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  1. This has happened to lots of us. I suspect that the re-stocking of this item might cost more than it's worth - to you as well as Boots! Unless there is a seal then they might just bin it anyway & claim that it is not re-sellable I would be tempted to just accept that as compensation for the way that the security guard harassed you or for the times that you have bought something from them that was unusable for some reason but never took back
  2. If the number has been re-used then you might get calls for the previous owner of the number. Alternatively the claims people might start at 000001 and work their way upwards I have had both in the past!
  3. Normally when you move out of a flat before the minimum term is up, they cancel the remainder. Did you tell them that you were moving out? Did you take BT at your next place? If so then I can't see their problem. Since you paid the year in advance, that's it, apart from calls. If they emailed you about your broadband, they knew how to contact you about the unpaid calls. Did they? If not, they should have done ...
  4. I disagree that there is no cca to return. they might respond differently but I understand that they MUST respond. Lloyds haven't responded to my own CCA request for an overdraft. They told the FoS that this was an oversight - but still no response Their assertion that an overdraft is not covered by the consumer credit act is an interesting response ...
  5. I suspect that they don't want to remove all of the flags because they want some of this to be your fault. I would make it clear to them that you didn't need to query the July bill because they were already looking into the account and it was Vodaphone that had asked you to cancel the direct debit while they looked into the matter. Vodaphone had effectively suspended asking for payment while they sorted out your bills. Presumably Vodaphone weren't sure that your July bill was correct or they would have asked for payment. I think that bill recalculation would include all bills
  6. One less than that, unless it was an oversized letter that didn't require a signature that wouldn't fit through the letter box when no-one was at home ...
  7. If you haven't already done so, send RLP the one liner denying any liability to them or their clients. Same to any DCA
  8. As you were providing this service to your client, perhaps you could consider hiring the same DCA to collect the fee from your client?
  9. You had a contract with the original DJ that they would provide a service and that they would not sub-contract the service. Not only did the original DJ break the terms of the contract by subcontracting, they didn't supply the service as agreed. This has nothing to do with the consumer credit act (not sure about whether it extends to companies), it is a contractual dispute. Unless the DJ has sold the alleged debt, or the DCA is a solicitor, then they cannot take any legal action! A simple statement that they did not provide the service because ... should suffice
  10. There is also a question as to who owns this alleged debt, whether Cabot are acting on behalf of Lloyds or they have bought the account. That would be another question to ask Lloyds (over the phone), although if it has been assigned, they should have volunteered the information
  11. The original post was made 3 years ago, so you are unlikely to receive any feedback If Lloyds have started a claim and have admitted that they cannot find the original agreement then things might not go too well for them, depending on the date that the credit was started. Other than that, it might depend on what you were hoping to find. Their Terms & conditions won't vary between accounts, what does vary are times, amounts and percentages (and whether there was any PPI etc)
  12. especially when the DCA sells on the debt for £90 to another DCA, can they claim tax relief on the 910 or just the 10? I suspect that it's the full 910! How many DCAs do you need before the tax payer has paid the debt in full?
  13. Send the one-line denial of liability and refrain from any further letter ping-pong - all it does is encourage them
  14. Surely paying the "fine" is agreement that it is ok to store your details in their nasty little database? I would have thought that the way to stay out of it would be to deny any liability ... (and maybe any wrong-doing and leave it up to the judge herself to decide how wrong you were)
  15. Without an equivalent letter from TalkTalk this assignment could be a spoof. This isn't the first instance of disconnections not being actioned. Unless the next occupier of the property didn't use the phone at all, then they either used talk-talk or they switched to another provider. In either case, I'm sure that TalkTalk would have known about it.
  16. Phone and use a fictitious DOB & see if they notice! (only if you can record it)
  17. You have to make a formal complaint & get their final response before you can go to the financial ombudsman. Don't expect too much from the FO though.
  18. Try the Financial Ombudsman. They are useless and just about take the side of the companies in my experience, however it will cost RW for their trouble. Have you checked that they haven't trashed your credit record?
  19. I had a similar experience with an Orange contract of my son's. Orange asked for the outstanding bill amount, the DCA was asking for the bill amount plus remainder of the contract (that they hadn't supplied). Orange settled for the outstanding bill. Can't remember whether I knocked off a period when they disconnected him!
  20. Only talk to them on the phone if you can record them - and ask for written confirmation of what they have told you. Otherwise tell them "in writing only". They won't put threats into writing
  21. In cases like this it is worth giving a fictitious DOB to see how things go! You stand to gain more they they do if they give information or proceed as if that is the correct DOB. I suspect that they say that they may issue proceedings rather than will and that nothing will stop them acting like headless chickens if they are so inclined. There's a good chance that they are just trying to intimidate.
  22. Good news - well done! Have you checked your credit file to verify that Orange haven't trashed it?
  23. Well it shows that they didn't have the data to confirm in the first place. Presumably that shows the debt isn't yours because it's for a person with a different DOB?
  24. The default should be dated the same as the original default, so 22/4/14 isn't right. What is the date of the original default? who was the original creditor, the approx amount & the date of last payment. Also what type of account was this for?
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