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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, and thanks in advance for your help. I'm a bit worried and I thought that maybe you can help me. Today I was in Oxford Street. I went to Primark and bought two tops and a jacket. In the afternoon I met a friend in Stratford and to wait for her I went to Primark again to buy some hangers and socks. While I was in there I decided to buy the same top I bought in the morning for a friend: I took it, tried it on and then left it there because wasn't convinced. When I walked out the store a guard stopped me and told me to follow him. I have been taken to a room with the store director, the guard and another woman. They made me take all the stuff out of ALL the bags I had with me (even boots, h&m and others) and asked for all the receipts. Unfortunately I didn't have the receipt from Primark Oxford Street so they told me that I stole the two tops and the jacket (even if they didn't have the label on because I always cut it off when out of the stores) I had bought in the morning. I tried to tell them that it wasn't true at all, but they didn't listen to me: thay said they had the CCTV and it recorded me taking the top and not putting it back. I said it was a different one and to go check where I left the one I took from their store but they didn't believe me. They also argued that the Forever 21 jumper I had on me was stolen as well and I took it off to show them it was really old. They told me that they were calling the police, that I had to go to jail right away, that I had to spend days in jail waiting for court. They told me that they were going to ban me from England (I'm Italian) forever, that I had to leave the country, that they don't want people like me here, and that Italians are all the same. I started crying like mad... I was desperate because I knew I didn't do anything wrong but they really threatened me and I didn't know what to do, so they called the Westfield security guard who told me to admit everything and just say I was sorry to the director and so I did. They took my passport, they made me write my Italian address and my English address (I used to live in London as a nanny and I'm here visiting the family), they told me that I wasn't going to jail, but that I was banned from Westfield for 3 months and from every Primark forever. I signed the Westfield ban and they took a photo of me. They gave me a RLP paper and told me that I will receive a letter, that I have to pay the fine right away otherwise they will arrest me, even if I'm back in Italy: they will make Italian police arrest me. They asked when I was leaving the country, I said on Friday (I lied: I'll stay here until Monday but I didn't want them to know) and they said that I HAVE TO leave on Friday and that I can't come back because otherwise I will go to court. Then they escorted me out of Westfield. I'm actually coming back in London in September to work for the same family as before, and to work in a school, and I'm so scared... This isn't fair, I don't want to pay for goods they've stolen from me! But what happens if I don't? What should I tell the family and the school? Will I be able to come back here and work? I hope I was clear, I know my English isn't perfect and I'm still so distressed from the situation. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME!
  2. I am extremely ashamed of my actions but on 23rd August 2014 I was caught stealing from Primark (Goods worth around £59). I am 21 years of age. I have never stolen anything and have never been in any trouble with the law. Yesterday I received a letter from RLP and they have asked for ‘A fixed contrition to all the losses is therefore sought in the sum of £130’. The £130 will apparently settle the claim and I have 21 days to pay. I think it is worth explaining the details of the incident: Once I walked out with the goods, a security guard stopped me and asked me to walk with him to the detention rooms downstairs. On arrival another man asked me if I had stolen the items and out of fear and regret; I told the truth about everything. Things got progressively worse. The man asked me about my ethnic background and I told him and he called a third security man into the room saying he was from the same country as me and said ‘Here’s one of your cousins’ to the man. Later another comment ‘Teach your wife a lesson’. This security man was then sent to calculate the cost of the goods. As I had other shopping with me (Matalan and Poundshop) the receipt of these goods were also looked at which was all fine. My Matalan shopping included baby clothes and Poundland shopping had baby wipes which were for my niece who was staying over at my house and the security man said to me ‘your child would be ashamed’. The security guard also had me empty the contents of my handbag which included a novel I was reading and another sarcastic remark was made ‘so beauty and brains, but you still want to steal’. A female security member (of European background) was also present who was taking my details from my provisional license and she made a comment ‘If this happened to me in your country, my hands would have been chopped off’ I am not even from the middle east so making such a remark was uncalled for. On my arrival at the detention room, there was already a girl there who only had one security member in the room with her. My point is that at one time there were probably at least 4-5 security members in the room. My letter from RLP states that I am covering the losses of Primark’s business and their security loss. Security clearly had no reason to have that many people in a small room and all they were doing is bullying, patronising, intimidating and making racial remarks at me! My questions are: Should I be paying RLP the outstand settlement of £130? (I have read many threads saying to not pay RLP a penny but I am very confused as my number one priority is to get them off my back and never have to deal with this again). If I do pay the £130, will RLP be seeking more money from me? (the letter is titles ‘Letter before claim’ so I am wondering if this will follow with another letter asking for more money). If I don’t pay, will debt collectors harass me? Will my credit history or rating be affected? Could I be summoned to court or go to jail? Do you think a visit to Citizens Advice would help? I am extremely stressed out and feel as though this is affecting my everyday life. Please help with any advice and anything I can do moving forward. The experience has left me humiliated and distressed. I would be happy to send a photo of the letter I was sent from RLP to make clearer the settlement issue. I feel like I do not fully understand it. Thanks.
  3. Hi all, Glad I found this forum and had a good read hope I'm posting at the right place. I got caught at a supermarket for not paying an item worth £35. (feel deeply ashamed and want to punish myself more than anyone else, I don't why I did it had some alcohol before that happened and curious about things, I would never do that again, so no lecture pls) The security took me to a back room and checked the price of item and called duty manager, and they said you are lucky as usually the would call police straight away and then gave me a piece of paper (NOTICE OD INTENDED CIVIL RECOVERY) RLP. They said you need to make the payment with certain days and they are not calling police this time. And I'm banned from the supermarket lifetime (from duty manager) and banned from the mall for six months (from mall security). I explained to them I have been out of job for a while and apparently had a job offer and now under screening checks. They asked me do I use other facilities in the mall I said I will need to enter the work place in the estate and the gym in the mall as well. And supermarket security asked the mall security are you sure you want to go ahead. However he said keep this paper (mall ban 6 months) and come back to me with your proof of work offer, but don't lose this paper. Not sure what he meant by that (I was panicking so just wanted to leave that place so didnt ask many Qs). My quesions - On the notice of intended civil recovery - on the bottom NB it said data protection act 1998 does not prevent use of data for civil recovery and employment screening purposes... . You are notified that personal info held about you may be passed to police for criminal proceedings.... Your personal data maybe stored and used by prospective employers working client companies to make employment decision. They all sound quite scary to me, the work I'm applying is with a major bank. Would this be somehow disclosed to checking party on behalf of the bank? It mentioned they can pass my detail to police. They didn't do so at the incident. If they pass onto police Would I have a criminal record or any negative record on file that would be represented in CRB cheek? It all happened yestersay and I am going back to the mall to let the security person know I have an offer with the bank as he suggested. Do you think he would be planning to lift my ban to the mall? Otherwise why did he ask me to do so? He sounded quite nice and ensured me don't worrry about the credit checking etc this is civil matter won't affect my history. Is this their general style when things happen or what he actually meant it? S Sorry for all this and really appreciated any comments from you guys! Looking forward to hearing your advices! M
  4. i was caught in M&S they called the police and the checked my entire bag he found the stuff which i was stolen from M&S .And they are asking for the recepiet of other stuff which was not found. I accepted my fault with guilty and shame. stuff is from other different store. they have told me to sign a Simple Caution because i donot have the photo id because of (Dependent visa). Now i am feeling so rediculous i cannot be able to tell this whole story to my family. I want to know how it will effect to my visa processing. And also i have read on different website that i would get a RLP letter to pay the penality however they have taken back all the stuff with them. want to know getting RLP letter what time it will take because my visa is near around of expiring. I think i stole of about 70-80 pound so how much i would have to pay. Please help me out I caanot be able to resist it. In future i will try not to come in UK because its my Dependent visa for 1 year.i am so ashamed off. i think when i will apply for extension i have to mention this Simple Caution given by police in Visa application which i cannt do bacause of dependency. I have to live here for 3 more months want to know would the police will disturb me any more at my home. The Simple Caution which police has given to me there is 1 clause included: I understand that the simple caution may not preclude a subsequent prosecution and that it will not preclude a civil action by an aggrieved party. If there are any victims as a result of these offence ,they might still take civil action me and the police might give my name and address. This is the reason I am so scared i am new for here in UK.
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