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  1. "common industry practice and steps are made to ensure that all regulation and guidance published by the Credit Services Association" that doesn't make it lawful or ok!
  2. Ask for the ful breakdown of their final bill, especially the termination charges. They will include several months of data that they did not allow your GF to use. That is partly because they use that to subsidise the cost of the ipad, rather than using a separate credit agreement for that When you point out that they prevented the use of the network but are still charging for that, their might be a bit more ammunition for you
  3. So have virgin mobile You should request a copy of the original agreement or proof that it was you who took out the contract if it was taken out via the web or phone from orange Might be worth requesting the same from Lowell, as well as including that usage of the sim doesn't show who used it
  4. I would just start whatever you were planning to do Don't expect too much from the ICO or FOS - they are tiny kitties with no claws, not the tigers that they should be
  5. Is this a matter of accounts being set up with a default pin / password that fraudsters can access if not changed? - a bit like default voice mail pins allowing access to unscrupulous people working for "newspapers"
  6. If there has been no response after 6 weeks, the FOS will ask for proof that the complaint was sent e.g. certificate of postage before they will lift a finger
  7. £1200 for 15 months sounds a bit steep ... Do you have statements / bills
  8. Presumably a mortgage shortfall like any other account would need to be legally assigned if sold, otherwise I would presume that TB are just acting as debt collectors with no legal powers ...
  9. I thought that their liability was up to AND INCLUDING the internal box & that they would charge for anything after the box. BT replaced my box & charged nothing.
  10. I'm very surprised that Vodaphone claim not to recognise criminal [problem] numbers - there must have been lots of calls to them In my mind this almost makes Vodaphone accomplices I think that it's very sensible paying their demand to avoid their updating your credit file adversely. Hopefully the SAR will provide the evidence to get the remainder back The "no suspicious activity" when you reported the phone stolen & their failure to recognise [problem] numbers should help!
  11. I would have expected that there should have been a notice of assignment from anyone hoping to collect
  12. How about asking PayPlan for a full reconciliation of the amounts that you paid, the original account balances & amounts paid to each account? If they can't provide that then maybe they should be paying you so that you can send SARs & CCA requests
  13. The PPI amounts would have been included in the outstanding balance that you paid interest on. You could argue that you paid interest on the cumulative PPI payments. You would also be entitled to add 8% interest on top of whatever you claim LTSB are probably getting away lightly. Given the way that LTSB are acting in (and happily paying fines for), it has crossed my mind that many of their actions are as much to do with cash flow management as anything else
  14. Am I misreading the doorstep collector letter a few posts back? We are referring this to our collector ... please phone if you want to make an appointment This looks as though they are making the threat but making it look as though they are keeping to the regs - presumably they would say that although they are referring it, no-one would turn up if you don't make an appointment very slippery
  15. For the police / CPS to do anything, they would have to prove intent. I think that more would need to be involved to prove fraud You didn't remove another store's labels from the items that you were returning and replace them with TKMaxx labels. I understand that TKMaxx receipts do not have a description of the goods. Beware of the police offering a caution - it might be an opportunity for them to increase their solved crime statistics, however if you don't accept one they will either let the matter drop or prosecute. Take advice before making your mind up if
  16. at some point Lloyds must have sold the account to Lowell ... In any letter you could state that you have not received any communication from Lloyds or Lowell and that they are to prove that this debt exists, to provide full statements from when you closed the account, to prove that you are liable to pay it and that they are entitled to receive any moneys rather than Lloyds remember the denial of liability line
  17. you could add that you will deal with the matter in writing only and that if you have to deal with too many letters or receive telephone calls, you may have to reduce the fiver ...
  18. I would send the SAR request asking for copies of everything that they hold. If you moved in autumn 2012 & defaulted in summer 2013, I am surprised that the amount is £201.
  19. presumably the letter is a threat to take court proceedings. Does Lloyds still own the account or have they sold it? (the letter should give a clue) Statute Barred would be 6 years after the default or termination notice issued by Lloyds, probably months after the last payment. Although you might be able to argue an earlier date, it wouldn't be as early as 24th Nov 2014. Your best bet might be to try to delay things I would be tempted to write (including a line denying any liability to them or their clients) saying that you don't owe Lloyds anything and for them to prove o
  20. If you had a credit balance, you would expect that to be transferred. Presumably they could / should transfer an overdraft & it was your old bank's failure to do so / contact you about this I would suggest checking your credit file & then contact your old bank & switch guarantee organisation about it
  21. The amount claimed being the same for different retailers shows that it is RLP setting the demand and not the retailer, even if RLP claim that they "guided" the retailer who agreed with their suggestion. Would someone need to pay before taking action against them? Would the claim be against RLP or the retailer?
  22. probable fishing expedition a prove it letter signed by your OH with a line stating that they deny any liability might be best. They might not be aware that it's a joint account. Presumably they gave account nos etc & they are correct? Have you changed address since the account was closed & have you received any correspondence from the original creditor? How was the account closed (repaid, defaulted etc)?
  23. £600 interest that they are prepared to "do a deal on" on a £400 debt stinks. Either there is a live account that they are continuing to charge interest on or a closed account that they are recording notional interest that would have been charged if it wasn't closed. Smells more than a bit fishy to me ...
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