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  1. Hi I have been on ESA for just under a year now, I received a letter stating that my benefit will cease on 21st Feb, then I received a medical questionnaire which I completed and today I have received another letter from DWP stating my benefit will cease on the 21st Feb (again) My question is do I not have to attend another medical? and if not is there an appeal process to have my benefit extended?
  2. Hi just thought I would share a telephone conversation I had recently with the DWP After asking the DWP to review my decision work related to Support etc., I had call from DWP, as I suffer from PDST, Depression, Social Anxiety, find it difficult to leave the house most days. I explained all of this to DWP, and their advice,,, obtain employment where I can work from home. Amazing.......
  3. Sorted now with, NW now They have confirmed that the loan is now settled they apologised but without explanation also sent me £100 compensation and £42 to cover expenses. However they still have not sent me a signed copy of my original agreement just their unsigned copy ALSO they have stated that they cant find copy of my overdraft agreement, is this still enforceable without it? Well almost there its only taken a year,,,,,,,
  4. Hi I had a business (Ltd) that collapsed in 2010, I had a business loan and overdraft. I have now repaid the loan as it was secured, But I have recently contacted the bank for a copy of my Overdraft agreement, but they say they cant find it, is this enforceable or just my wish full thinking?
  5. About a year ago I settled a business loan paying NW £15750 to settle this consisted of 3 separate payments NW have been sending me arrears letters stating I owe them £3400 they say this is the balance outstanding I have been trying for about a year now to sort, even sending letters to their CEO, in March I raised an official complaint, however I have received letters from them stating that they are looking into my complaint, but not a week goes by without receiving a letter from them advising that they will contact me by a certain date, however I have now had 5 dates? Also it would appear they cant find my original signed credit agreement, they have only sent me an unsigned copy, think there is something fishy here. Any comments please
  6. Well its all sorted now, rang DWP and one dept stated I received the P45 because the IB had ceased i.e been taken off IB, I then told her that I had been previously told verbally that I was been transferred to ESA, she then said she would check her system! She then said ah yes you have been transferrred to ESA, and then put me through to another dept. The other dept confirmed my IB had been transferred to ESA, although there were no additional notes, no letters sent out, no details of points or payment dates, all she said was That I should be paid now on a friday instead of a wednesday, should still be paid Fortnightly, if I wasnt paid this Friday gve them a call back. Also had to send them the P45. Moral of story is that you will receive your P45 when you come off IB regardless if you are being transferred to ESA, HOWEVER you should have received a letter from DWP confirming your status before the P45 is due to arrive Many thanks for all of the replies and advice received
  7. I attended a INCAPACITY BENEFIT medical onthe 19th December last year heard nothing until the 5th February this year when DWP rang me to clarify a couple of medcal points, after the conversation the lady told me that she was happy to tell me that I would be transferring to the new benefit (forget the name) she concluded by saying she will be writing to confirm this, and also that I would be requiredd to attend another medical in about a years time. Heard nothing until yesterday when a P45 came through the post, no covering letter. Any advice welcome
  8. Hi anyone got any advice for this... I have recenly settled off a Secured business loan, settle account off early, but I am unsure whether the loan was ever valid, I cant recall ever signing a loan agrrement, and despite trying for nearly a year now NatWest is either unable or unwilling to supply me with a signed copy, they have however sent me an unsigned copy. What would happen if no agreement exists?
  9. Just received letter from MBNA stating they have sold debt to Arrow Financial under a Notice of Assignemt. My questions are Do I acknowledge debt to Arrow Global Can I ask how much they paid for the debt? Is it true that I have basically settled my commitment to MBNA in settling their balance (eve tho Arrow Global have paid it) I have no agreement with AW. Due to financial difficulties I have been paying MBNA £20 without misses for over a year now and the balance is £3450 Any advice please.
  10. I have still to receive copies of my Business loan agreement from NW. I am under the impression now that I have not actually signed a loan agreement, NW have sent me a blank, general loan agreement without signitures, AND will not respnd to requests for signed copies. This loan has now been settled, what would it mean if no loan agreement was signed in the first place?
  11. now received a letter from MCS asking for the £30 per month I was paying to FIRST DIRECT, do I continue to pay this to THEM or do I refuse to acknowledge them, or offer them less, I believe that payments will be interest free, but unsure if MCS have purchased the debt, Any advice please
  12. One thing I do know is that as a Ltd company yo cannot SAR, you can however request deails as a Director, you may still be charged for this tho..
  13. I havnt got any terms or coditions, have requested copies of agreements etc from NW, but been ignored
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