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  1. Hi another two of our debts are with barclaycard. Sent off cca request but nothing back within the 14 days sent account in dispute letter. Oh and in between also had to send telephone harresment letter due to constant calls that have now stopped. Had response today saying that they only have to provide a reconstituted one but there was nothing in the envelope with the letter! I need to fire a letter right back to them tomorrow but as the agreement was taken out in 2002 don,t they need to send the original? I have been reading conflicting advice on posts as to whether the no coca no pay rule will still apply. Can anyone help as if they need to provide the original then I need to put it in the letter. Thx
  2. Hi friends, I had taken out a £15k loan with Lombard Direct back in 1997 (fully paid off). I have been saving all my bank (Barclays) statements. Wanted to know if PPI was charged on this loan and had sent an SAR on the 21st of January 2014. Its the 6th of March and the 40 days period has clearly expired. I also know that the £10/- cheque I sent with the SAR has not been en-cashed. I am planning to give them a couple more days before I post the LBA (DPA non-compliance letter found in the templates section of the forum). My questions : 1. I hope this was the right address to send the letter to : Lombard Direct Loans 1 Hardman Boulevard Manchester M3 3AQ 2. I also hope its still Lombard Direct Loans that we should write to and that its not been taken over by any other company. 3. I have moved 3 times since 1997, should I provide them proof of my new address together with my LBA so that they do not get a chance to breach the time limit? Thanks Autumn
  3. Hi All, Received my first response to my CCA request from HBOS card services. The card was taken out in July 1999 and was defaulted in 04/2009. I guess this will be removed from my cra file on 14/04/2015...fingers x. Paying them through Blair Oliver & Scott at £60 per month I have received a reconstituted copy of the t+c, apr etc for the card above. The copy simply states my new name and address and the current terms. Apparently this conforms to s78 of the CCA 1974 so as far as they are concerned this is enforceable so this is the end of the story! I was at a different address when taking out the card so surely this isn't a true copy of the original, recon or not?? They did go on to say that they were looking for the signed agreement under s60/61 but apparently this isn't required by law. DJ
  4. Hi - wonder if anyone can give some guidance for me to pass on. My friend has been paying £120 per month online to a Bailiff who had an Order for non payment of Council Tax passed to them. Their visits had been going on for a couple of years. In February 2013 a bailiff revisited, claiming no payments had been made. Proof was given to him and he went away to sort it -- however he charged £160 appx for this visit. He telephoned advising that her previous Council Tax account with them was showing as being in credit in error. After this my friend telephoned the bailiffs several times, asking for a statement of her debt and all payments she had made etc - this action was repeated 4 times and no information was ever forthcoming from them. In October 2013 a bailiff visited again with the intention of taking goods away there and then. My friend by now very distressed phoned myself and I attended. I knew my friend had been making the payments religiously each month, so I asked the Bailiff for 24 hours for me to check and provide proof. He advised he was already charging £205 for that visit and that if he had to come back he would charge a further fee. He also said if the debt was not paid he would remove goods there and then. I paid him nearly £1600 to buy my friend some time which cleared the debt including his charges that day. According to her records excluding the charge levied in February she only owed appx £155 still. The next day I wrote a letter of complaint about his behaviour, the company in general and the fact that appx £1500 had now been overpaid to them, and I provided them with details of the online transaction receipts. Incidentally for this payment and all the online payments surcharges were added because of paying online or by debit card. A letter was received back acknowledging the complaint, and advising it would be dealt with within 10 days, and we would be notified within 14 days. The 14 days has come and gone, and an email asking for urgent attention has now been sent. Along with a request to acknowledge receipt of the email. The silence from the Bailiffs is deafening. What should my friend do next ?
  5. The subject of Magistrate court fines and in particular, the matter of bailiff fees for enforcing such criminal fines has been the subject of much debate on this forum for a very long time ( this will no longer be the case from 6th April when the new fee scale is implemented). Sadly, there are a handful of websites (known to this forum) that are known for providing misleading information to debtors and in doing so, the websites encourage debtors to either take court proceedings against either the bailiff companies, the Ministry of Justice or the Police. For a 'fixed fee' the website even offers to 'draft' the relevant claim forms on behalf of the debtor. It should be noted that to date, the websites in question have failed to provide any evidence of a successful court action. It would seem that yet another debtor (by the name of C.L.Miller) has been misled by the advice that he received on the internet and accordingly, made a Freedom of Information request to the Ministry of Justice in December. The link below is to his question and the official response dated yesterday. https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/bailiff_actions
  6. Hi there, I hope someone out there will be able to help:???: I have received a County Court Claim Form issued by MKDP LLP for an amount of less than £10,000. Their particulars of claim state that the claim is made under a regulated agreement originally between me, the defendant and Barclaycard. The assignment date is not included. I have suspicions as to them having the original agreement and so wrote to them immediately on receipt of the Claim Form, under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (secs. 77-79), requesting, a copy of the original signed agreement, a full itemised statement of account and any Notice of Assignment. The original account was with Goldfish and a payment arrangement was made with them in 2006/2007. I have never received either, monthly, 6 monthly or annual statements from Barclaycard. My request to MKDP was sent by recorded delivery and tracking shows that it was received and signed for on the 17/05/2013 and therefore the final date that they need to supply me with the requested details is the 4th June. My response to the CC Claim Form is due by the 1st June and so I will be completing the Acknowledgement of Service, indicating, "I intend to contest jurisdiction" or should I be ticking the box, "I intend to defend all of this claim" I'm really trying not to get too upset by this, despite having my first migraine for a long time, so once again, hope I can get some advice. Thanks Stokes
  7. Hi folks. First post here, as there was a similar thread to mine, but no follow up to it. I received a letter from Past Due Credit Solutions regarding an old gas bill (about 4 years old) from a property I used to live at. I sent off the prove it letter, and today received a response saying the account would be placed on hold for 28 days etc. They have asked me: We would ask if you can confirm the following: (for data protection) The connection you have to the above supply address (previous address) Before I moved into the property, I switched from my current supplier so they could take over the new house. So, instead of British Gas, it was E:On I was paying my bills to, but BG didn't seem to be aware of this. BG have issued a default on my credit file because of this, and obviously I would like to get it removed. Will Past Due be able to get the default removed, or will I have to contact BG? Also, what response should I send over to PDCS? Thanks in advance
  8. I filed a defence to a claim issued by Arrow Global in April 2011. Heard nothing until today. Recevied letter from Arrow asking for details of income and expenditure. I never acknowledged debt but send £1 in August 2008 for information which they used to reduce my balance. The court claim is for £10210 but todays letter says £9920. Any help please
  9. Hi guys i sent a standard cca /soa/default request to a high street bank via recorded delivery which having just checked was delivered to them in early july. I have had absolutely no response at all, not even an acknowledgment. The default was made up solely of charges which i refused to pay. what do i do next? thanks
  10. Hi, I'm preparing everything for a disability discrimination tribunal and I wondered what should normally be in the bundle. Is it all the evidence to help prove my case or is it something standardised? Thanks for any help.
  11. Account background: Account fell in arrears, defaulted in July of 2012 and was passed to Cougar Financial Services. Was paid off in full by early September 2013. I had moved house during the time I fell in to arrears. I'm looking to claim back charges, although I think removal of the default is going to be impossible. A few interesting things from the SAR though... 1. Payment Protection Insurance. Incredibly, they haven't even tried to hide their conduct here. On the CCA they sent as part of my SAR I noticed that the PPI checkbox was not ticked. I then dug in to their screen dumps and saw one that clearly had: PPI Required? [ No ] PPI2 Required? [ Unanswered ] 2. The CCA itself Doh! If I had requested this before paying the balance off in full I may have had some luck. It's unsigned - not a signature, nor a tick on the whole document. If I'm right this means there was no legally binding agreement, but I'm fairly certain that by paying it off I've entered some form of legally binding agreement. So this couldn't even help with the removal of the default.. which, I think I'm out of luck here. 3. The Default Notice, Statement of Default They had also included several documents regarding the default itself, only one is readable though (Statement of Default), the other two documents (Notice of Sums in Arrears and a letter dated 5 days previous) are unreadable due to huge font sizing, small lineheight and text overflowing off the page.. I was surprised to see they had actually sent me a copy of the default notice however! Although they had sent it to an address which I no longer resided at.. 4. Sum of charges with Interest Still got to do the good stuff and the calculations.. So with regards to PPI - banged to rights and no defence there? The CCA - could it be argued I didn't actually give them permission to contact the Credit Reference Agencies due to lack of valid CCA? I doubt it though, but surely an unsigned CCA could be of some use even now the debt has been settled? As for the default notice, not a lot to be said I guess!
  12. Good morning, Thanks for all your help yesterday with my credit card problems, I am now turning to my PDLs! Basically my husband and I have 3 totally app £1400 with Wonga, QQ, P2P. On the 5th August I posted letters to all 3 companies (as well as emailing) asking to negotiate repayment plans. I enclosed full I&E schedules. Wonga emailed back saying they had cancelled the continuous payment authority (that was it). To date I have had no response from the other 2, except for emails saying my next payment is due! How long should I wait before moving things up a gear?
  13. Hi Guys - first time poster long time reader etc........ Anyway I got the DVLA summons a little while ago, and have sent the DVLA a letter back, which basically reads as follows: REQUISITION TO ATTEND xxxxxxxxxxx MAGISTRATES COURT ON xxxxxxxxx Vehicle registration ******** Dear sir/madam I am writing in regards to the requisition sent to me to attend xxxxxxxxx Magistrates Court on xxxxxxxx to answer the charge of Failing upon the Change of Keeper of the Vehicle, to Notify the Secretary of State forthwith. I will be pleading NOT GUILTY on all charges as I consider I have no charges to answer. I am now informing the DVLA that I surrendered the vehicle’s V5C document to the DVLA as required by law. The V5 was returned to the DVLA by Royal Mail First Class post. The date of posting was the same date as the sale of the vehicle, the 12th December (12th) 2011. The Sale was of a nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, VRM nnnnnnnnnnnn from Myself to a new keeper,nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, and this data was entered on the V5C that was sent to yourselves on that date. My responsibility ends as soon as I relinquished control of delivery to the UK Postal Service, Royal Mail. With regard to Section 07 of the Interpretations Act 1978 Cont.. Section 7. References to service by post Where an Act authorises or requires any document to be served by post (whether the expression "serve" or the expression " give " or " send " or any other expression is used) then, unless the contrary intention appears, the service is deemed to be effected by properly addressing, pre-paying and posting a letter containing the document and, unless the contrary is proved, to have been effected at the time at which the letter would be delivered in the ordinary course of post. I would like to bring your attention to the wording 'whether the expression "serve" or the expression " give " or " send " or any other expression is used' clearly also covers 'deliver'. Therefore, by correctly addressing the envelope, affixing a stamp to cover the necessary charge (as is required), and by placing the item in a Royal Mail Mailbox, I have fulfilled my responsibility to notify the DLVA as required by statute legislation, and furthermore as the DVLA are an Executive Agency for the Department for Transport, by me sending the V5C by post to DVLA, it was therefore delivered to the Secretary of State as required by this legislation. As the DVLA place their postal address on the V5C and do not offer an alternative delivery method for this communication, nor do they request I communicate this via means other than posting I have followed the DVLA’s own instruction with regard to this matter. This is also covered within the Human Rights Act 1998, Schedule 1, Article 6, section 2 whereby it states‘Everyone charged with a criminal offence shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law. ‘ I have no proof of posting the V5 document because the DVLA does not require me to obtain this. I also believe that I should not have to prove that I posted the V5C and if this matter does indeed go to court it is the requirement of the DVLA to prove that I did not. I would also like to bring your attention to FOIR 1396/09, Sent to Collins, whereby Richard Batchelor clearly states that “..if an item of mail does happen to be mislaid within the Agency, the responsible area would be unaware of the loss until notified (normally by the sender of the mail). There is no automatic process alerting the Agency to a previously received item of mail that had not been processed.” Therefore we cannot rule out the possibility that my notification was received by the DVLA at the address required, and was subsequently misplaced internally after delivery. I will now move onto more details on my responsibilities as to the V5 document. Details on the V5 state - 'Once we know about the changes, you should receive an acknowledgement letter to confirm that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle. If you do not receive the letter within 4 weeks, please phone 0300 790 6802. Cont.. Can you please advise under what Statute Legislation I am lawfully obliged to contact DVLA if I do not receive any such acknowledgement or correspondence from DVLA. The question of the legislation on contacting DVLA and statute legislation has already been judged in various county courts and has been found in the defendants favour. This matter has been discussed in great lengths on BBC TV Watchdog. I should like to bring your attention to DVLA vs. Peck. Mr Peck (Claim 9BR0829 at Horsham County Court. The Judge found in Mr Pecks's favour stating the DVLA has no statutory power requiring anyone to contact them should they not receive an acknowledgment letter. I must also inform the prosecutor that I am fully aware of the DVLA vs Kennedy case whereby Mr Kennedy claimed he was wrongfully convicted of the same offence I am being charged with. Mr Kennedy then appealed his case to Chelmsford Crown Court on Friday 9th September 2011. DVLA prosecutors at Swansea withdrew and offered no evidence to the crown court. No doubt this was to stop a precedence being set as case law being it was a Court of Appeal and binding on all equal and lower Courts. I can assure DVLA that if I am summoned before the magistrates and convicted, I will be seeking leave to appeal to the crown court myself being that magistrates are normally lay magistrates and not familiar with statute legislation. Lastly, today by writing this letter, I have additionally followed the DVLA’s own advice as found on the direct.gov.uk website at: LINK REMOVED DUE TO NOT HAVING 10 POSTS This clearly states that I should contact yourself directly at the local office quoting the VRM, Make and Model, the Date of Sale or Transfer and the Name and Address of the person I sold the vehicle to. This has been done in paragraph 4 of this letter, and therefore as you are acting for the Department of Transport I have further notified you of the change of keeper as per your own advice, and in adherence with the legislation. Considering the information contained in this letter, I hope you will see that proceeding with this prosecution is in no means justified, and the matter can now hopefully be considered closed. However, if you do continue with this prosecution then I must advise you I will be seeking my costs back from the DVLA if I am found to be not guilty on the charges. I trust this letter is explanatory in its context and reserve the right to show this letter in court if needed. --------------------------------- So, now I have had what is best described as a "Scare" letter back from the prosecutor - which i will paraphrase from...... "I have received your plea of not guilty concerning an offence under the above act. It is th usual practice at nnnnnnnnnnn Magistrates court that when a not guilty plea is entered the case will be adjourned for trial at a later date to enable you to attend, therefore you are free to attend but there is no requirement for you to do so. " It may help to clarify the case to be presented against you that you failed to notify disposal of this vehicle. To assist..............regulation 22(2) (b) of Part 4 of the Road Vehicles (registration and licencing) regulations 2002 (as amended) the agency issues an acknowledgement letter on receipt of disposal notifications., Information pertaining to is....on V5c......The disposing keeper is advised that should they not receive the acknowledgement letter within 4 weeks of sending they should contact the agency......... I note from your letter that you state you notified the DLVA and therefore carried our your responsibilities and there are no legal requirementrs for you to chase the acknowledgement letter. There is no legal requirement for you to ensure you have received the acknowledgement letter but knowing you did not receive one must have alerted you to the fact that the DVLA had not updated the records. Indeed the....letter is issued to aid the registered keeper. In this instance your case will be adjourned to allow you to attend court and failing proof of notification you will be required to swear on oath that you notified the DVLA. The opportunity to pay the Out of Court settlement of £55.00 is still available to you.........if you have any querues please contact me on the above number. ---------- Now as far as i can see from this 1- The DVLA has assumed that i KNEW i did not recieve the letter. 2 - There is no legal requirement for me to ensure i have received the letter or chase it, therefore if i was unaware i had received it then its a null point 3 - If I attend and swear on oath that i posted the letter then i assume that should be case closed. Does anyone have any advise on how to progress?
  14. I hope this is posted in the correct section, as I am just after som advice. I was receiving letters from RED / Lowell re: an old mobile phone debt. I sent them a prove it letter, and have recently received what looks like a standard letter advising that they have conducted a trace procedure using various credit reference agencies, and they believe i am the debtor. They have advised they have put the account on hold, and have requested statements from the original creditor. I check my credit file on a regular basis, and there is no trace of this debt anywhere on my file? Has anyone been in a similar situation? What could I expect with regards to the statements?
  15. Last August it was my birthday and I turned the old age of 23 *embarrassed face* Anyway..my mum knew that one of my life long things I've wanted to do but never had the money was go to Ibiza. So she booked a holiday online through sunmaster for me and my 17 year old brother to go to Ibiza. It was advertised as a package deal with flights she could choose and the rest. She paid for it two weeks before my birthday and about a week before travelling Sunmaster phoned her to tell her the hotel she had booked was oversubscribed (this hotel was 4 stars) but they would put me and my brother in another hotel of the same rating. She said that was fine as long as it was of the same rating and same area in Ibiza demographically. Anyway the trip came and on arriving at Ibiza Airport, the coach organisation sunmaster had booked didn't speak any english, a very basic level (he understood yes no thats it) So when he was dropping everyone off at the hotel we had to keep asking him if we were there yet and we were. In the end he dropped us off down an alley and we were left to try and figure out where our hotel was. Luckily we found it using a tom tom map on my phone. It was never described to us or my mother when she bought the holiday that we wouldn't be dropped of at the hotel and would have to walk 5-10 minutes to the hotel. But i put this down to language issues and let it go. On the booking sheet sunmaster sent us, it said to ring someone in spain and book the return coach. So I did that. When I rang they told me I will recieve a text confirming my return coach. So I awaited the text. When in resort, I discovered that 'Piscis Park' our hotel was not infact a 4 star hotel and on many sites 2 star. The room was dirty, scratched and had blood on the bedsheets. I took photographs of it all as evidence. The bathroom ceiling constantly kept leaking and I therefore reported all of this to the hotel. They told me a maintaince man would come but never did. The hotel was also not maintained or cleanly generally in the lift and lobby and for 3 days there was vomit and drinks in the lift left. I also had numerous people knocking on my door and one even knocked and said 'oh your a ***** you probs smoke weed right? You want some'' to which response he got a door closed on him. I therefore decided to go and tell the hotel that they have drug dealers and they did act on this. However by this time the gentlemen had left and the security guard who did not understand spanish was baffled by what I said. Anyway on the 3rd of 7 days we were in the dining area and then told by a old gentlemen who was staff there that we had eaten too much food and half board which was what my mother had booked, was only half of 1 meal a day. So we went to reception of the hotel and dealt with a man who claimed he was the manager. Not only did he shout at us saying 'how dare you take more meals' and refused to give me a pen. But I explained to him and showed him our booking sheet and that it clearly indicated half board which was 2 meals from my belief. He said the tour operator had got it wrong and it was only 1 meal. When I rang the tour operators emergency number as we were being banned from the dining area, the woman said she'd pass my concern onto sunmaster. I then asked the manager if he would put in writing that due to the fact half board was only half of 1 meal that we had been thus banned for taking 2 meals a day. He refused and said 'i told yo already you !!!!ing nigga'. I was shocked and baffled as were other members of the hotel who were waiting for their taxis/coachs at reception. I asked them if they heard the comment and they told me they did, so I took down their details as evidence he had said this and ignored it. So I left the hotel. On arriving back the manager and his staff gave me constant dirty looks and I was again told now that at any point I went to the dining area or attempted to I was banned and not even entitled to half a meal. Therefore I had to pay for my own food for myself and my brother and kept all the reciept of the costs. On the day of leaving, the text from the return coach booking never arrived. So I rang them that morning. They insisted the text would arrive later that day. It got to 1 hour before our coach was meant to be here and due to the fact we had not got the text we had no idea where. I rang the emergency line sunmaster provided and they were based in 'majorca' and the gentlemen told me he had no record of my booking as his system was different but to take a taxi to the airport, keep his name and the reciept for the taxi and I'll be reimbursed as it is their fault. Luckily I had made friends with someone who booked the same coach company and when I went to his coach, my name was on the list so Sunmaster must have used the same coach back and booked it just never text me, so it worked out. On arriving back in the UK i sent sunmaster all my photos and evidence. I got an email back replying saying 'thanks mrs ***** for your complaint again'. this customer they had sent me the reply to was not even my name or my mothers who made the booking. I awaited 3 months and no reply. I then a month ago (almost 7 months later) sent them recorded delievery a explanation and my complaint number and the evidence again. Yesterday I recieved a letter stating that the hotel had offered me meals, as far as they knew there was no problem. Their hotel is a star rating to them of 4 stars but it varies and they've never had any problems of what I've explained. Basically implying I'm lieing. They said that the hotel has always been polite and had good reviews, and only ever had bad reviews from people who were 'narrow minded' according to them. Therefore all they could do was apologise for sending me the wrong persons complaint response and the lack of time it had taken- as they hadn't mananged to contact the hotel. They then said however that the hotel has offered me a 'special deal on return' but have not stated what this deal is directly to them- Triton Rooms. I really don't feel that this responded to my complaint and the state of the room (walls loose, water failing from ceiling, scratches, blood on the sheets, electric wires hanging off plugs which could shock people or children) They then went onto say that they can't confirm any racist comment happened but they are unable to accept witness evidence as they cannot contact other people due to data confidentality! And they've never had any problems like this. Funny because Tripadvisor is full of people who have put negative reviews of the organisation and hotel! What consumer rights do I have? I am coincendentally going to Ibiza again this summer and to my dread have found out the same group who own piscis park- GPS I'm told theyre called own my hotel I've booked in this summer. I was hoping perhaps I could ask the hotel if they would allow me another room in the hotel ive booked in the summer as compensation as I'd accept this, but I wondered if its possible..
  16. Hi, as naive as I am to the legal and mechanical sectors, we still feel we have been and are being unfairly targeted by First Responce Finance. In April 2012 we went and looked at a car for our family and stumbled across two cars at a used car dealer, a Renault Grand Scenic and a Vauxhal Zafira. The Scenic being electronic and the Zafiri not, boy do we wish we went with the Zafira now. We are a new working family with a 10 month old so I'm sure you can understand we are not made of money, since buying the second hand Renault through finance I have had to take out a loan to pay out £600 to fix problems because they're not mechanical problems. Now here's where it gets frustratingly surreal, the car is both electronic and mechanical and the current problem we are having is the Parking Brake and Wiring. We have been told the car needs a whole new parking brake and wiring installed, the parking brake is both mechanical and electronic and its going to cost £700 to get the job done. As it is the car is only worth about £1700 if there were nothing wrong with it. First Response Finance are saying that they won't pay for the Parking Brake and wiring to be replaced because it isn't in their list of mechanical parts. A parking brake not in their list of mechanical parts covered? Since day one of taking our hard earned money they have not helped us once in any way what so ever, they refuse to take the car back without us paying the rest of the amount owed. We have no money left and a car that we can't use because its failed its mot on the above issue and the tax runs out in a month. Is there anyone that can help or at least give us some advice please. Starting to feel like I've let my wife annd son down because its my fault she chose this stupid electronic car. We've never missed a repayment.
  17. Hi Guys, Sent 12+2 letter to Moorcroft after they failed to provide a credit agreement for Credit Card (originally taken via sainsburys circa 2006) and received the following response. Looking for the best way to respond really. Havent seen this response on any previous threads. In short I was paying normally until divorce then couldnt pay in my panic after defaults I agreed reduced payments. Do I need to respond to this and stat any perceived agreement to pay was achived under duress therefore not valid , can I sent them an s10 letter? They have provided no credit agreement whatsoever. Thank you in advance for your help!!
  18. Hi All, Firstly thanks for this site, I have been a long time lurker ! Long story short i have some debts i am trying to get settlements on that have defaulted within last 12 months. This one, the balance was over £17K - a credit card with my bank. I asked to settle at 30%, did an I+E, and after 2 weeks the answer came back - OK. Had to pursue them to get this in writing and after 2 previous unsatisfactory versions have received this final version. Is this ok to settle on? Don't have cheques or 3rd party so planning to pay via Bank transfer. Spoke to bank and they say they have passed the debt to Westcot to collect, but they stoll own it. Told me to deal with Westcot. 1: Is this letter OK>? 2: Should I pay Wescot or the bank direct? many thanks all blotter
  19. First of all, apologies as there is another thread in the Legal Issues forum relating to this. But I wanted to start a new thread specifically to get some feedback on this SAR response from Barclays on an old Egg card. Am currently going through the process of defending a county court claim from Marlin Europe on an old Egg card on the grounds that I placed the account in dispute in 2009 with another DCA (Capquest) who then dropped it. Long story short, I sent Barclays a Subject Access Request and received their reply the other day. This is what they sent. Can anyone advise if they have a proper case against me and why the balance has been showing as £0.00 since Dec 2011?? I assumed that they would have sent me the original credit agreement, all statements detailing transactions, payments, default notices, transfer to DCA's etc etc etc. Well here is what I got.....:- 1. A covering letter which says they have enclosed "copies of information held by Barclaycard" 2. Some info and some jargon busting pages with general info on Credit Scoring, My right to appeal etc. 3. A kind of Glossary of Abreviations and what they all mean, looks pretty standard. 4. Barclaycard Copy Apps - this is a few pages of info like my address, my employer, my salary, my bank details etc that I must have given Egg when I originally applied for the card in 2002 but this is NOT a credit agreement. Just a print off of some info I have given them. 5. Barclaycard Migrated Memos :- A sheet that says "Memo List and Detail" and then gives my name and a credit card number, again - not my number. Then a single line that says "05/11/11 4 CUSTOMER SIGNED UP FOR SMS OR EMAIL ALERTS" and that's it. 6. Finally, and this is where it gets interesting. A bunch of "Copy Statements" from 2nd December 2011 to 2nd May 2013. The first one says the following:- ================================================ CLOSING BALANCE OF LAST STATEMENT 7043.00 CHRGOFF PRCH PRIN BALM, 04 Nov 7043.00 TOTAL OF NEW TRANSACTIONS 7043.00CR ================================================ Then, every other statement for every month until May 13 says this:- ================================================ Present Balance £0.00 Credit Limit £0.00 Minimum payment due £0.00 Purchase interest 1.356% CLOSING BALANCE OF LAST STATEMENT 0.00 TOTAL OF NEW TRANSACTIONS 0.00 ================================================
  20. Hi all I have now recieved a response ot my CCA request to MINT and I'm not sure if what they have sent is enforceable? This card was taken out in 1999 and defaulted in Sept 2010 when my financial problems started. I have been paying £38 per month for some time until this Jan when I reviewed my finances and stopped paying all credit card debts. Please can someone take a look at the info below that they sent me and in addition to that there was a very badly copied version of their terms and conditions and also another sheet where someone has written on it "reverse of appllication form ...." this is Page 4 of attached. Now I'm no expert but this doesn't look like a valid CCA to me but if one of you experts can advise I would really appreciate it. Thx x
  21. I had a business account with NW and recently sent them a SAR (and £10 cheque) which they received on 16th August now well in excess of their 40 day requirement I have also now sent them the letter before court action, time period also expired without any contact. Wherer do I go from here?
  22. Hope that someone can point me in the right direction here.. I've trawled through quite a few messages, but can't find the answer to this. Last week I sent a SAR to Severn Trent on behalf of my partner, using the template from CAG. Yesterday we received a response from them with a SAR template of their own requesting it be completed and it also states by signing the document, she agrees that the 40day period does not start until they are satisfied that they have confirmed identity etc. This sounds a bit of a rouse to me, but is there a template that we can send to them stating that the document originally sent contained the relevant information and their response is non complaint? We did include a £10 postal order payable to Severn Trent as well, and I am trying to track if that has been cashed at all. Any guidance would be appreciated...
  23. County Court Claim/Response packs Does anyone know how they are mailed out to us? First Class or Recorded or Special Delivery? Thanks
  24. Sent a SAR to a bank. 40 calendar days were up yesterday. I know its been rec'd as I sent it recorded and it has been signed for. Or shall I count the 40 days from date of siggy? I'm guessing it will be after the bank holiday now when I ge ta reply..
  25. Hi, Natwest have failed to respond to my SAR request within the timeline I gave them (40 plus 10 for international post) This was sent to the Bishopsgate office. Should I send a 14 day notice now with option to inform ICO if no response? Thanks G
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