant, fit- she power walks 8 miles everyday, intelligent - but now is a nervous wreck and has signed up to so many charities and engages in conversation with peo
  2. Yeah- the company is Nuisance Call Prevention Service - checked with companies house - been registered since Oct 2013
  3. heehee!!! I think dealing with so many low lives I am permanently suspicious!!!! Will look into it
  4. And you are in no way affiliated with truecall ???
  5. Ohhhhh- interesting! It would not surprise me in the least if the b*****d has many strings to his bow-preying on vulnerable people
  6. The MD is Bill Burey, reg no- 8734429, address 4th Floor Queensberry House, 106 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XF Is there a way to check if they are a legitimate company?
  7. It is just soul destroying! I sat and cried today having finished going through my mums finances and helping her sort all her stuff out. She physically jumps out of her skin when the phone rings . The bank are sending a claim form for a charge back. I actually got through to them on the phone and requested a refund because the box doesn't work and that it was not made clear to my mum that they would be taking 4 payments etc etc. He said they could't as it has been 4 months and there is a 2 week cooling off period to cancel the contract! I said that doesn't count if the goods are
  8. On further investigation - my mum has now recalled that this is what happened! How unbelievable is this? Quite ironic too- there needs to be some major action from the government regarding these sort of things. I would get my mum a mobile phone but she would never be able to use it and has to have the landline for her SOS service!!!
  9. Thank you for the advice - will see what I can do through the bank
  10. Nuisance Call Prevention Service The problem is my mum suffers so badly with her memory - she didn't buy it in a shop!!! I've just been there and it's not one of their products!!! She bought her phone there!!! She seems to think now it was a magazine advert! She rang them and ordered it . Bank have been informed not to accept any demands for payment from them - it wasn't a direct debit- if was a card payment and they took £29.99 a month for 4 months!!
  11. She paid cash for the unit at a shop and rang the helpline and somehow ended up committing to pay them £29.99 a month for 4 months!!!!scumbags!!!!
  12. Not sure if I have posted in the right place! Just found a letter from this company that have charged my elderly mother £121 for nuisance call prevention (she bought a little box from a shop and couldn't get it to work-related so called the helpline) . It doesn't work!!! I have already added her to the free Service- is it TPS? Are they [problematic]? What rights do we have to get a refund? Funnily enough they aren't answering their phone!!!! Many thanks
  13. No! I got it cancelled the minute I realized what was happening!
  14. Unfortunately when Lowells contacted mum in May 2013 she started paying a direct debit -
  15. Hmmm- just had a look at the notes I do have- the last payment on the account was July 2007, the account was disconnected in August 2007 and Lowell say the default was January 2008. Makes no sense to me!!!
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